Suleimani entered MKO 18 years ago. When he wanted to leave he was beaten severely by his Mojahed brothers. Even Rajavi threatened him not to talk about this event to anyone
I’m Yunes Suleimani. I entered MKO 18 years ago and after a while I started questioning their structures and ideologies. It was not bearable for me. I told them that I wanted to leave. They put it off until 1994. In 1994, when the issue of ideological revolution had been posed they had created an article called “Article F”. I told them that I won’t enter this article. This article’s aim was to destroy the personality of the members and to take everything away from them and gave them to Rajavi. They told me that if you don’t enter this article then you’re the agent of Iranian intelligence service. Since I was against such things in the organization, after the meeting of Rajavi, I said that I don’t overrun my personality this simple. Man is alive with his personality. It means nothing without the personality. They said yes and I went to go to the exist section. Once they called me and said that I should go with Hussein Isfahani to a place. I didn’t know where they were going to take me to. I went on the care and he took me to a complex called “Eskaan” in northern part of Ashraf Camp. He told me to introduce myself to the officials of this complex. I did so, and they told me that I would have to stay there for sometime. When I was going I saw a number of members who had been beaten severely. One of them told me to be careful not to be beaten by them. At 2 pm, they took me to a room. It was dark since the windows were covered with blankets. Then a man called Abbas Eskandari came and ordered me to go with him. I said that I had a bad headache. Then, at 2 am, they called me again. I went and saw that a number of men are hiding in the dark and want to beat me. It passed. At 4:30 am, I was being beaten hardly. I was taking rest when they attacked me. My wrist was broken. I fainted. When I opened my eyes I found myself in a prison called “Khoroos Abad.” A person called “Kaak Adel” came and handcuffed me and then blindfolded me. I wondered what was happening. I was confused. Had I made a mistake? I had spent best years of my life for the lies of Massoud Rajavi. Now I see that it was my punishment. I would be ashamed until the end of my life. Anyway, they took me somewhere and told me to sign something. As soon as I returned to say “what” they started beating me. I stood up with a bloody face. They gave me nothing. They even deprived me of water and cigarette. I was under torture for two months. I had heard of the tortures by SAVAK, but MKO’s tortures were more severe than those of SAVAK. It was 2001 now, and I couldn’t talk at all. After that event, they took me to a court headed by Rajavi himself. There were also Sepideh Ibrahimi and Nezam. Nezam was taking the role of prosecutor. “You’re an infiltrator”, Rajavi said. I said: “you know that I haven’t been in any organizations in Iran. How do you say that?” “When I say that, you should say that too. I say that you’re an infiltrator and you should sign it and say that you’re an infiltrator.” The bottom of the line was that he said: “I am telling you (we were nearly 20 members) that I would ignore the blood of 120000 people but I won’t forgive you if you talk about this to someone.” Believe it or not, we couldn’t talk about our own past even to our own friends. It was a choking situation in Rajavi’s system. Those who have not seen slogans of Maryam and Massoud feel that there’s much democracy. But it’s not true. In a system where you have not the right to think, what’s the meaning of human being? In a system where “passion, love, wife and kids” become the “corruption of struggle”, what’s the meaning of life? I won’t forgive Rajavi. I really feel pity for those who are now in Rajavi’s camp. When I joined Mojahedin I was 27 and now I am 45. What has remained of a man? My message to the Iranian people abroad is that “don’t be deceived by the promises of the Rajavis. There are even some people who have suffered more than me. I again say that Rajavi’s system is internal, since when they get away love and passion and personality from the person, what remains? I suggest the ones still in Camp Ashraf to decide firm. I myself had betrayed my country. I never thought of returning to the country but when I returned I found that government’s treatment with me was not as Rajavi had portrayed. Now that I feel I have lost my everything, I am still optimistic when I see this behavior of authorities in Iran. I am happy to be here in my country. and I should add that I will always be ashamed of the Iranian people and officials. In order to watch the film of interview in Habilian website, click <1>here<1> please.

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