Hysteric behavior of the cult, of which the author is a victim and medical documents in Sweden prove it, show that there’s a disorder in the cult and this bitter reality is not surprising in a reactionary cult (MKO) which followed a model like Saddam Hussein.
Mr. Ibrahim Khodabandeh has quoted from Masoud Bandisadr’s book that: “In the organization we were all in a prison, by the indoctrination system, in which we were ourselves the guards, investigators, torturers and spies. And according to the suggestions we judged our own acts and issued rulings. And then we executed the rulings! There was a system in which the person became his own spy and tried himself and sentenced himself.” This raises a question that refers to the claims of those who called themselves the victims of mental and physical tortures in ideological system of Rajavi and claim that they had been imprisoned and tortured; the tragedy of Mr. Mohammed Hussein Sobhani; there’s no doubt that his is not the first nor the last victim of a cult which employs every possible means to suppress the voices of dissidents. The truths expressed by Mr. Massoud Banisadr, and mentioned by Mr. Ibrahim Khodabandeh, reveal only part of the realities of Rajavi’s cult, but not all of it. Mr. Khodabandeh and Banisadr have not suffered mental and physical tortures since the started defecting outside Iraqi soil. That’s why they have stressed the brainwashing- which leads to members making walls around themselves. They have said nothing about those who were sent to horrible prisons to ignore their requests by torture or forget watching the sky forever. Hysteric behavior of the cult, of which the author is a victim and medical documents in Sweden prove it, show that there’s a disorder in the cult and this bitter reality is not surprising in a reactionary cult (MKO) which followed a model like Saddam Hussein. Torture, whether by torturer or by brainwashing and self-abuse, won’t be forgiven by the people and God. Torture breaks the voice in throat and takes the victim and torturer in a same silence. Even those who issue the order of torture, or encourage it, or plan it in order to hide it, remain silent and insolently call themselves democrats and the victims of torture! Discussing torture/ using it in a given society/ its solutions/ what it produces and also curing the victims of torture are all risky. The person who’s been tortured says: “I’m no more the same person I was before the torture.” A doctor who treats torture victims says: “I’m no more the same person I was before treating torture victims.” Jean Ameri wrote: “22 years after this event, relying on the experiences which can’t cover all range of possibilities, I can say that torture is the most horrible thing a tortured person can keep in depth of his personality. However, I object to facing the issue of torture and tortured sentimentally. Since when sentiments is produced in written format to misuse reader’s emotions, it’s itself a torture.” Lionel Richard asks: “Is it enough to stimulate the feelings by showing inhumane acts in order to transfer these acts to the minds?” Bertolt Brecht, who has taken a rule out of this case for his epic drama, says and repeats: “One should not trust sentiments. Emotions play with the person. It can’t be wholly ignored, but it should be forgotten that sentiment is a way for getting to thinking.” There’s no doubt that torture stops awareness. And this is exactly the method which has been used extremely by the cult of Rajavi along with brainwashing.

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