Mojahedin terroristic action precedents
1- Their first action in 1350 was the abduction of Shahram –Ashraf Pahlavi's son- in order to release their close friends from jail. 2- In early Khordad, 1351 they assassinated the US. Counselor General Price and exploded some bomb in American installations. 3- Attack to a police station in Tehran. 4- Mordad 22, 1351- assassinating brigadier general Taheri. 5- Bomb planting in big Ferdosi shop. 6- Bomb planting in CIA and the cultural relationship building of Iran and UK at the time of Nixon arriving in Iran. 7- Explosion in the way of general Price's automobile the US counselor – 3/10/1351 8- Army jeep explosion – 5/8/1351 9- Explosion for rejection of Malik Houssein the king of Jordan. -5/12/1351 10- Explosion in Shell-Lavan Oil Co. -11/6/1351 11- Sound bomb explosion in International Hotel Cafeteria – 11/7/1351 12- General Hawkins assassination – 3/12/1352 13- Explosion in special Lodge in Shahr-e-Faran cinema in Mashhad - 8/28/1352 14- Bomb planting in spinning factory in Mashhad – 3/5/1353 15- Warrant officer Mousavi assassination – 2/1354 16- Bomb planting in sinning factory in Mashhad – 3/5/1354 17- Assassination of US embassy translator Hasan Khan – 4/12/1354 18- Assassination of Reza Khaleqi the court driver – 9/11/1354 19- For sack of the regime dependence on world monopoly and exploitation in Bahman 6 to 14, 1351, they exploded and set on fire several offices such as US Oil companies, TV & Radio stations and Pan American airlines. 20- For sack of entering King Qabous- Oman king- to Tehran and rejection of common operations between these two country against Zaffar Guerrilla group in 12/1352, a bomb has been exploded in Shahyad (Azadi) square in his way and some other ones in UK Gary & Mackenzie Co, UK embassy and Pan American Co. 21- In 2/1/1353, for the anniversary of hanging 5 leaders of them (Bakeri, Bazargan, Sadeq ans Montazar haqiqi), they exploded the office of Aria-Mehr Industerial University (Sharif). 22- In Khordad 4, 1353 for the anniversary of hanging of their leaders, this organization operated some explosive actions in American and Jewish economic companies and internal depended capitalists such as American and Jewish General, English0-Court Insurance Company Pork Shire and Jewish company Techno vice. 23- In Khordad 29, 1353 the gendarmerie office in Sangi Caravansary was exploded by them. 24- In Tir 4, 1353 they have exploded three bombs in IRANA exhibition. 25- In Bahman 7, 1353 as a result of Kissinger entering –the US foreign minister- to Iran and some objections against him, a set of explosion in ITT companies (US multinational), Naraqi agricultural & industrial and John deer (American Insurance). 26- IN Isfand 21, 1353 for the 4th anniversary of hanging of Mohammad Reza Mir-sadeqi –one of the leaders of the organization- and rejection of such as these hangings and trials, a terroristic plan named "Mir Mohammad Sadeq" have been established. According to this plan the car of brigadier general Zandi-Pour the officer of "Common SAVAK & Police Committee" have been stopped in Farah St. and put under the machinegun fire and Zandi-pour and his guards have been killed. 27- In Ordibehesht 21, 1354 while returning of Shah from US and as a reaction to killing 9 persons of the former political members in Farvardin 30, 1353 (Bijan Jozni – Hassan Ziya zarifi – Aziz Sarmadi – Mashaof Kalantari – Mostafa Javan Khshdel – Kazem Zol-Anvar – Mohammad Choupan Zadeh – Ahmad Jalil Afshar) they chased the John Turner's car and general Shepherds two US counselors in Iran and then blocked two sides of the car and set fire on them by machineguns. 28- In Tir 13, 1354 the plan designed for assassinating Donald Eruona the American diplomat have been run. Assassinators blocked the way of US service car in Hashemi and Kheradmand junction and set fire on it. But because of darkness of the inside of the car an Iranian embassy employee have been mistakenly killed. 29- Following this operation a powerful bomb exploded in Iran & US committee for the memorial of Tir 30th 1331 movement and another one in English Consulate in Mashhad which have destructed a part of that building. 30- After a while major Ali Mohebi the Shahpoor base chief in Azerbaijan jointed to Mojahedin with some arms and ammunition that caused some anxious for regime, so his arrest was commanded. A hard effort have held to arrest him that cause a set of armed fight between the army and gendarmerie forces and major Mohebi that led to killing the Major and some members of another side. 31- In Shahrivar 6, 1355 three employees of the American Rockwell international company in California who have intended in a confidential spy process named "Ibex" in Iran, have been assassinated. In this year a powerful bomb have been exploded in Shemiran municipality.

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