When I had decided to go to Turkey, one of my relatives told me that he had a person in Turkey who can take me to Iraq to work in a factory there. He said that they would give more money due to the severe conditions of weather
I’m Mohammed Reza Shamsi, from Tabriz, city of Hadishahr. When I had decided to go to Turkey, one of my relatives told me that he had a person in Turkey who can take me to Iraq to work in a factory there. He said that they would give more money due to the severe conditions of weather. In Turkey I met the one he had told me. He came to hotel where I was staying and brought two video tapes. We watched the tapes, I couldn’t believe it. I said: “I am going to work in a leather factory. What’s this army? What’s the parade?” The man answered: “Yes, there are both factory and the army. You can choose the one you like, either army or the factory.” I thought to myself that there was a hanky-panky going on. I told my friend to go and I stayed myself to think more. When I thought I decided to go with him because it was not fair to leave him alone. We had come together, so we should go forward with each other. Anyway, the next day (Feb 7, 2002) I moved to Ankara. I went to the hotel they had talked about. I saw my friend and asked him about the recent development. He said that someone is supposed to call. A tall person known as Ali Ankara came and asked us to move. He said before going there are a few necessary steps. We gave blood test and he brought us one or two passports. In the afternoon we bought ticket for the border city of Ghazi Antab. There we got on the train and went to Syrian, and then to Iraq. I told my friend that I was not optimistic about the issue. He said I shouldn’t be worried and that we could leave that place or escape if it wasn’t good. Anyway, we entered the Camp Ashraf. 5-6 men came and brought with themselves military uniforms and ordered us to wear them. I said: “I think we shouldn’t be here. We came the wrong address!” But they laughed and said that we had come the right address and that if we wanted to work in the factory we had to go under military trainings first for two months. We asked to return. They refused and said that we would like it. For a few days we were struggling with them in the entrance part. Then we saw that there’s no way and we should comply with their requests and win their trusts. For about a month and a half, we were in Reception section and we had actually got their trust. Then the war began. They didn’t let us go and had appointed to guards to keep an eye on us. After the fall of Saddam, no one dared to talk. We had heard that many had been killed. Even when we struggled, they said that we can put you one by one in the septic and no one will know it. Anyway, Americans came and issued ID Cards for everyone. We no longer feared and started struggling in Reception section. We (Azerbaijanis) were in a dormitory and Baluchs were in another. We didn’t accept the request of Mojahedin. We didn’t accept its ideas, meetings, current operations and …We said that let us go or we would do nothing. The period of reception finished. There were two groups: group 9 and group 10. Mojahedin saw that these two groups are dependent on me and that they will follow me. They took me to a building (Counterintelligence) and I was there for 15 days. No one came to see me. After that they came and brought the film of others’ ceremony (for joining the army). It could be said from their faces that they were not satisfied. After watching the tape I decided to join the army to find a way for running away. One night, they held a meeting (there were 3 women and 3 men). They asked me what I wanted to do. I said that I would join the army. They sent me to Base 5. One of those who had been in Reception with me was there in the base. He was called Fariborz. We agreed to plan to escape from the camp. We were thinking about the escape plan when a night they held a meeting and said that those who want to leave would go to the exit section. I left the meeting. The next day I quarreled with a higher ranking member. He said: “if you really want to leave, write it down and give it to us. We will send it to higher-ups.” I did so. In the afternoon, I was playing volleyball when he came and said that Mr. Hekmat wants to meet me. I went and changed my clothes and he took me to Ms. Zohreh. They talked too much to influence me. I said: “I have heard that Maryam Rajavi says you accept the god which you don’t see, but you don’t accept the one who is sitting before you. She means Masoud Rajavi. I say no. I don’t accept him. I don’t give my son, who sleeps on my arms, with your god, with your leader Massoud.” They saw that they had no other way. They put a form before me, called “Expulsion Form”. I wrote: “I leave this organization due to disagreement with its ideas and ideologies.” I signed it and went to the Exit Section. A man called Ismael Jame’ ran toward me and said: “You don’t have the right to go.” I was so angry. I didn’t say a word and just slapped him in the face. He fell on the ground. Another one who was called Sadegh came forward. I said: “do you want to fight.” He said no. There were 25 units there. Americans came and visited us two or three times. After that they didn’t come for a long time. Mojahedin didn’t give us food for 3 days. We protested and wanted to call the Americans to come but Mojahedin played with the time and did nothing. I ordered one of our friends to bring petrol from Electricity Generator. Then we piled up tents and military uniforms and set them on fire. I saw Ali Abrisham filming this event from a distant. He wanted to show the film to Americans and claim that we have rebelled in this way. He wanted to flee but Hessam Chakery caught him. I broke his camera and after that fight broke between our friends and a number of MKO members. In the afternoon, they called Americans and said that there’s a rebellion in the camp. We saw Americans coming with tanks and PMP. I understood what was happening. I ordered everyone to sit silent and applaud Americans when they come. After half an hour Americans came one by one, all armed. They were moving towards us. I ordered others to applaud. One said “I Love You”. Americans got that the situation is not as told by Mojahedin. they had an interpreter called Frank. He asked for a person who could speak English. Ali Jafari Salmani, known as Saman, was there. I asked him to talk to Americans. He told them the story. Americans searched the refrigerators and saw that there’s nothing. They went and came back with food. We said we would no longer stay here. Anyway, Americans established a camp and we went there. Mojahedin defamed the name of “Mojahed”. Several times, when we were quarrelling with them and said that their fight is not for Khalq (people), they said explicitly that “god damn the Khalq! What’s Khalq! Only Massoud and Maryam!” They really said that. The crimes committed by Mojahedin were not committed even by Hitler or Mao. In order to watch the film of interview in Habilian website, please <1>click here<1>. To read the article of MEK and Human Smuggling, please <2>click here<2>.

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