The US, as the world knows, is on an unquenchable mission to end terror. The immediate focus of that noble, albeit
Source: eat the Late in April, the United States quietly agreed to help its enemy The US, as the world knows, is on an unquenchable mission to end terror. The immediate focus of that noble, albeit impossible, goal is to stamp out dozens of groups that the US State Department has officially named as terrorist organizations. And last month, the Bush Administration signed a ceasefire agreement with one of those banned groups. The Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) in eastern Iraq, formerly designated a "terrorist group," now operates freely out of a country controlled by the United States, without changing its political agenda or tactics a bit. The Bush Administration, in short, has become a sponsor of terrorism even by its own definition. The MKO episode would merely be a particularly stark illustration of the double standard that has permeated US foreign policy for a half-century: that the difference between terrorism and freedom fighting depends largely on whose bagfuls of cash are buying the weapons. It is also a symptom of a much more dire foreign policy failure of the Bush Administration. The MKO, widely believed to be originally created and sponsored by Saddam Hussein's regime before handing itself over to its new Beltway patron, has for years been crossing the border from Iraq into Western Iran to attack civilian and military targets there. Under the ceasefire, the MKO is being allowed to keep its Iraq bases and weaponry and to continue its cross-border attacks. The MKO has, in short, shifted from being a pawn in Saddam Hussein's anti-Iranian vendetta to being a pawn in the Bush Administration's anti-Iranian vendetta. Under George Bush's own doctrine, Iran should have every right to invade US-occupied Iraq on the grounds that it is harboring terrorists. The Bush version of an anti-Iranian vendetta, not surprisingly, has a number of fronts. Today, for example, a carefully planted "officials said" story in the New York Times--one of two newspapers of record for White House press releases with neutral-sounding bylines pasted over the original author's name--details White House efforts to seek "broad international support for an official finding that Tehran has violated its commitment not to produce nuclear weapons." Other fronts have opened up as well: the bellicose public pronouncements by high-ranking officials touting American Empire, Middle Eastern dominos, and the like; the establishment of major new US military bases on Iran's western (Iraq) and eastern (Afghanistan) borders; and what, in addition to MKO support, is assumed to be a major covert effort to destabilize Tehran. Taken together, a US war to effect "regime change" in Iran seems to be under careful construction, if not in its opening stages. The problem is, Iran's current "regime" offers the region's best true hope for democracy.

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