Also, a few days ago, an Iraqi website reported of detaining Rajavi in Jordan. The website that published the report under the title of “Rumor or Truth?” has accepted that the news is baseless; however, by knowing that the news is unreal in the first place, it’s assumed that Rajavi is in Jordan and that the government supports him.
Splitting Iran and Arab countries has always been on the agenda of the intelligence service of Zionist regime; in this regard, Israelis’ psychological operations have been focused on three topics: 1. Iran’s efforts to interfere in Arab Countries’ internal affairs in order to destabilize them. 2. Iran’s competition with Arab nations in order to expand its influence and help establishing Shiite governments. 3. Iran’s potential threat for Arab countries allied with US and the possibility of Iran’s invasion to these countries. The new phase of this strategy, which got wide complicated dimensions along with the beginning of crisis on Iran’s nuclear activities and also the fall of Saddam in Iraq, was based on Zionist regime’s experience it acquired during Saddam’s eight year war on the issue of making differences between Arab countries- particularly pro-Saddam nations- and Iran. Although the events of September 11th and NeoCons invasion to Iraq led Arab countries to distance from the U.S. and become more realistic about the regional issues, they didn’t cause Israel to stop its efforts for creating differences between Iran and the countries of the region. In this regard, events and developments in Iraq were very influential and the secret service of Israel laid its plan, using all its capacities, allies and groups. The emergence of New Iraq and the presence of Shiites in the political scene of the country were stronger motives to accelerate this policy, in order to take the Arab nations to negatively interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs. One of the issues, for splitting Arab nations and Iran- also related to the issue of Iraq- is the issue of terrorist MEK, on which we sometimes hear unreal reports of being supported by one or more Arab countries! It should be noted that the gang of Rajavi has also a plan parallel to that o Zionis regime; a plan, which can’t be considered as being independent, but should be viewed in the framework of a wide coordination between warmongers, Israel, remnants of Baath regime, Al-Qaeda and MEK. One of the main tools used by Israel and MKO to advance this policy is the Iraqi media. Establishing several newspapers and weeklies in different parts of Iraq, employing people and reporters who write to the favor of Iraqi government and making news and injecting this news to the Iraqi news channels by infiltrators have been practiced seriously by Zionists and MEK. In this psychological war, the news and reports are focused on anti-Iranian articles, accusing Iran of interfering in Iraqi internal affairs and then exposing so-called plots of Arab countries against Iran!? With regards to this tactic, we are recently witnessing the increase of some activities by stupid remnants of Rajavi- particularly Rajavi’s wife- to show that the group is close to Jordan. Inviting a number of Jordanian Parliament to attend the gathering of MEK in Paris and later meetings between Maryam Rajavi and these people- all aimed at creating difference between Iran and Jordan- were part of this plot. Consequently, to intensify the tension they had apparently created by their gathering, remnants of Rajavi published a news piece in the pro-MEK media: “Jordanian officials ordered the Custom organization of the country to control items to which the sanctions are applicable. They also distributed the names of senior Iranian officials, included in UNSC sanctions, among border posts.” We should recall a news reports published earlier in the Iranian media, indicating that Airport employees in Jordan were ordered to ease the travel of MEK members!: “Security Personnel at the international airport of Amman received a circular on easing the traffic of terrorist MEK members, with Iraqi or other nationality passports.” Also, an Iraq newspaper, with clear stances against the terrorist gang of Rajavi, published a report, without any references: “Diplomats of Persian gulf region in Amman declared that the issue of boosting ties with the terrorist group of Munafiqeen is not restricted to Jordan but Saudi Arabia has also decided to support all anti-Iran groups. According to these diplomats, Saudi Arabia’s decision is aimed at standing against military and political power and influence in the region. At top of these groups are terrorist MEK and the grouplet of Jondallah, which tries to separate Baluchistan from Iran.” There’s no doubt that publishing these reports, all instigated by the secret Israeli services, are aimed at creating differences between Iran and neighboring countries, particularly Arab nations. Also, a few days ago, an Iraqi website reported of detaining Rajavi in Jordan. The website that published the report under the title of “Rumor or Truth?” has accepted that the news is baseless; however, by knowing that the news is unreal in the first place, it’s assumed that Rajavi is in Jordan and that the government supports him. Fortunately, the clear stance of Jordanian government and declaring the policy of this country on not supporting this terror group, all stupid plots of MEK-Israel will remain futile-as usual. In the end, following facts on MEK and its ties with Arab countries should be noted: - First, Arab countries tested the MEK during Saddam’s war against Iran and despite financially supporting the group, they cut the ties when they found the nature of Saddam’s warmonger regime and the role of MEK. Following the U.S. and the EU, Arab countries also called it a terrorist group, distancing from it. - Second, despite the relations of some special people in some Arab Countries, like Saudi Arabia and Jordan, with the group and financially supporting it, the governments of these countries have never supported the group officially. It seems that Arab governments have made a serious decision on restricting and expelling the group.

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