They threatened to imprison us for 2 years and that after this time they would deliver us to the Iraqi government on charges of spying. They said that we had to spend 8 years in Abu Ghraib because we had entered illegally
I’m Massoud Ahmadi, from the city of Kermanshah. In 2002 I worked in the city of Chahbahar where I became acquainted with some smugglers who worked for the Mojahedin-e khalq organization. They smuggled people out of Iran and took them to join the MKO but they used covers such as “working in European countries” and … We met a number of times and they said that they would take me to Dubai to work there. I didn’t accept at first because I believed that they were lying. After a while, I accepted their offer. We crossed the Iranian border by car and went to Pakistan. There, two other people came and took us (we were 3) to a hotel in Karachi. Then, they ordered us to wait for their call. Someone called and said he was calling on behalf of the MKO. He said that they wanted to take us out of the country but didn’t say for what job. They only said that they wanted to take us to the MKO. We were not familiar with Mojahedin. At night, they took us to one of their safe houses to talk to us about the organization. We were in that house for 10 days. They said that we would be sent to Iraq and that we had to stay there for 6 month. “After this period, you’re free to stay or to leave. They will send you to a European country or to United Arab Emirates,” they said. We accepted and they prepared the required documents. After 10 days we had a flight to Jordan. And then we were taken to MKO headquarters in Baghdad, and later to Camp Ashraf. As soon as we entered the “Entrance Section” we found that we had been deceived and that there’s no job, no Europe, no UAE and … We refused to join and said that we wanted to return. They threatened to imprison us for 2 years and that after this time they would deliver us to the Iraqi government on charges of spying. They said that we had to spend 8 years in Abu Ghraib because we had entered illegally. They had taken all our documents on our arrival because they didn’t want us to have documents. “You have no documents. We would deliver you to the Iraqi government. Do you want us to do so?” they said. We had no way except obeying their orders. We joined the training course and … after 10 to 11 months we were delivered to the Camp. After a month, the Iraq war began and we were spread over the ground in order not to be targeted by US bombers. Then the Iraqi government was ousted and we were disarmed and limited to Camp Ashraf. I wrote my request to leave the group by the officials didn’t accept. As I said before, we were three. One of us, that organization was tired of, was dismissed from the camp. But they didn’t allow us to leave. When the US State Department wanted to interview MKO members I repeated my request. The officials of the MKO came and said that we were free to go. They asked us not to mention our dissatisfaction in the interviews, because it would make problems for the MKO. They delivered me to Americans. I was in US camp for a year and a month and then I returned to Iran. To watch the film of interview on, please click <1>here<1>. To read MEK and Human Smuggling, please click <2>here<2>.

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