I am against violence and armed struggle in its whole. We should culturalize the revolution. We should change our mind
I’m Jabani; I entered the organization in 1979 and I took part in different activities. After a while, in 1983 I was ordered to go to Pakistan. My mission there was to recruit forces and send them to Iraq. There were a large number of youth at that time who entered Pakistan and from there they were sent in groups for armed struggle. One thing is very important for me, that the slogans chanted (like death to …), the word “death” doesn’t come by itself. It has roots. Hatred, hostility, and revenge form the basis of armed struggles. They form the basis for violence and terror. In 1990, organization had planned attacking Iranian embassies; those in the embassies, including ordinary people, were beaten by the agents of the organization. I was also in such groups. I remember that the hatred and hostility had filled me so that I beat ordinary staff of the Iranian embassy and asked them to say that “death to …”, although this changed nothing. I am against violence and armed struggle in its whole. We should culturalize the revolution. We should change our minds. No revolution is stable. This is the result. If the regime is changed, even if more regimes are changed, you and I stay here. This is you and me that should change. It’s our mind that should be changed. In this regard, I have written “Psychology of Violence and Terror”, in which I have formulated my emotions and opinions. We were 4 brothers in my family. I was the eldest. My brothers were all executed by Islamic Republic. They were 16, 19, and 21. I always hold myself responsible for this since I couldn’t save them. But when I look back at myself, I found myself full of hate and hostility! The organization takes out love, emotions and feelings from human beings and in exchanges gives hatred, hostility and desire for revenge. You are no more “YOU”. You are a machine who’s carrying a weapon. You think you’re above others, and that’s why you want to decide for them. The organization makes a creature out of you that has not quintuple senses. We are not normal humans. I mean we all need reconstruction. The factors we use and our behavior toward the issues are different from those of ordinary people who live normally. So, we should find the way of living normally in the ordinary society. We were not in the society, we were not beside people, and we don’t know how to treat them. These friends you see around, they have mind boundaries. Their minds are closed. It’s full of injected hatred and hostility. We are accused of being the agents of Islamic republic’s intelligence service. I want to tell you about it process. What’s the process? The process is that the militant devotes his/her life, risks his life and enters the organization. Then, during a process in which the individual identity of people is broken, group identity, hatred and hostility is injected to them. Then in a process they object to the organization, find themselves, are shocked, come out of the organization and become the spies of Islamic republic! So, Rajavi has built up a university for spying; that Islamic republic sends it forces in advance to Rajavi; Rajavi trains them and sends the spies to the Iranian society. This is an old issue. We continue with our ideas and these mind barriers are being gradually broken. Once, we were like them. We are happy that they’re here. We should stand, resist and let the barriers of these friends be broken.

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