On 7th June 1983, a 747 Boeing flying on Shiraz-Tehran was hijacked
On 7th June 1983, a 747 Boeing flying on Shiraz-Tehran was hijacked by an armed team of terrorists and landed in Orly airport in Paris after leaving Iran sky. Mr. Philip national gendarmerie officer: We were informed at 6:00 that the plane will arrive at the Orly airport at 8:15. We acted very soon and told all the crew that they're 5 terrorists with 180 hostages. Although other flights in the Orly airport were not cancelled, but 200 meters around the plane was empty. At 10 a.m., the pilot requested ambulance for treatment of 4 passengers. Around noon they asked us to enter the plane. Terrorists opened the door having some automatic weapons like Clashingov. The pilot to the control tower of the Orly airport: We have been threatened by the terrorists. They will kill me if they're not answered positively or they'll blow the plane. These are the names of the terrorist team controlling the plane and passengers: Ahmad Salehi, who was called Ehsan by his friends and was others' commander, Dariush Dehghan (Mehran) Reza Moharrami (Tufan) Mohammad Hussein Hamed (Nasim) Mozaffar Moradi(Bijan) Ehsan (Salehi) addressing the control tower at 1:13: In the case we can't have a telephone communication with Masoud Rajavi, there'll be an important action done to the plane. The control tower asked him for more time. Ehsan, the terrorists' commander at 2 p.m.: The French government will be responsible for all we do and all that happens, if Mr.Rajavi is not here as soon as possible. Ehsan at 2:37: There's only 13 minutes left. If Rajavi doesn't come we will request to bring our plane in front of the terminal door and then the French government will be responsible for all that's done. I repeat again the French government will be responsible for all aggressive actions by us. The control tower asks for more time. Ehsan: I give you the time but you should know that French government will be disadvantaged by what we will do now. And I remind you again that this is the last chance. Rajavi, the leader of the terrorists in the control tower, could convince the authorities to encounter the team in a better manner, but he couldn't get permission to see the passengers. They also didn't let him meet his team. After this agreement, Rajavi talked to Salehi (Ehsan) by radio. Rajavi: don't you trust Mojahedin organization? Ehsan: yes, we do? Rajavi: why are you bothering me? Ain't I your leader? Didn't you hear what I said? Ehsan: yes you are? Rajavi: then why don't you obey my orders? Ehsan: commander, is that possible to meet each other? Rajavi: when I order, you'll do what necessary. Ehsan: yes, we'll do sir. Rajavi: first, open the plane's doors so that passengers could go out. Ehsan: yes sir, we'll open. Rajavi: do all the orders quietly and orderly. Wait for the next order when the last passenger leaves the plane. Ehsan: ok, sir. Rajavi: later on I will give you orders, try to do them all. Mr.Montro, deputy of national gendarmerie: "When we entered the plane our hands were over our head. One of them came closer, gave his weapon to another person and shook hand with us. Dariush Dehghan (Mehran), one of the hijackers expresses the purpose of hijacking as follows: "This work could attract the world attention to Iran once again." On June 1984, the hijackers' court was held in Korti, France. At first, Mojahedin talked to the passengers to make them say statements against Iran. Their next request was to be placed beside Rajavi for doing a terrorist action so that Mojahedin are brought forth again. Both these requests were rejected by French authorities. But Mojahedin decided to change the court to a scene against Iran and a place for advertising their group. Reza Moharrami, a hijacker who introduced himself as a Rajavi supporter and has been unaware of the disputed between Rajavi and Banisadr so far, says in the court as follows: After taking us to prison, Mojahedin called and said that don't say anything about other groups. We accepted for preserving unity and solidarity, but they gave us nothing except Mojahed magazine. I asked to see my lawyer without Mojahedin's translator because I didn't trust their translator. The problems I told my lawyer to say to Rajavi were as follows: 1- Not giving other groups' magazines and books 2- News censorship for us 3- Not answering our questions Mr. Rajavi called me a puppet in answer. Whose puppet? I was not in touch with others. After this Rajavi's delegate came to us and said deny what you've said. I told him why should I deny, why should I deny the truth. These are not lies. Mr. Rajavi sent his delegate two times and said: "you're shameless, impudent and even toilet handkerchief". Then they put us under pressure that they will hold the court sessions beyond the closed doors. I wrote a letter to Mr. Rajavi and said that if you do as such, I will commit suicide. They accepted and stated that all the witnesses should be the members of Mojahedin and I accepted. Therefore, they brought some of their members to the courts and changed the court room to a play scene for themselves by issuing political and misleading statements and with conspiracies behind the case. Statements of Jrar John (the court's public prosecutor): "Vehicles are progressed very fast. The cost of this advancement is not the progression of hijacking that public media almost feed from it. What happened in Orly a year ago is one of these worrisome events ". Regarding the explanations of witnesses one of Iran planes that entered the Orly unexpectedly and had passed the skies of other countries was hijacked by 5 armed men (Reza Moharrami, Salehi, Hamed, Moradi and Dehghan) and brought to Paris. They should be responsible for their actions. French authorities knew that this plane has moved toward Paris and knew that 150 persons were released in Kuwait. Thanks to humane affairs, France let the plane land that's in fact a political maneuver. I don’t emphasize on the details that you're well aware of. But you know that for controlling the plane, two of them entered the cockpit with weapons and said that any resistance will cause the plane to blow up. It's evident that pilot and passengers could resist no longer. So, assured by the effects of their threats, these 5 men could carry out their plan. I remind you that one of them said that they didn't want to hijack a plane of this kind, yet they were completely determined to hijack. They didn't change their mind during 8 hours of negations. Then they accessed the weapons in the plane cargo and strengthened themselves. Then they asked us to bring Rajavi. He was in about 70 kilometers from Paris and came here with helicopter. They bought weapons and did all these with determination and without regret. They had divided the work before. If they encountered any resistance, they would certainly use their weapons. Did you see two dangerous knives and two weapons? They were determined to carry out their plan and we can't ignore it. The lives of innocent people should not be threatened by such affairs. The law asks 10 years in jail for them. The U.N. condemns such actions very clearly. We should pay attention to the security of the planes and the airports. In the airports such as Orly with this amount of traffic, the arrival of such a plane turns everything upside down. So, I consider their action against the wisdom and the internal rules of France and International laws. Our information about the accused persons here is just given by themselves. None of them has psychological problems and they have done this willingly, so they are responsible for what they've done and they are convicted regarding this. According to the laws, the France court could have sentenced them to 5 to 10 years in jail, but accepted the jury's verdict based on the conditions of mitigation. The members of the hijacker team were sentenced to 3 year in jail each but merely half of that (one and a half year) was decided definitely. Four months also was absolved according to the prison's regulations. They were granted France refugee and finally they were transferred to the terrorists' base in Iraq.

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