In the MKO, special category for women can be found under the name of “Leadership Council”. This category- a place for all MKO women educated in the US and Europe-comprise of the elements chosen by Rajavi. Other women, of course, suffer serious deprivations.
The most fortunate woman in the cult of Rajavi is “Maryam Qajar”, who had to marry group’s chief in an ideological deal in order to accept the capabilities (repeatedly expressed by MKO) as well as to prove herself; otherwise, she couldn’t become the highest-ranking official! While ago, when Ms. Batul Maleki wrote about marriage in the cult, other females in a similar group in Turkey wrote about woman’s place in PKK*. The similarities can’t be ignored easily. Former female guerillas of PKK say: “Abdullah Öcalan was fastidious in selecting women around him, as if he was choosing them for his own harem. Not every one was accepted by him. To be close to him, one should have been university graduate, attractive and … In the Party, a special category had been formed of Öcalan’s “angels” and we called them “Central Women”. The women in this category didn’t take part in fights and lived out of difficult situations. They mainly settled in the bases, especially where Öcalan used to stay. They had excellent position in the Party. For instance, during military trainings, we couldn’t find even a tree to rest in its shade, while “central women” enjoyed tents and shadings. They didn’t work at all. They used creams never found in the mountainous areas. Women were used as a balancing element. They were used in men’s political and military dependence to the PKK. For women, PKK fights are only for one person: Öcalan, who’s been heightened to the position of a god. In fact, he exploited women in ugliest ways. There were women as tools in his hands. Women praised him more, since they thought they’d be more free. In addition to wise people in Zele Camp, there were also naïve inexperienced youths, aged 13 to 20. They all felt a kind of contradiction; they felt that the PKK they saw was not what they imagined. In order to get the control of situation, some people were put on trial on charges of being the spies of government, and were finally executed. They asked us to have no relations except political friendship. Those who violated this rule were punished severely. Existing rules on love and sex, like an incurable chronic illness, subdued the PKK. In PKK, men and women have no sexual relationship due to the system established by Öcalan. If you ban loving the opposite sex, there would be such distortions. Meanwhile, all those in “central headquarter” had fiancés and they changed their fiancés each year in spring.” In the MKO, special category for women can be found under the name of “Leadership Council”. This category- a place for all MKO women educated in the US and Europe-comprise of the elements chosen by Rajavi. Other women, of course, suffer serious deprivations. Woman, in the role of balancing and controlling MKO members, has always been used under different definitions and positions, which has brought about a sad fate for women in the MKO. --------------------------------------------- * Being Woman in PKK, Najdat Boldan, journalist and former PKK member,

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