It’s clear that during past two years, and particularly since the coalition forces have given 4th Geneva Convention status to the members, Mojahedin-e Khalq organization has prevented the members from understanding the fact that they’re free to leave Iraq at any desirable time
In a letter to the residents of Camp Ashraf in Iraq, coalition general headquarters reminded them of their rights according to the 4th Geneva Convention. Part of this letters reads as follows: “This is important that all Camp Ashraf residents know their rights and how they could use their rights. This is also important that all Camp Ashraf residents understand that they are free to leave Iraq at anytime they want and that coalition forces, international organizations and humanitarian groups are ready to help them. All Camp Ashraf residents who want to return to their homeland are entitled to receive help from coalition forces, Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights and the International Committee of Red Cross, who have already secured the return of 300 former members to Iran and other countries. All those [Camp Ashraf] residents who don’t want to return to their homeland, and instead want to get individual or family refugee status from a third country, can ask their case to be referred to the UNHCR.” Also, article 10 of the rights given to Camp Ashraf residents by the 4th Geneva Convention says that “they have the right to leave, at anytime, the land of conflict to go to their homeland or they country they have valid documents of”. It’s clear that during past two years, and particularly since the coalition forces have given 4th Geneva Convention status to the members, Mojahedin-e Khalq organization has prevented the members from understanding the fact that they’re free to leave Iraq at any desirable time. During past 2 years, they have repeatedly forced the members to pledge not to leave Iraq, and this is in contradiction with their rights: “Residents of Camp Ashraf are subject to the measures of control and security against danger, violence, obligation and special protection is provided for women’s rights”. But forcing the people, against their will, to stay in Ashraf is the extreme violation of rights. The second article of the rights given to these people according to humanitarian and international laws is their right to request to meet their families who are outside the camp. Meanwhile, MKO leaders violate this law, banning the members from meeting the families who have come to the doors of Camp Ashraf to see their loved ones. According the 3rd and 4th articles of these advantages, reminded to the MKO officials by coalition commanding general, “they have the right to receive help from International Committee of Red Cross, UNHCR and other humanitarian organization. They can enjoy freedom of thought, religion, speech, formation of associations inside their society and freedom of political views as well as freedom from harassment and servitude.” Mojahedin-e khalq violates these rights systematically. They can’t contact Red Cross or UNHCR, and they are not allowed to do so either. On the other hand, with its sectarian teachings, MKO deprives these people from freedom of thought and forces them to work (without rewarding them) in order to deprive them from having political and religious freedoms. Other aspects of the convention, reminded by the coalition commanding general, are the privileges applied during past year and continuation of applying them should not encourage or allow misuses by the MKO. Therefore, coalition forces should be reminded that besides their international duties they should fight against the mafia, governing Camp Ashraf (which threatens the lives and the rights of all members) and that they should move towards applying the convention in its best way.

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