one of the main financial sources for Mojahedin, which they don’t like to be talked about, is the activity of their profit making institution by which Mojahedin have entered economical activities and have gained large amounts of money.
It seems that French Judicial has focused on the key factor of MKO’s survival: Dirty Money. From the harsh responses of Mojahedin, it can be found that discussing MKO’s financial sources is more painful for them than discussing its terrorist file. The fact is that MKO’s financial department consists the central nerve of the organization and according to Mehdi Abrishamchi “all political projects of this group are being driven by relying on money.” Sometime ago, in a program (Direct Contact) on MKO’s TV channel with Mohammed Mohaddessin, a caller revealed some facts about American society. Bottom of the line was that “in the US, a person like Clinton takes part in meetings and advertising reportages by receiving money and organization (MKO) should take the most advantage of this fact”! However, Mohaddessin only answered that the caller had interesting proposals and that he wants MKO officials to pay attention to this point. But he didn’t say that Mojahedin has spent 70 million dollars in the US only during past 13 years and that it has been to some extent successful to take some politicians to defend it. A short time after Rajavi’s settlement in France, Mojahedin gained many political and propagandistic benefits for itself by this method. Mojahedin had allocated a large amount of money to this method. A part of MKO’s financial ties with US parliamentarians – disclosed in US publications- can be found in <1>“From Hostility to the Need”<1>. In short, we can say that money is the first and the last word in all MKO’s tactics and moves. But where does this money come from? No one can deny financial help by MKO’s supporters and even according to Mehdi Abrishamchi, many of the members and supporters have sometimes given all their properties to Mojahedin and essentially it is their tradition that no one should have private properties. Another way for getting money is called “social-financial” which is the main duty of members and supporters in other countries. Mojahedin have never denied this and they have only remained silent about the illegal ways they have adopted within this method, such as establishing charities and receiving money from people under the cover of such organizations. This can be proved by looking at the complaints of the money donors, police investigations about these charities and finally shutting these institutions down. These two channels for getting money, in addition to creation of accounts for the money, and also denying some obvious related facts are the evidences by resorting to which MKO leadership wants to stop the judicial inquiries (about money laundering and other illegal acts by this organization) Receiving money from inside Iran is the issue that MKO is maneuvering on it. They claim they have supporters inside Iran who send money for the organization and that they can not release the names of these supporters due to security reasons; but their primary goal of such claims is to deceive the court. Whether French Court accepts these claims or not, it should be noted that these claims are against MKO’s strategic claims on controlling and suppressing supporters of this group inside Iran! When it comes to showing the social power of MKO supporters in Iran, they claim that everyone who talks about Mojahedin will be imprisoned, tortured and executed. The picture they draw is broad and complex control on supporters by Iranian intelligence community. Isn’t this very intelligence community able to find supporters who donate hundreds of millions of dollars?! But one of the main financial sources for Mojahedin, which they don’t like to be talked about, is the activity of their profit making institution by which Mojahedin have entered economical activities and have gained large amounts of money. Business in the field of real estate, stock market, gold, oil (with Saddam and a number of British companies), electronic devices and … are of the activities of this institution. It should be noted that until the fall of saddam, main activities of this institution were focused on the US and Europe and much of the expenditures of its members were provided by Iraq’s Estekhbarat. But, during past two years, financial section has also been activated in Iraq and with bringing goods from turkey to Iraq and selling it by MKO’s dealers in Iraqi market or activities of companies like “Khavar” has provided Mojahedin with good money. Rugs, stationery, … are among the goods they sell. But all these can only satisfy a small part of MKO’s financial needs! Apart from political and legal scams of Mojahedin during these yeas(for example, receiving tens of thousands of dollars from refugee and immigration organization (for the refugee right of the members and supporters), Mojahedin have had obvious financial ties with world’s intelligence services. Mojahedin have been careful in conducting this, in order to hide it. Also, it should be said that enemy countries finance each other’s opposition groups, and in this regard, Mojahedin have taken the most advantage. By claiming that they have been independent, they want to deny this fact. There are undeniable evidences on MKO’s receiving money from former Soviet Union, France, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Libya, Turkey, Kuwait, and ….(through the security services of these countries of course). But the major undeniable help came from Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Receiving money, being fully dependent on Saddam, and getting weapons and equipments from his regime are clear for everyone. Existing evidences, especially films which have been found after the fall of saddam, prove this claim. That how these realities, which are a part of MKO’s financial case, would be provable in French court and that how much there’s motive for finding facts in French judicial should be seen and judged in future. But what can be sure of is that MKO’s financial sources across the world are only used for inhumane and terrorist purposes of this group and this is what leaders and spokespersons of the group have repeatedly confirmed. And this is in contradiction with social and global political laws and is an obvious lawbreaking.

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