The only people who take advantage of this operation are Baathists and remnants of the former regime. These people get to their goals by abduction, hostage taking, assassinating diplomats and foreign journalists
Mojahedin-e khalq Organization claimed on 4th of August that two of its members, Hussein Pouyan and Mohammed Ali Zahedi, have been abducted in Karadeh Street in Baghdad. This comes at a time when the members of this group have pledged not to leave their camp (Ashraf) near Baghdad. MKO says Special Forces of Iraqi Interior Ministry and Badr Brigade are responsible for the abduction. Following the publication of this claim, coalition forces condemned the abduction in a statement and asked Iraqi security forces to pursue the case. In addition, US forces took measures to find the members of this organization, which has been listed as a terrorist organization by US State Department and is granted protected status under Geneva Convention. Now the question is: Who is behind the abduction of the two members of this organization? To answer this question, we should search among the enemies of this organization and also those who benefit from this operation. There’s no doubt that its major enemies are: first, the “regime of Mullahs” (expression used by the MKO) and second, Iraqi people who have experienced the crimes of this organization. This assumption should also be considered that groups like Badr (Iran-oriented group) and Baathists can take advantage of this. Is it the work of the Iranian regime, which has been accused by the MKO? Does it benefit from kidnapping these two men? Abduction by Iran is unlikely since it’s against the Iranian interests. If it’s proved that Iran has been involved in the operation, then it can be said that all charges against Iran (on its interference in Iraqi affairs) are true. On the other hand, Iran has issued public pardon for all MKO members who have not committed any crimes against Iranians. That’s why more than 400 members of this organization voluntarily, and by the assistance of Iran, coalition forces and Red Cross, returned to Iran and this process has continued to date. Moreover, the abducted members were low-ranking members and had no special information so there’s no justification for their abduction. Is it, as the MKO claims, the work of pro-Iran Shiite groups? Badr forces released a statement denying responsibility for this event, despite MKO’s involvement in crimes against Iraqi Shiites and involvement in suppressing the uprising of 1991. The only people who take advantage of this operation are Baathists and remnants of the former regime. These people get to their goals by abduction, hostage taking, assassinating diplomats and foreign journalists. Their main motives for such an operation can be listed as follows: 1. Creating division between Iraqi new government and coalition forces on one hand, and between new government and Iranian regime on the other. 2. Using this operation to prove that Iran is interfering in Iraqi affairs. To prove that Iranian revolutionary guards and secret agents move around in the streets of Baghdad and other cities; and also to attribute terrorist operations to Iran. 3. Creating horror and fear among MKO members- in coordination with the MKO itself- to prevent members from returning to Iran. 4. Serving this group as an old ally and trying to remove its name from terror list and also to focus the attention of international organization on this exile group. 5. Creating division among Iraqi groups and blocking the government’s efforts to establish peace and security in Iraq, since the survival of this group and that of Baathist groups is dependent on resumption of violence and chaos.

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