What will Mojahedin do in the case of the U.S. attack to Iraq and overthrow of Saddam as their most important supporter?
What will Mojahedin do in the case of the U.S. attack to Iraq and overthrow of Saddam as their most important supporter? This is a question its answer is often presented by those related to the crisis or Iraq: Kurd opposition sources, during recent weeks, have reported the news about Mojahedin movements inside Iraq which shows their hatred and sensitivity toward this group and that they're waiting for a chance to divulge it on one hand, and the use of this group by Saddam prevents such a conflict. The groups and societies of those who have separated from Mojahedin, have presented almost clear outlook and analysis of Mojahedin situation and response in the case of war. For example "Mojahedin's future and Iraq crisis", an article published in Negahe-no website, is an answer to our initial question. Mojahedin also have reiterated that they have chosen Iraq to inflict on Iran, and they tried to hide their fear and anxiety with a powerful gesture. While the U.S. reviews Mojahedin in Iraq crisis as a terrorist group and a partner of Saddam in this case, Saddam also feels that supporting Mojahedin in front of Iraq Shiites will stable the arrangement of the forces loyal to him. From Iran point of view, this group has become a "Safety match" and it's only in European debates where they are pointed to. During recent years, their announcements and publications proves their fear of encountering Iranian forces. However, by different views and analysis, it seems that there's only one indispensable and fixed destiny for them. Whether they reach the borders of Iran and commit suicide en masse, or wait patiently for the events and changes of the future; whether Rajavi is able to flee to another country or another power wants to keep them alive and… they will move toward the historical annihilation and nonexistence. None of these options and possibilities will change the future of Mojahedin. Mojahedin's future is an "experience". An experience ahead of all social and political forces; and it indicates that basically one can't talk to people and society with turning the face from realities and with the language of force, aggression and terrorism. It's several years that Mojahedin have no place among the opposition abroad and play no role in the social and political scene of the country, there for the presence or absence makes no difference in the political situation of Iran. The promise of removing this terrorist group is the result of aggression and betraying the nation and the people. Like Saddam who's now entangled in disgrace and misery, after all that stubbornness and filling the region with fire and blood. Annihilation is a very little punishment for Mojahedin who have placed betraying the country in their agenda; they should be trialed in the court and should be interrogated for all their hidden and evident crimes, so that just like Bin Laden, they wouldn't be able to be proud and show off again.

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