Terrorist MKO Operations: Mortar attack and bombing of Iranian cities resulted in the injury and martyrdom of innocent civilians and damage to the property of people. MKO claimed the responsibility for these operations by issuing press release on these incidents Table of Contents: 1. Bombing of revolutionary court prosecution office in Tehran 2. Mortar attack-Valieasr Ave., Tehran 3. Mortar attack- Shaheed Chamran University- Ahwaz 4. Mortar attack-Residential building- Ilam 5. Mortar attack-Nour Residential complex- Tehran 6. Photos of Martyrs and injured people as a result of MKO attack to the cities of Soleyman Bak, Kefri and Kelar in Iraq 7. Photos of MKO agents who infiltrated from Iraq to Iran to carry out terrorist operations 8. Photos of arms and ammunitions fake identification confiscated from MKO terrorist teams, who were dispatched from Iraq to Iran to carry out terrorist operations List of Victims of MKO mortar attack on February 5, 2000, in Valieasr Ave., Tehran 1. Hussein Parmanesh, 24, repairman of house equipments, Injured 2. Abbas Akhavan Sayar, 20, worker of a Printing house, Injured 3. Dariush Pour Mohammd Jani,37, worker of Printing house, killed 4. Razieh Ashouri (Female), 21, seamstress, injured 5. Parvaneh Ardi (Female), 26, seamstress, injured 6. Parvaneh Hazrati (Female), 33, seamstress, injured 7. Alireza Mashhadi, 25, repairman of house equipments 8. Mahsa Modaber (Female), 23, seamstress, injured 9. Afsaneh Mahmoodi (Female), 27, seamstress, injured MKO statement declares mortar attack in Tehran. MKO officially claimed responsibility for this operation. The MKO Satellite Television Broadcasting claims responsibility for mortar shelling of a residential area in Tehran on February 5, 2000. Bahar hospital in Tehran- Near the place of incident, where the injured people from the MKO mortar attack in residential were hospitalized. Victim: Dariush Pour Mohammad Jani, worker of the Golban printing house. He was killed as a result of the injuries he received from the shrapnel of the mortar explosion launched by MKO agents on Feb. 5, 2000. Place of the Incident: printing house, Tavakoli Bonbast, Valieasr Ave., Tehran. Victim: Parvaneh Hazrati Age: 20, Married Occupation: worker in a shop. Place of the incident: Tehran, Valieasr Ave. Date of Incident: Feb.5, 2000. She was waiting in bus stop when she was severely injured in her arm, foot, stomach, and her back by the mortar attack of MKO agents. Victim: Mahsa Modabber Age: 21 Workplace Address: a sewing shop in Jami St., Valieasr Ave. she was waiting in bus stop when she was hit by the particles of a mortar launched by MKO agents. She was injured in head, face, hand and legs. Date of the incident: Feb.5,2000. Place of Incident: bus stop in Amir Akram Corner St., Valieasr Ave., Tehran. Victim: Hussein Permanesh Age: 22 Occupation: worker Place of incident: Tehran, Valieasr Ave. Date of incident: Feb.5, 2000. He was injured in his hand and face due to the mortar attack by MKO agents in a residential area in center of Tehran. Victim: Abbas Akhavan Sayyar Occupation: worker of a Publishing store. Place of incident: Tehran, Valieasr Ave. Date of incident: Feb.5, 2000 He was injured by mortar particles launched by MKO agents to the residential places in the center of Tehran. Victim: Alireza Mashhadi Age: 23 Occupation: repairman Place of Incident: Tehran, Valieasr Ave. Date of incident: Feb.5, 2000 He was passing by Valieasr Ave. when he was hit by particles of mortar launched by MKO agents. Victim: parvaneh Ardi Occupation: seamstress Age: 24 Workplace address: a sewing shop in Jami St., Valieasr Ave. She was waiting in a bus station when she was hit by the particles of a mortar explosion launched by MKO agents. Her legs were injured. Place of incident: bus station in Amir Akram corner St., Valieasr Ave., Tehran. Date of incident: Feb.5, 2000 Victim: Afsaneh Mahmodi Occupation: seamstress Age: 25 Place of incident: Tehran, Valieasr Ave. Date of incident: Feb. 5, 2000 She was injured in a bus stop by mortar particles as a result of MKO agents' mortar attack. Her left hand and leg were injured.

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