In order to deceive public opinion and hide the trace of terror and violence of MKO’s Gestapo, Maryam Rajavi ordered the renaming of suppression unit of this cult from “Security and Counter-Terrorism Commission”of NCRI to “The Commission of Political Studies of NCRI”
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The activities of former members and officials of MKO- who are expressing their bitter experiences in this organization for the people- are now giving fruits. In the wake of innovation and vigilance of all former members of Mojahedin during past few years and especially during the last month, MKO has become desperate and this can be seen in the angry faces of the leaders of this backward group, in their television programs and in their press releases. After former members’ complaint about Maryam Rajavi was accepted by French Court, leaders and mercenaries of this cult, such as Mehdi Abrishamchi, Seyed Almohaddessin, Soheila Sadegh, Mohsen Rezayee, Mohammed Reza Rohani, and Karim Qasim have threatened (directly and indirectly) the former members of assassination across Europe. For instance, Mehdi Abrishamchi publicly threatened of assasniation on March 17, 2005 in MKO’s television program, the video and audio of which is available. It’s notable that Mr. Shams Haeri, Mr. Farhad Javaheri Yar and the author have been threatened and even attacked physically during past few weeks and months. Also, an Iranian “Hussein Azari” was beaten by covert agents of NCRI in Köln for distributing a book (Baghdad’s Dark Days) and some videos (showing Rajavi receiving money and weapons from Saddam’s Generals). Mr. Azari’s case is being investigated by the police. Former members were very vigilant and innovative toward these threats; they released announcements and condemned MKO’s violence in Europe, complained against the leaders in court and gathered in different cities of France (including Paris, and Aveur-sor-oise which is the resident of MKO leaders) to protest the atrocities of this terrorist group. (This gathering was called “The Storm of Paris”) These moves shook the body of MKO’s leaders and proved (especially the Storm of Paris) to the cult that prison, imprisonment, torture in Abu Ghraib and solitary cells of Ashraf Camp won’t be unanswered. After such moves by former MKO members, however, the cult of Mojahedin did a new job. In order to deceive public opinion and hide the trace of terror and violence of MKO’s Gestapo, Maryam Rajavi ordered the renaming of suppression unit of this cult from “Security and Counter-Terrorism Commission”of NCRI to “The Commission of Political Studies of NCRI”. So, it’s now releasing its threats through this new name. It should be noted that two years after the death of the head of MKO’s Gestapo, Ibrahim Zakeri, NCRI has not yet introduced his successor because it can’t follow the terror and torture in Europe as openly as it did in Iraq. It’s amazing that Massoud Rajavi, disappeared head of NCRI, and also her wife have not dared to announce the name of the head of so-called “Commission of Political Studies of NCRI” the duty of which is the same as that of MKO’s Gestapo. This question is raised that why an organization, which claims to be political, doesn’t announce the name of Ibrahim Zakeri, super-torturer and commander of terrorist teams of MKO in Europe? Why is that they have specified the heads of all their commissions except the head of their Gestapo??? This indicates that the leaders of this cult, as Maryam and Massoud Rajavi had said in Iraq, are going to form terror teams in Europe to kill former members. We warn public opinion and European authorities and officials about this fact.

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