After failing in preventing members from leaving the group, and with the heroic escape from Camp Ashraf by two MKO members, remnants of the group have started new suppression process
After failing in preventing members from leaving the group, and with the heroic escape from Camp Ashraf by two MKO members, remnants of the group have started new suppression process. Following Massoud and Maryam Rajavi’s escape from Iraqi to Paris, many of the members raised questions. Being disarmed and surrounded by the US forces added to the problems and caused protests by the members. On the other hand, members have felt that there’s no future for the organization and several members have left it. This process has continued to date so that it has become MKO’s major problem since its establishment in Iraq. At first, the MKO changed some organizational rules and provided some privileges for the members in the hope that members will quit leaving the group, but this sly method of MKO’s Gestapo in Ashraf had no results, leaving members more determined to leave. Remnants of Rajavi didn’t tolerate this amount of freedom and resorted to violence and suppression again. They resumed “purification sessions” and weekly gathering, which had been stopped for a while. One of the latest instances occurred to Parviz Farahmand. In a meeting, he was attacked by Mehdi Barayee and 40 other ideological members of the cult. But this method of Camp Ashraf’s Gestapo failed and he sought shelter in US-run camp. Following that incident, two other members of the MKO escaped from the camp in a heroic act. They were also under heavy organizational pressure. This process goes on in different places of Camp Ashraf. Particularly, after this successful attempt, atmosphere in Camp Ashraf is similar to that of 1994; And all members, accused of being infiltrators, are under unit arrests. In 1994, to suppress dissident members, 700 members were detained and tortured brutally by the order of Rajavi. Two of them died under torture. Today, of course, the situation is a bit different and that’s because of the presence of US forces. MKO can’t torture the members but has put a heavy mental pressure on them. After the escape of Emad Bagheri and Nasrollah Azari, all members are under mental pressure and the MKO puts them on trial. The Gestapo in Camp Ashraf is afraid of members’ hope for leaving, the presence of UNHCR and US forces’ support for the members. It is true to say that at the current situation, anyone who finds an opportunity to get out of MKO’s control can get to the US-run camp and that the MKO official have no power to prevent this. That’s why senior officials of the MKO protest openly to the existence of US-run camp next to Camp Ashraf and express their dissatisfaction over the presence of US forces. “Going to defectors’ camp (US-run camp) shows abjection and dishonesty,” says Mohammed Mohaddessin. Barayee calls this camp the “grassland of Iranian intelligence ministry” and asks Americans to move this camp away from Camp Ashraf; Abrishamchi says: “This is regime which asks you to go under the flag of aliens”!! None of MKO efforts have been helpful for them because there’s no Master (Saddam) and Abu Ghraib prison and the MKO’s Gestapo can’t torture the members anymore. Although the Gestapo in Ashraf tries to stop this process, keeping members and dissidents has brought Camp Ashraf to the threshold of a revolt. The only solution for the remnants of Rajavi is to separate those who want to leave from the group and send them to defectors’ camp; this would help them preserve their ideological members intact. Dictators of Rajavi’s cult ignore this option, and have resorted to the method of violence and suppression in the hope of thwarting the process, but they are indeed paving the way for a wide revolt.

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