I was lucky I could save my life. Many of members lost their lives, such as Hamid Nedayee (Hussein) in Habib base who lost his life when he was patrolling the camp.
I’m Ali Baratlou, born in Tehran in 1978. In 1999, I was serving my military service in Law Enforcement Unit. After military service, one of my friends “Mehdi Shahmoradi” said his sister had sent invitation cards and that he could take me and some other friends to Europe with himself. He said there would be no costs for us and that we could work there in Europe and give back the money. At that time, I was ready to leave the country. I even had planned to go to Dubai legally to work there.I was not enough familiar with Mehdi, and we went to Pakistan first, and then traveled to Iraq. For two months, three others and I were in Pakistan. After that, we got Iraqi passports to go to Jordan and later to Iraq. MKO forces came and took us to one of their safe houses. There, we watched and heard videos and tapes on the MKO. After a week, they came and asked if we were going to stay and join the army of the MKO. “What’s you opinion?” they asked. We said that we wanted to return to Iran because we had relatives and families in our own country and that we couldn’t adjust ourselves to the situation of the organization. “We left Iran to live in foreign countries not to join the MKO,” we said. Anyway, after two week, two of us (Mehdi and my cousin) entered Iran and I also wanted to do so but I was trapped in the organization and I was recruited. I, under pressure, joined this organization. During my stay in the MKO, I was in different bases: Habib base, Base No.7 and Alavi Base. We were taken to Alavi after the meetings of 2001. After the US invasion to Iraq ended, we were all taken to Camp Ashraf. Then, the US forces came and issued ID cards for us and asked if we wanted to stay in the MKO or leave. After a week of meetings for me (held by the organization), they said that I was fired from the MKO and that I had to sign their papers. I signed the papers immediately and they separated me from other members. I left many of my personal properties in the camp. I was lucky I could save my life. Many of members lost their lives, such as Hamid Nedayee (Hussein) in Habib base who lost his life when he was patrolling the camp. From the beginning, I had problems with the MKO. I didn’t accept them and their ideology. They knew that. I was seemingly obedient but in practice, I refused to do what they said. We passed different training courses: armors, tank, light and heavy weapons and … In the March of 2005, they said I was fired and that I was free to leave. I asked whether I had to resign myself or they would do that. My commander said that the organization had issued the sentence and that I could no longer stay in the organization. Once in 2001, I took off my military uniform and said that I wanted to return to Iran. For two weeks, they left me alone and after that held a meeting with 400 people for 8 hours. I was under heavy pressure to promise not to do this again. I promised to obey what they said without questioning them. Finally, they issued my dismissal from membership of NLA and I was forced to sign it. I’m happy I was saved from Rajavi’s hell. I hope others in the Camp would be saved very soon. I have not seen my family for 5 years. I called them yesterday and they were very happy to hear my voice, they wept and asked when I would join them. I was under heavy pressure in the MKO. We could do nothing except waiting for an opportunity. To watch the film of interview, please click <1>here<1>. To read “MKO and Human Smuggling”, please click <2>here<2>

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