Do you know that there are some people who have the record of 15-25 year activity in MKO among those who are called mercenaries by the MKO- and unfortunately you have repeated this in your letter by quoting Mojahedin? Do you know that there are 10 former members of central council of MKO among them?
Dear Lord Eric Avebury, I read your open letter to Human Rights Watch organization on the website of Mojahedin-e Khalq. In your letter, you have called HRW’s report as “unfair”. Of course, I call it unfair too because it has only included minor cases of human rights violation by Mojahedin-e khalq organization. You based your letter on the quotes of MKO and said: “Why was Mohammed Hussein Sobhani a key witness of HRW’s report?” Dear Lord Avebury, Do you know me closely? I ask you, why do you base you judgment on the quotes of Mojahedin-e Khalq? Do you know that I joined the Organization organically in 1977 and then I and my wife, Afsaneh Taherian-who’s now member of NCRI, went to Kurdistan and then to Iraqi Kurdistan by the order of MKO? Do you know that I became the member of Central Committee of MKO in 1986? Do you know that I was promoted to the membership of executive assembly of MKO’s central council in 1990 and this fact was announced in MKO’s journal (Mojahed) in the fall of 1990? Do you know that I was taken to solitary confinement in Camp Ashraf in 1992 by the order of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi due to political and strategic differences and opposing armed struggle? Do you know that during 8 years and a half in solitary confinement in Camp Ashraf and then in Abu Ghraib prison I couldn’t talk to my daughter, I couldn’t write to her or receive a message from her? Dear Lord Avebury, Do you have children? Have you ever remained unaware of their conditions? Isn’t this a violation of human rights to put me in solitary confinement for 8 years and a half and keep me unaware of my daughter who was sent to Denmark for 12 years? Aren’t forced divorces in MKO human rights violations? Isn’t it human rights violation to send the members of organization to operation “eternal light” to fight with Islamic republic- in order to hide the strategic deadlock of the MKO? Should dissident and critical members be imprisoned in Abu Ghraib only because they have different strategic and political ideas? Dear Lord Avebury, Do you know that there are some people who have the record of 15-25 year activity in MKO among those who are called mercenaries by the MKO- and unfortunately you have repeated this in your letter by quoting Mojahedin? Do you know that there are 10 former members of central council of MKO among them? Do you know that the wives, children and close relatives of these former members- whose political and organizational identity is being denied by MKO-are still in Mojahedin-e Khalq organization? MKO always calls its critics as mercenaries, spies and traitors. But we believe that it’s a Stalinist method to silence opponents and critics. If this is not so, Would you please ask Mojahedin to name an opponent-whether among defectors or from political activists- who has denounced armed terrorist struggle and cooperation with Saddam Hussein, but has not been labeled as mercenary and agent of the regime? Do you believe, like Mojahedin-e Khalq, that Dr. Abolhassan Banisadr is an agent of Islamic Republic? Do you believe, like MKO, that Khanbaba Tehrani, Dr. Niroomand, Dr. Ali Asghar Haj Seyed Javadi, Dr. Bayat Zadeh, Dr. Nourizadeh, and tens of other figures among opposition are the agents of Iranian ministry of intelligence? Do you believe that the leaders of Fedayeen of Khalq, who resorted to a new strategy in response to armed struggle, are political guardians of Islamic republic? Do you know that late Dr. Abudlrahman Ghasemlou left NCRI in 1984 due to dictatorship of Mojahedin and then he was called the agent of regime by Mojahedin-e Khalq? In addition, you should know that late Dr. Ghasemlou was finally assassinated by the team of Saeed Emami although he was the mercenary of regime! Last month, Mr. Houshang Amir Ahmadi was called a mercenary of Islamic republic by Mojahedin only because he had expressed his comments on relations of the US and MKO in an interview with Radio Deutchewelle. In your letter, you have criticized Mr. Joe Stork of HRW, saying: “Your investigation for preparing this report was biased and unfair. It would defame Human Rights Watch organization.” I should inform you that HRW is not the only entity which has discussed MKO’s human rights violation. In this regard I refer you to the interview of Dr. Abdulkarim Lahiji, the head of international community of Human Rights. Dr. Lahiji says: “Regarding my responsibility in the biggest human rights organization-which is comprised of 141 human rights organization from different countries, I tell you that we can’t be indifferent toward human rights violations; whether these violations are committed by states or by political organizations. This is not restricted to Iran. Crimes which took place in former Yugoslavia, there was civil war and Muslims were victimized by Serbs. I mean human rights organization should not differentiate between violations by states and political organizations. So, the work of HRW should be judged in this way. It should not be considered a kind of revenge. I saw the report (of HRW). All the report is based on the testimonies by those who claim their rights have been violated. HRW heard the testimonies and then published them. Of course, this is not something new. The Community of Defending Human Rights had earlier asked to judge between MKO and its former members. At that time, many of them wrote letters for us and unfortunately they were not in a condition to come out of Iraq and their documents were in the hands of Mojahedin. But Mojahedin never answered us and every time we initiated the case, we were attacked and insulted by them. So, if they have any answers this time, it’s better for them not to mix those answers with insults. HRW is a credible international organization. Before this organization, Amnesty International had volunteered to do the job. We also, as an Iranian organization, volunteered to the work. Thus, I believe that they’d better compensate what they’ve done” Dear Lord Avebury, Yes, I also say that HRW’s report is unfair because it was published too late; because its evidences are one in a million. Because, if HRW had investigated MKO’s human rights violation in 1994, I and my friends could have been saved from prisons of MKO and Abu Ghraib. There is no doubt that MKO has said to you that it has no prison in Iraq. I will give you a document published in Mojahed journal (No. 599, June 2003) which proves that there is prison in MKO and that I had been in prison since the September of 1992. It should be noted that my handwriting in Mojahed journal No.599- although they forced me to write it- proves that Mojahedin has prison and that it imprisons dissident members. Dear Lord Avebury, If you’d like, I and my friends are ready to present you the evidences and documents on MKO’s human rights violation in a meeting with you. You may also consider HRW’s report unfair, from our point of view. Sincerely yours, Mohammed Hussein Sobhani May 30, 2005 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Email, Tel: 00491756391365, Postfach 903173 51124 köln Deutschland…… cc: Human Rights Watch Organization Amnesty International

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