Since the terrorist MKO is now protected by the US and believes that the only way for getting out of crises is to have the political and military support of American warmongers, it’s mobilizing its forces to ask the US to stop supporting the Iraqi government led by Nouri al-Maliki.
US military commander and American ambassador in Iraq presented their reports, as a summary of US’s moves and measures taken after the occupation of Iraq, to the Congress. The report reveals US’s real purposes of occupation. The controversial report, with the promise that Iraq would soon become one of the biggest of America’s arms customers, seeks to justify troop surge and long occupation. The report also reveals that the US has had negotiations with terrorist groups and former officials of Saddam regime and Baath party and that tries to secure its interests by bringing them to the political scene. However, this very report shows that Americans have to support Maliki’s government and currently consider it as the only possible option for staying at the top of Iraq’s power pyramid. Apart from the facts that have forced Americans to accept this, it should be noted that this part of the report is not accepted by Iraqi oppoisiotn, particularly the lobby of MKO-Baath. Although the report attacks Iran for what it calls supporting rebels and paramilitary forces, the goals of Iraqi opposition- by accusing the Iraqi government of having ties to Iran- have not been met. The propaganda by MKO and Baathists on the Iranian interference in Iraq and even their claims on weapons shipment to paramilitary forces (simultaneously active against the government!) from Iran turned to a failure by this report. That’s why all groups seeking the overthrow of Maliki’s government call for a cut in US’s support for Maliki. Meanwhile, the terrorist MKO, now calling itself an Iraqi group!, openly interferes in the Iraqi affairs, plays an anarchic role with the purpose of survival. Since the terrorist MKO is now protected by the US and believes that the only way for getting out of crises is to have the political and military support of American warmongers, it’s mobilizing its forces to ask the US to stop supporting the Iraqi government led by Nouri al-Maliki. For this purpose, the elements of terrorist MKO and a number of Baath remnants held a meeting in the US- under the name of “National Unity of democracy Advocates”- to discuss the ways of transferring this request to the US administration. Alireza Jafarzade, member and spokesman of terrorist MKO, Filabi and Goodarz-e Goodarzi took part in the meeting. According to Washington Post, participants challenged General Petraeus’s report and claimed that troop surge- which the US believes has helped to increase security- will not be effective with the Maliki government. Washington Post says Saleh Mutlaq, the head of Iraq’s National Dialogue Front, has criticized the Shiite groups comprising Maliki’s government, saying: “These groups are deeply influenced by the Shiite regime of Iran”. “The religious parties in the government, supported by Iran, should be dismantled. US’s support for Iran-backed government of Iraq will worsen the situation.” Another participant in the meeting, Ayad Jamal al-Deen has also said: “There may be needed to use force in order to stop the influence of Iran and sectarian groups in Iraq’s political process.” These comments show that pro-democracy movement is interested in the use of force and violence, which itself proves their involvement in current terrorism in Iraq. There’s no doubt that recent report has disappointed the opponents of Maliki’s government, Baathists and Mojahedin-e Khalq and that they should wait for a long time for new developments, whose consequences can’t be foreseen. Meanwhile, the Iraqi government is advancing towards more stability. What should be noted is that Washington Post reveals the identity of the organizers of this conference, which was held under the name of National Unity of Democracy Advocates because the MKO is a terrorist organization and can’t participate with its real name. The paper says: “The briefing was held by National Unity of Democracy Advocates, a US-based group which has relations with NCRI in Paris. This group, determined to topple the Iranian regime, has complex ties to Washington. It was designated as a terrorist organization by Clinton administration but it runs a Camp in Iraq freely.”

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