MKO intentionally wanted to use POWs as cannon fodder in order to get successes. Therefore, they had told POWs that they’d be free in the case of taking part in an operation. On the other hand, Rajavi had secretly asked his commanders in “Forough-e Javidan” operation to keep an eye on POWs and send them to the frontline
Former Iranian POWs (those who had been captured during Iran-Iraq war) who joined the MKO from prisons of Baath regime or the MKO, constitute 10 percent of Camp Ashraf residents. Although these people had been taken hostage since 1987, 88 and 89, reports indicate that recent events regarding their fate has forced MKO officials to take new steps in order to prevent these people from leaving the organization. According to former POWs who’ve returned to Iran, these people have been living miserably in MKO. They have always been used to do dirty works and MKO leaders have always suspected them. The basic motive for these people to accept joining MKO was the horrible condition of Iraqi army camps and MKO’s propagandistic activities (to recruit new members) in such camps. As soon as these POWs entered MKO’s camps they found the reality but there was no way back and they had to accept the conditions of the group; they have paid a high price there in MKO. The way Mr. Edward Tremado passed through from Iraqi detention camp to MKO camp and then to Abu Ghraib Prison is a clear example of what has happened to these people in terrorist MKO. Apart from those who saved themselves by leaving the group in different ways, MKO used POWs as cannon fodder by sending them on minefields, mortar-launching operations and border operations. MKO intentionally wanted to use POWs as cannon fodder in order to get successes. Therefore, they had told POWs that they’d be free in the case of taking part in an operation. On the other hand, Rajavi had secretly asked his commanders in “Forough-e Javidan” operation to keep an eye on POWs and send them to the frontline. With the failure of military machine and the whole system of MKO in Iraq, the issue of POWs became an internal problem for it, and still continues to pose difficulties for this organization. Until the fall of Saddam’s fascist regime, POWs were refrained from basic facilities in the organization and were not allowed to get organizational positions; in a clear discriminatory behavior, they were only used in manual works. MKO officials repeatedly reminded them that they should thank MKO’s leadership for saving them from death camps of Saddam’s regime and giving them food and relief! After the events in Iraq, the fall of Saddam and the escape of Rajavi, Mojahedin created a new category called “New M” and gave so-called membership to the people (POWs) in this category in order to prevent defections. Giving them membership doesn’t mean that they have entered organizational positions, but it’s only a show to boost their weakened morale. Recently and after some POWs’ defections, MKO officials have initiated emotional treatments but discrimination and exploitation goes on due to the ideology of the group; for instance, even in basic works such as singing and playing music- which constitutes main part of MKO activities these days- they’re not allowed to perform. MKO’s ideological view of human being includes a kind of organizational apartheid, which considers “MKO members” as superior people. This view applies in all areas in the MKO, including the way of treating POWs who are considered as unreliable and “second class” people. Regarding MKO’s organizational apartheid, and considering POWs’ place in MKO relations as well as formalist movements of the MKO to control these people, it should be stressed that all POWs taken hostage by MKO will leave the MKO and will join their friends. Rajavi’s Gestapo was recently forced to admit to this fact- in the case of return of Pirdad Dastjerdi. They even revealed that he feared to call himself “constant prisoner” in the organization and considered himself to be a “Mojahed”. (<1>Read latest comments of Pirdad Dastjerdi in Farsi<1>) According to Dasjerdi’s comments and other evidences, it should be said that the current comments of POWs (while they’re detained by MKO) are not valid and can’t be cited since they are forced to write formal pledges and give TV interviews.

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