I believe that American forces there don’t know the realities, I mean Mojahedin don’t give them enough information. We are pursuing our requests by Amnesty Internationl which is in contact with US Forces Command to solve the issue
A number of former MKO members and dissidents gathered before the French parliament yesterday to protest to the lack of possibility to visit their relatives and loved ones who are living in the camps of this organization in Iraq. Following the fall of Saddam by the US, American soldiers disarmed Mojahedin and they’re now under control. But former members accuse the leaders of this organization of preventing them from meeting their relatives in the camp. Amir Mosaddegh Katozian has asked Mr. Haghi some questions about this gathering. “We had a gathering before the parliament. At the same time a 4 member body of our representatives met representatives of French parliament. We posed our requests on two main axes: supporting the requests of the families who have been unaware of their children for nearly two decades, and getting their support for the judicial case which is running against Maryam Rajavi in the court.” What did former members do to meet their relatives in Iraq? “They did a lot. They went in groups and even individually. There are some families who act independently from inside Iran. There are some abroad. We have a person living in Norway with a daughter who has gone to Iraq to meet the relatives. Once 5 families together went to Ashraf but most of them couldn’t meet their loved ones and their relatives were beaten by MKO. There are some cases in which Mojahedin left these families alone in the deserts around Ashraf at the middle of the night. They didn’t cooperate. So, we ask all humanitarian communities to help the establishment of human relationship of these families with their relatives in Iraq.” Did former members make contact with American officials? “At this time, when I’m talking to you some of my friends are in Iraq. But American officials have told them not to go to Camp Ashraf for their own safety. But there are some cases who have gone to the camp without coordination of Americans, but they have returned with no success.” What are their reasons for preventing such meetings? “For example they say that the one you are looking for is not here, he will not return, we don’t know when he would return and so on… they try to weaken the morale of the people to make them return. Sometimes they brought the one whose family had come to meet. But he was only there for half an hour and it was really controlled by 2 or 3 MKO members. There have been some cases that members wanted to leave the camp by getting on the bus carrying families, but Mojahedin informed US forces and they forced the member to get off the bus.” So American forces acted according to the will of Mojahedin? “I believe that American forces there don’t know the realities, I mean Mojahedin don’t give them enough information. We are pursuing our requests by Amnesty Internationl which is in contact with US Forces Command to solve the issue.”

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