Ma'soomeh Malek Seyed Abadi is one of thousand women in Ashraf Camp. The women who have been deprived from normal life by the physical and mental fences of Rajavi's cult, rather than by their own will.
Marjan Malek Ma'soomeh Malek Seyed Abadi is one of thousand women in Ashraf Camp. The women who have been deprived from normal life by the physical and mental fences of Rajavi's cult, rather than by their own will. In the case of Malek we see a homeless woman, taken as refugee to the depth of Ashraf camp, unwillingly, and then after separating her from husband and children, she was used as a trap for Rajavi's death machine. She was sent to Iran to be killed, but fortunately, she survived and she remains to see the victimization of women in Rajavi's cult. Masoud Rajavi, spring of 2001: "Heroine of MKO, Marjan Malek (Gohar) was one of brave officers of MKO's Operational Unit. After she hit important agencies of regime by mortars, she was besieged by the agents of Intelligence ministry of Iran near Oroumieh on November 2nd and she achieved martyrdom by the sacred suicide operation. Marjan was really a brave heroine, an example of sacrifice, and an example of pioneer women in the fight against mullahs. She had joined MKO in 1995." Mojahedin create legends and epics about her and praise her with different forged cover names to boost the morale of their depressed forces in Iraq: 1. Society of Iranian Democratic women in Germany 2. Society of Iran-America Women 3. Society of Iranian Women in the UK 4. Society of Iranian Free Women in Norway 5. Society of Iranian Democratic Women in Italy 6. Society of Iranian Women in Belgium 7. Society of Iranian Women in France 8. Society of Iranian Women in Denmark 9. Society of Iranian Women in Netherlands 10. Association of Iranian Women in Yotobori- Supporters of NCRI 11. Society of Iranian Women in Canada But after Mojahedin learned that Marjan Malek is alive, she was disgraced and all the medals given to her husband and children were taken back. Mojahed Journal No. 542 which carried her biography was censored. The text of Ms. Malek with reporters in Tehran, which was broadcast by Jaam-e Jam I am Ma'soomeh Malek Seyed Abadi. My nickname is Marjan. I was born in 1972. I went to Netherlands in 1995 and I was in Iraq for 3 years. I had come to Iran for shelling operation. Reporter: excuse me Ms. Malek, Mojahed Journal has announced that you have died, do you know that? Malek: yes, I have that issue in which Rajavi has made a martyr from me. They have also printed the photos of my children to take advantage. Reporter: when were you arrested? Malek: I was arrested in September 2000. Reporter: what was your purpose of coming to Iran? Malek: I had come for shelling operation. Reporter: where are your children now? Malek: my children are now in Netherlands. Reporter: what about your husband? Malek: my husband is in Iraq. Reporter: are they Mojahed? Malek: yes, I have two daughters, one 12 year old and the other 6 year old. They took advantage from my maternity feelings. Reporter: is it a long time you haven’t seen your children? Malek: it’s 3 years that I haven’t seen my children. I was abroad for 6 years. I worked 3 years in Netherlands for the organization. I worked full time as financial-social worker of the organization. Reporter: do your children know that you’re here now? Malek: sure they know what has happened to me. Mojahedin will tell them, because they want to turn my children to soldiers who continue my way in the future. Reporter: how do you feel about not visiting your children for years? Malek: there was a limited situation in there and I couldn’t think about anything, I mean I was not allowed to think but now I just want my children to come back. I don’t know how much Mojahedin has control on my children; I wish to live with my husband and children. I was an ordinary person when I went to Netherlands. I wasn’t a political person and didn’t know the organization at all. When Netherlands’s government deported me and my husband on the issue of taking asylum, there were some exchanges in the camp and they introduced Mojahedin to me and asked me to go to Mojahedin. Reporter: when did it happen? Malek: I was deported in 1995 but they couldn’t deport me since I was pregnant. They said I should give birth to child and then leave the country. The organization took advantage of this, since neither was I a political person nor my husband. They worked on this issue so much. They worked first on my husband, and they first took my husband to the action and I was taken later due to my husband. Reporter: didn’t you have relationship with your husband when you were in Iraq? Malek: husbands and wives never see each other in there. It seems that I have divorced my husband but in hearts it’s not hidden. At least they see each other for a moment. Rajavi says this is ideological revolution, he says humans are unique jewels (ideological principles). This is not so. There, human beings are sinful because they become more complex. Reporter: did the organization force you to leave your children and go to Iraq? Malek: yes, first of all they plan and work on people and especially they take advantage of the members’ honesty. They use you for their own propagandas. For instance when I went to Iraq I heard from others that Mojahedin have printed my photos in the base and have said that “this is a woman who left and came here”, but I was not satisfied with it. They do this to attract others to the organization. At the time being a few people leave their children and come to Iraq. They work on propagandas in this way. They even didn’t do this on men. But since women are instrumental, in Rajavi’s system they do this to absorb more forces. But in fact women in so-called liberation army are not free they are behaved as slaves. Reporter: Have you seen Rajavi face to face? Malek: yes, I myself saw him and even I asked him for operation. Reporter: He is protected very tightly, isn't he? Malek: before meeting, the persons are inspected physically very carefully. He is protected but one can see him closely. Once he came to see me and we were very close to each other. Reporter: is it a very important matter (seeing Rajavi closely)? Malek: they control everything before. Reporter: how is recruiting done in Europe? Malek: in Europe they go to camps and take advantage of people’s honesty, it depends on honesty of people. If he is not informed about the Organization, he will be attracted immediately. They take him to a base and broadcast tapes for him to take more advantage of him. First, they send him to work in the streets for financial-social. I myself misused the honesty of people of Netherlands: once I said to them that my father’s been executed, another day my mother was executed and the other my sister. I did this to get money from them. I had to lie everyday. They say this and prepare you for the other side, Iraq.

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