I had heard that there were dissident members who had been submitted to the Iraqi government and the Iraqi government paid money in exchange to the organization. In Iraqi prisons, chemical experiments were done on prisoners. A US solder said that
I’m Mehrdad Shirmohammedi, from the city of Tehran. I was at home someday when someone called me from Germany. She introduced herself as a German student, who was studying the life of Iranian youth. She said that she wanted to learn more by about the lives of Iranian youth. I asked her about how she had got my phone number. She said that she got it from phonebook directory. Then she asked me to get my passport and go to Turkey. I did it. There, in Turkey, she called me again. I had fallen in the trap of Mojahedin. They (Mojahedin-e Khalq) took me to Iraq by the Syrian border. Then armed men came and took me to Camp Ashraf. I protested and said that I wasn’t supposed to go there. I told that their supporters had promised me to take me to Germany. They insulted me and said that their supporters have made a mistake. They also said that if I wanted to leave them I had to stay for two years and then I would be submitted to the Iraqi government. I had heard that there were dissident members who had been submitted to the Iraqi government and the Iraqi government paid money in exchange to the organization. In Iraqi prisons, chemical experiments were done on prisoners. A US solder said that. He said that he was informed of this issue because he had contacts outside. Then Americans came and said that they had found a mass grave out of Ashraf and that it belongs to the members of Monafiqeen (MKO) and that chemical experiments had been performed on the bodies. In Ashraf, I was in Reception section for 8 months, and then I was sent to the “army 15”. In Army 15, the situation was very bad. No one could talk against Mojahedin. As someone spoke, he was beaten severely. They had three prisoners. They kept the members in these prisons, depriving them from water and food. Prisoners were tortured. A friend of mine (in the US camp), Nathan Begini, said that Mojahedin had injected him between his legs. He was Jewish. He wanted to leave Iran when he was deceived by Mojahedin. Ashraf was like a prison. We couldn’t talk. They said bad things about Islamic republic, but they were worse themselves. I should go and pray for Hitler, when I compare him with Mojahedin! the crimes they committed against Iranians is not comparable with the crimes of Hitler. There, one couldn’t talk to media about these crimes. But here, I can speak what I want to say. I want Europeans and the world to know that Mojahedin are real criminals. They wasted the lives of young people. They should be returned to Iran; should be tried in Iraq and should be accountable to us. They should answer to Iraqis about killing Iraqi people in Zakeri, they followed Kurds and killed them with brutal terrorist methods. They’re not humans. If anyone supports them, he is really the godfather of terrorism and the godfather of violation of human rights. They should be brought to justice. In order to watch the film of interview, please click <1>here<1>. To read MEK and Human Smuggling please click <2>here<2>.

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