I can only say that Rajavi is a big liar, sinister and shameless
I’m Ruhallah Asial, from the city of Kermanshah. In 2000, I got a phone number from MKO Radio and in my travel to Turkey- to find a job there- I called MKO’s supporting agent in Germany. Since then, he was in touch with me and he tried to recruit me and get me to the organization in Iraq. At first, there were just promises. For instance, they said that members are free on weekends and that they can do whatever they want. This was, of course, their propagandistic tactic, since Rajavi considered members as his tools and as something that he can take political advantage of. For them, there’s no difference between men and women. During 13-14 years after their revolution, real face of Rajavi has been revealed. He used innocent girls to deceive other people. For instance, I myself thought differently about the organization. I had failed in Turkey and I thought that I was a big loser; therefore, I called MKO’s number and they deceived me by Rajavi’s methods. They brought me to Iraq and took me to a base called “Jalalzadeh”, which was really like a hotel. For a few days, their reception was very warm, then they started a series of interrogations which were conducted very delicately in order to recruit me. I had written in my contract that I would return if I didn’t like it, and they accepted that condition. They only said that I had to pay the traveling costs myself. They said this because they knew that I had financial problems and they thought that this problem could prevent me from leaving the group. There, MKO women also came and talked to me…. After 9 days in Jalalzadeh, they sent me to their Entrance section. They interviewed me for two weeks and discussed my biography. They forced me to write it down several times. After sometime, I entered “Reception” section. From that time, I started to oppose them because it was different from what I thought. I can remember that exactly on the day I joined the army it was the anniversary of Forough operation, that we call “Mersad”. On that day, they took us to spread on the ground. Then, we returned and their ideological meetings started, during which they even insulted members. I was shocked. Some others and I opposed their ideas and Nasrin (who held meetings) heard about it. She called me and said that I was not useful for the organization. I said that I didn’t accept the organization and that I wanted to leave. Then, Nasrin said that I could go because the group had agreed with my leaving. I said ok. I was going to leave but they detained me for 10 days. I said that I wanted to come out of prison and use “fresh air”, they answered that I shouldn’t use the term “fresh air” because it belonged to the regime! They said that I had to say “walking” and I accepted! But they even didn’t let me to do that. They put pressure on me, mentally and psychologically, to force me say that I was wrong. Mohammed Reza Mozarmi came and said that they would send me to Iran. I said that I had come from Turkey. “We never send you back to Turkey. We would deliver you to Iraqi officials. They would imprison you or whatever they like, we don’t know. They may have deals with Iran,” he said. I protested and reminded that I had written a contract. He refused to accept and said that there’s not such a system in the MKO. This comes from Rajavi’s dirty ideology that he only wants to take advantage of people without considering their humanity. They pushed me to write that I was wrong and that I wanted to join their army again. In the army, I saw that their actions were different from what they said. They never told the truth. They were not honest even with their high-ranking officials, let alone others. In Iraq war, everyone understood the real nature of Rajavi and his deceptions. He held meetings before the war and, along with Maryam, acted for members; like those acts that they played for the Iranian people. He only wants his dreams come true by victimizing others. He has destroyed the lives of many people. Everyone has had a motive, but Rajavi’s one was hypocritical and I believe the “hypocrite” best deserves him. “If they bomb our base, we should go to our homeland and act like Imam Hussein. We want to close this case forever,” he said in a meeting. But he and his wife were the first people who escaped. All MKO officials had escaped the camp, except a number of naïve people who knew nothing of military tactics. They even couldn’t work with a map or a compass. What does it mean? It becomes clear that Rajavi’s purpose was not to fight; it was not to overthrow the regime. He wanted to use Iraqi nukes on Iran. Fortunately, he failed. Rajavi was dependent on Iraqi government. Rajavi received large amounts of money from Iraqis, and this has been filmed by former Iraqi secret services. They were involved in killing Iraqi Kurds. A film is available in which Maryam orders members to crush the Kurds under the tanks with no mercy. I even know some members who’d been ordered in Morvarid Operation to fire at the buildings of the Kurds in 1991. All of this proves Rajavi’s dependence. Everyone knows that Rajavi was a part of Baath party. He only helped former Iraqi regime to stay in power and this was proved in Morvarid Operation in 1991. I can only say that he’s a big liar, sinister and shameless. To watch the film of interview on, please click <1>here<1>. To read MKO and Human Smuggling, please click <2>here<2>.

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