Regarding their opposition to the majority of Iraqis, MKO leaders have ordered their forces to find ways for deception in the elections. In this regard, they have taken some steps to infiltrate election’s supervisory boards and executive groups
Since the fall of Saddam Hussein, two important events have been held for the establishment of an independent secure Iraq: Iraqi parliament elections and Iraqi Constitution referendum. In the regard, since the terrorist group of the MKO considers all movements of Iraqi government (towards stability and security) against its interests, it tries to interfere in the process in order to guarantee its own purpose. The main goal of the MKO (which formed a coalition with remnants of Baath party and extremist Sunnis immediately after the fall of Saddam) was to prevent Iraqis, particularly Kurds and Shiites, from making a success. For this purpose, terrorist group of the MKO asked the United States to let them release a list of the group’s candidates, take part in the elections and have the right for voting. This ambition was rejected by the US. This led to more isolation of the MKO. Then, the group ordered its allies to boycott the elections; they believed that occupying forces wouldn’t allow the Kurds and Shiites to get to power. However, large-scale participation of Iraqi people and political groups in the elections failed MKO-Baathists’ plot for boycotting the process. Therefore, they prepared for more confrontation in disrupting Iraqi affairs. During Iraqi Constitution referendum, MKO initiated wide covert activities to convince people of the region to vote negatively, since the votes of three Sunni provinces were determining. Along with these activities, they hired a number of European lawyers and protested to the Article 21 of the Iraqi constitution asking for changes in it. In this regard, they contacted Iraqi officials, coalition commanders, United Nations and …to question popularity of the draft constitution and even obstruct the process of referendum. However, satanic efforts of MKO-Baathists failed and the constitution was approved by the participation of people, groups, political parties and ethnic minorities. Meanwhile, MKO that understood the effects of constitution on their existence in Iraq said that Article 21 of the constitution was a big threat for them and ordered their members to do their best to obstruct the process of approval of the constitution. After the Iraqi government, out of creating unification and respecting Sunni groups, announced that the constitution will be reviewed later, the MKO claimed that it was a result of this group’s efforts. At current status, the analysis of saboteur Baathist-MKO is that the constitution can be challenged, and they can continue to survive in Iraq, only in the case that a Sunni group wins a majority sit in Iraqi parliament. Therefore, they and their partners in Iraq are seemingly supporting Ayad Allawi but in fact, they want to obstruct the process of elections and work against Shiites and Kurds. Regarding their opposition to the majority of Iraqis, MKO leaders have ordered their forces to find ways for deception in the elections. In this regard, they have taken some steps to infiltrate election’s supervisory boards and executive groups. Since the US and coalition officials encourage Iraqis to take part in the election, they should guarantee the authenticity of the event. Therefore, they have probably noticed these activities of this saboteur group and they should not allow the terrorist MKO to substantiate its plots.

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