US soldiers have forced the MKO to agree a ceasefire and to hand over their weapons to coalition forces. The US has since
What is really going on in Iraq? Source: US soldiers have forced the MKO to agree a ceasefire and to hand over their weapons to coalition forces. The US has since reiterated its political view that the MKO is a terrorist entity. However, they have also said that the group will not be taken as prisoners of war and that their status has not yet been decided. The USA’s intransigence toward the MKO could yet leave the US State Department in a very sticky position. Iran-Interlink’s interpretation of the latest developments concerning the MKO are that they are using the US demands for them to surrender their weapons as a way to re-invent their status in western eyes. The MKO's willingness to hand over their weapons to the US forces is in order to force the coalition forces to take responsibility for them and to take care of and protect them as though they were an innocent group which had inadvertently found themselves trapped in the war. It is a clear attempt to whitewash their past history of collusion with Saddam Hussein and their crimes against the Kurdish and Shiite populations in Iraq. Their own propaganda states that they have taken sanctuary with coalition forces. This view is reinforced by the US statement that they will not be treated as prisoners of war. The MKO propaganda machine will now go into overdrive to show this so that they will be taken off the list of terrorist entities in the US, UK and Europe. It also forces the coalition forces to deal with them as a whole entity and find them an alternative place to go (rather than breaking them up and dispersing them in some way). Iran-Interlink stresses that the MKO claim to have handed over their weapons is a lie. They have bunkered most of their armaments underground in different areas and are waiting for the situation to change. It is not the first time they have done this. Whenever the MKO have faced destruction they have held their hands up and cried foul and shouted 'save us we are innocent, all we are doing is trying to overthrow the Iranian regime'. It has worked in the past. It may work again if their bases are not searched thoroughly (using western intelligence and information from former members) and if their stated position is not analyzed and examined in depth based on past knowledge of this organization. Iran-Interlink is certain that more evidence will be found than is already known about the MKO's propensity to hide 'things' (material or otherwise). In the end the MKO are not doing what they say they are. As an anti-imperialist organization it is vital that they don't fool the west again. In particular it is vital that Massoud Rajavi, the MKO leader, is brought out of hiding and made to answer for the past deeds of the organization he heads. After 16 years in Iraq and as a close friend of Saddam Hussein, Rajavi is playing a waiting game. He is betting that the USA will do nothing and the war will pass into history and that he can subsequently continue to fool the west as before about his methods and motives. The coalition forces must facilitate full and independent investigations into MKO camps and arrange full and free access to people and documents there so that Rajavi’s crimes are exposed. The many allegations of former members, of Kurds, Shiites and others against Rajavi must be investigated.

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