The process of brainwashing in the cult of Rajavi is being performed without considering the minimum humanitarian standards in order to take the maximum advantage of the victims of this cult
In Rajavi’s cult, there are different methods for changing identities and shaping the personality. Some supporters, with different viewpoints (sometimes contrasting) and from various levels of society, are deceived by the propagandas, quit the society and go to Rajavi’s cult in order to connect to an organization of which they have no knowledge. They go to this organization while their ideas and thoughts are always in contradiction with those of monopolist leader of the cult. Since ideas and thoughts of Rajavi are the products of tranquilizing strategies for escaping crises and can’t be compared with standard criteria. In the organization, all should think in a same way; in other words, members should quit their past and submit themselves to the thoughts of leader in order to minimize their protests and criticisms. Members should become robot complaints and each individual should pass a process of changing identity. At the first stage of obligatory changes, character of the person is targeted. Knowledge and skills are taken out of the person and in order to erase all the things the person is proud of; in other words, like a computer, Rajavi “formats” the hunted people to erase their past records and prepares them for the installation of new sectarian software. After brainwashing and erasing previous knowledge, the person is prepared for changing the identity to which he doesn’t resist. In leadership meetings, for example, he accepts what comes out of Rajavi’s mind. Then he can simply become a soldier of Saddam’s guard, explode oil pipelines in operational teams, bomb public places or fire mortars and kill innocent civilians. Victim should not rely on their experiences and they shouldn’t be creditors either. Disdaining the skills of the persons goes to point that higher education is called “minor science” to insult the person and make him not to talk about his records and experiences. Another mechanism for disdaining members in the cult of Rajavi, is to force experts to do hard works which are below their dignity; for instance, working in toilets or acting as dustmen which defames them. In other words, the identity of person is changed and he’s prepared to accept a new mold. Then they bring members into a so-called class-less society but nothing changes and discrimination continues with this difference that the person is convinced that whatever he has got is from the kindness of the leader. After formatting the past records, person is partitioned in a desired way; the first and the last drive, with sectarian identity, is created by the name of Rajavi and under his own possession. So, the members are now prepared to pass revolution classes and to accept the structure. During classes, sectarian regulations and organizations, prepared in advance, are copied to the folders of members mind and memory by Rajavi and his agents. There’s no place for the will of the member himself (to think and decide). Thinking is a kind of becoming “problematic”. Just Leader has the right to choose and criticize. After classes, it’s turn of “normalization”. Now, Leader takes control of the members and refers to their experiences and skills to take advantage of them for his own benefit. Now, the member is no longer proud of his knowledge and skills. All he gets, he should be grateful to the leader and no one else. So, members with all experiences and sciences become debtors toward leader and the leader becomes the creditor of his slaves. Another preliminary method for brainwashing is to ask the person to pose his suggestions and ideas among others and then suppress his ideas to disdain him. In fact, it was admitting to one’s own weaknesses and confession to what had been done in the past. One another way for disdaining is to insult the person among others in ideological meetings. The purpose was to break the pride and self-confidence of the person and force him to write down reports (about anything) and admit his sins and to criticize himself. In these reports, person is not allowed to talk about his capabilities and he should only mention his sins, weaknesses and mistakes. Overestimating the weaknesses was the organizational duty of members and they said that fortes belong to the leaders. In the process of the changing the identity, it was important to weaken and break the will of members. Eventually, efforts were focused on creating a compliant and obeying person who thinks he would survive only if he is connected to the leader. In the organization everyone has a master, and should report his personal and organizational issues to him and obey his orders without any questions. Members are not allowed to protest and criticize their higher-ups. They should obey like robots. Rajavi’s at the top of the hierarchy of the organization. The identity of the person is melted in the structure and he can’t feel independence. In the organization, each person is dependent to his higher ranking persons. Rajavi is the supreme special leader of the cult. He has always repeated that “We don’t want thinking, professional elements. This organization is not a place for those who study!” It seems that higher-ups wanted that but in fact they were against the process of absolute dependence to the leader. So, a kind of division is being created in the organization which is a result of continuous thoughts of members. By political work, they try to pave the way for getting organizational rankings. Rajavi raises members in a way they become hypocrite and at the same time behave lowly. His aim is to facilitate controlling the members but veteran members and officials recognize Rajavi’s purposes and are familiar with his tricks and deceptions; that’s why many of veteran members are “Problematic”, but new members who have been deceived and recruited will not be able to understand the sectarian affairs unless they become doubtful at the moment of entering the organization and during the process of accepting Rajavi’s ideology and protest it. To suppress pride and personality, Rajavi’s agents employ different methods. Those who had resisted in prisons were insulted and their resistance was attributed to Massoud. Resistance got it from its real owners and gave it to Massoud. Any person has value only when he is connected to the leader and if he quits this position and claims a work for himself, he’s sinful since every work comes from the leader and no one else. If someone claims that his work belongs to himself he has ignored leader’s right and he’s considered a tyrant. In cult, everyone should rely on the leader; he should watch with his (leader’s) eyes and hear with his ears! Everyone should melt himself in the leader and obey him blindly since the person performs the works with the purpose of becoming close to him. Those who had been in prisons in the past were told that they should not be proud of their resistance and that Massoud Rajavi is the owner of all resistance. All this was said in order to get the self-confidence out of members and disable their practical and intellectual independence. Those who had been weak in prisons and had the record of cooperation were favored! Since Rajavi himself had been able to escape execution by diversity in the prison. So, he was kind to his semi-resistance partners. Prison resistant people are the ones who have joined leadership’s mainstream, so they’re forgiven. In organization’s view, real resistant people are always proud of resistance period in prison, but those who have been weak are now ashamed of themselves and owe the leader, so their control by the leader is easier. The process of brainwashing in the cult of Rajavi is being performed without considering the minimum humanitarian standards in order to take the maximum advantage of the victims of this cult. Hunting unaware people goes to the point where they hunt and kidnap the hunted into their cult and keep him captive. They take time, location, identity, sex, mind, innovation and social culture from the person and replace them with a set of stiff regulations, sectarianism, and superstitions of the leader and then taking advantage of the indoctrinated captives begin. This vicious circle has been in place for years and the changes of brainwashing mechanism are being revealed by defectors.

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