Mojahedin-e Khalq and their Council which were considered a part of Iraq’s army and intelligence service for suppressing Iraqi people and conducting terrorist operations in Iran need more deception now than ever before. Rajavi and his partners try to ignore their criminal past and to introduce itself as the national council of resistance and other false associations.
A Research on National Council of Resistance One of the darkest points in the records of terrorist cult of Rajavi is deceiving the public opinion. This needs particular attention and we will discuss it later but what we are going to discuss now is that MKO deceived many politicians, parliamentarians and senators… and won their support for its terrorist purposes. This is nothing except misusing National Council of Resistance and forged associations. On one hand, Mojahedin claim that MKO and Council are separate, and on the other, they use its name and the names of other forged organizations to get support for their terrorist actions. Mojahedin-e Khalq and their Council which were considered a part of Iraq’s army and intelligence service for suppressing Iraqi people and conducting terrorist operations in Iran need more deception now than ever before. Rajavi and his partners try to ignore their criminal past and to introduce itself as the national council of resistance and other false associations. Lack of difference between National council of Resistance and MKO is clear as crystal for us, who spent years in captivity of Rajavi’s cult in the deserts of Iraq. But for the knowledge of those who know little about the real nature of Rajavi’s NCRI we should discuss the council’s record in massacring innocent people. It’s clear that MKO’s publications (before the fall of Saddam), NCRI’s announcements and its media sources are the best documents to prove the deceptions of Mojahedin: 1. During the first days of the establishment of NCRI by MKO in 1981, the leader of this organization along with Abol Hassan Bani Sadr (who was also a member of NCRI) hijacked a plane and landed it in the airport of Paris. This was done exactly a month after killing 70 members of MKO’s rival group by the members of Mojahedin-e Khalq.1 2. National Council of Resistance has repeatedly threatened to terrorist actions. For instance: “… Mojahedin-e Khalq of Iran and fighters of National Council of Resistance warns criminal rulers of the regime, members of anti-masses parliament, illegitimate judges of revolutionary courts, torturers, and revolutionary guards … that masses won’t forgive their crimes anymore and would talk to them with the language of revolutionary violence…”2 3. As you see above the council threatens its political opponents to death! And here are some of the instances in which the threats were done: “…. Hamedan- in a successful operation by a unit of fighters of NCRI, a suppressor agent of regime called Hussein Mohammed (who was involved in killing the people) was killed and executed revolutionarily…”3 “… Bandar Turkmen- the building of Basij was attacked by a unit of NCRI’s forces and it was set on fire by incendiary bombs…”4 “… Tehran- a mercenary of regime who had a long record of killing people and arresting revolutionary forces was identified by a team of NCRI’s forces and was killed by 3 bullets..”5 4. Since National Council of Resistance works most of the time as the mask for MKO, it should perform its missions in a different way. But fortunately, many know that the slogan of separation of MKO and NCRI is only a dirty trick of this terrorist cult. To clarify this issue, some documents are as follows: report of the US State Department, which reflects the good understanding of US officials of National Council of Resistance, led to covert activities of terrorists in the US. This report includes important points, some which are as follows: “…MKO/NCRI/NLA are all the same. Desire of the MKO has made confusions. The persian name of the group “Mojahedin-e Khalq of Iran” has been shortened and has been translated in different forms… purposeful use of the name “National Council of Resistance” by Mojahedin is also delusive…”6 Main hidden mission of the council (to be the mask for terrorists) always led to separation members from the council, because they saw many differences between the speeches and practices of the leaders of the council. These people, who separated, gave good documents to reveal the real nature of terrorists’ leaders and their partners. One of them says: “… indeed, Rajavi turned the Council to the tail of MKO… Rajavi said that we give the power, blood and money and practically the Council belongs to MKO. He had occupied all tools and relations…”7 Bagherzadeh, a former member of National Council of Resistance, who had taken part in a terrorist operation in Iranian border and had been killed by Iranian border guards says: “… different and important aspect, and necessary element for the victory, was the organization of NCRI on the axis of MKO..”8 5. Some of those hired by MKO as writers, artists… and were employed by NCRI only act to cover and confirm the violent and terrorist moves of Mojahedin. This organization which is in fact a cult took many of the mentioned people from the US and Europe to the borders of Iran by the promise of liberating Iran’s capital in a night and send them toward death by making struggle with Iranian soldiers. People like Adibi (former footballer) Hezerkhani (writer) Marzieh (singer) Nayeb Agha (former footballer) Ganjehyee (Mullah) Filabi (athlete) and … are members of national council of resistance who have always approved and praised the terrorist and criminal actions of MKO. Some other members of NCRI such as Vardasbi, Habibi and Bagherzadeh were killed in the operations, supported by Saddam, on the Iranian border. 6. NCRI that had not predicted the fall of Saddam and never thought that one day it would have to deny its past, it praised terror, military operation, violence and blood shedding in its press releases. And it’s amazing that it permanently asks Iranians to join the terrorists in MKO! NCRI tried to justify the hiring of NCRI by ousted Iraqi dictator as follows: “… to satisfy the needs of new stage of struggle, the resident of Mr. Massoud Rajavi, the head of the Council, is transferred from Europe to the soil of Iraq. National Council of Resistance considers this transfer as necessary for the expansion and organization of armed revolutionary forces and for entering the soil of Iran…”9 Another statement shows how NCRI encourages people to join the cult of crime: “… NLA has now achieved a high level of efficiency and military capability that it can destroy significant part of enemy’s army in each attack… National Council of Resistance asks dear compatriots to join the lines of NLA…”10 Massoud Rajavi says in NCRI’s monthly that “… both MKO and NLA move in the framework of NCRI and its requirements…” It can be concluded from this comment of cult’s leader that the Council (which has now forgotten its past and claims of independence from MKO) is responsible for attacking innocent people, kidnapping and killing civilians, and many other crimes in Iran and Iraq!11 7. A brief look at some of the comments of NCRI members would be amazing without any future explanations: Fariba Hashtroodi (after killing a general of the Iranian Army by the members of MKO): … this brave operation makes every viewer to praise it…”12 Saleh Rajavi, NCRI’s representative in Europe: “… we take a weapon and we kiss it as the only way for the freedom of masses, since the leader of resistance (Rajavi) said that MKO kids should not remain unprotected…”13 Parviz Khazayee, NCRI’s representative in Scandinavia: “… in the meetings with foreign politicians and journalists, they clearly admit that such operations (mortaring innocent people) in the heart of Tehran and other cities make sense…”14 Reza Oliayee, member of NCRI in Italy, refers to mortaring operations and praises the terrorists: “… heroes who mortar the palaces(!!) of injustice everyday…” 15 Hadi Mahabadi, chief of NCRI’s Science and Research Commission: “… NCRI considers the path of struggle as an armed revolutionary struggle and looks at international aids for helping this struggle…” 16 Yazdan Haj Hamzeh, member of NCRI in France: “… in the military section of resistance (the other side of the coin= MKO) with 100 military operation in the last year we see a qualitative transformation in the military abilities of the council…” 17 Sufi Saedi, active member of NCRI in the US: “… I stress the operations of resistance and struggle while many of the liberating movements have been forced to compromise… violent struggle is the only way of NCRI’s talking with the people.” 18 8. Those who constitute NCRI are those very members of Mojahedin-e khalq who had taken part in terrorist operations. According to published documents of Mojahedin, in the fall of 1991, the names of 149 major members of MKO were announced out of which 137 were later announced as the members of NCRI. Also, more than 500 out of 560 members of NCRI are of active terrorist of MKO and NLA. 9. Rajavi’s terrorist cult has hundreds of associations with forged names (except NCRI) in the US and Europe, the duty of which is to support and approve terrorist operations. These associations use deceiving titles to conduct the missions designed for them by MKO. These associations, by forged names, popular and deceiving ones, are seemingly involved in useful works but in fact, they are performing illegal acts. To prove this, referring to the publications of Mojahedin and NCRI is enough. In a publication, the head of the organization describes the duties of these associations as follows: * recruiting new members (to deploy them to Iraq) * holding demonstrations (along with the programs of MKO) * advocating revealing political war * gathering cash aids (under the cover of poor people, but in fact for terrorist operations) (we have the names of many of such associations and related groups)20 10. The meetings of NCRI (Which are separate from those of MKO according to Rajavi’s band) were held in Iraq since 1987, when MKO was transferred to Iraq and was used as the private army of Saddam. These meetings were held (until recently, before the fall of saddam) in Camp Ashraf, Mohsen Base, Jalazadeh Base and the Hall of Baharestan (in Baghdad). All of these places were given to MKO by Saddam in exchange of services by MKO (such as suppressing Iraq people and conducting operations in Iran).

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