Man always look for better condition of life and strives to obtain the factors being effective in his improving internal and external conditions
Psychological Health A. The importance of psychological healthy: Man always look for better condition of life and strives to obtain the factors being effective in his improving internal and external conditions upon which he relies on achieving the internal tranquility and more advancement. One of the most important elements of the kind is the psychological health. The psychological health is a characteristic having a very prominent role in the individual and social life of every person and if somebody has that characteristic; it can benefit him and other in their lives. Psychological health has a peg role not only on a person, but also on a community and it can result in happiness of a social group or its unhappiness. B. The feature of psychological health: Up to now sundry views have been stated in the connection with the feature determining the psychological health, but they can be wrapped up in an accomplished pattern which the more significant aspects are: 1- The true comprehension of reality 2- Possessing a forget 3- Ability to have a right relation 4- Self-awareness 5- Taking responsibility 6- Being useful 7- Reckoning Each one is explained in the following sentence: 1- The true comprehension of reality: Reality is a phenomenon which is abstract and outside our mind and all behaviors of men to the nature are influenced by how he receives reality. If we believe that reality is something independent of our mind, we do not consider it genuine and in this way we deal with any reality and asses it through which we attempt to grasp the reality as it is. In people and unhealthy circumstances (groups), the doors are closed to their behaviors to outside, their mortality is supposed abstract and even for a moment they can not bring their thoughts to justice and evaluate them justly. For these reason theses people and groups became foreigner to reality as they get older. The true comprehension of reality needs adequate dimension for hearing, studying ideas and writing of others, and perusing the phenomenon around; one is able to comprehend reality that can bear hearing other's dissidence and then assess and infer it. 2) Possessing a forget: This is one of the features of the health which means that a person judge fact and his possibilities in one's life and select on end upon which he carries out a program. Whatever goal is near to truth, the man is near to the health and whatever the aim is far from actuality, it is probable to bring more disturbances in one's situation or group. When on elects an objective for himself, if it is bigger than his capabilities and possibilities, he may fail or feel self-smallness, and also of his purpose is selected smaller than one's abilities and possibilities, it proves his feel of contempt. On other point about possessing a target which can be debated is that possessing a target is a necessity both theoretically and practically. Some claim to have an aim, but in practice no trace of that goal is observed and the way of their actions follows another end. Also this situation is not the gnomon of psychological health, but it is (one of) the signs of disturbance that will be argued in the self-awareness discussion. 3) Ability to have a right relation: The third prominent gnomon of the health is ability to have a right relation. The people of a community can have health who posses right relation, one must own the abandoned skillfulness in conveying his thoughts and feelings to others and understanding them in stead. Many people live in complex that can not communicate these cases and their relations are performed through family organization or administration compulsions. A sound management is the one which can prepare the atmosphere for their conveying thoughts, ideas, feelings and mutual understanding. In sick-like management the transmitting of feelings, thoughts and ideas are forbidden and stopped by the kinds of tricks and labels. And a person is changed to a unilateral receiver on whom the way of hearing or studying other's thought and feelings are blocked and he is altered to only a hand tool that he is allowed to receive and state only one massage, thought and feeling. It is clear that theses people and managers strongly exist in disturbance. Having a right relation at least requires listening, moral heroism, sympathy, discovering and conveying common needs, satisfying, transmitting authority to qualified people, acknowledging one's mistakes, and accepting criticism, with regard to these criteria. We find out that many people and groups have the least power of a sound relation ability in spite of the fact that they pretend to posses it. 3) self-awareness: It means that people are aware of their action, needs, thoughts and feelings and underneath motivations that make them. A man is on existence that sometimes for obtaining his own enjoyment, he may make philosophical, political or moral justifications for himself and see oneself in fulfilling them, while actually his way and direction is to satiate those enjoyments. For gaining self-awareness, we need more to supervise our actions, feelings and thoughts than to know the inner psychological dynamism of man continually. Those people and groups who take distance from these two necessities do not find out the entity and motivation of their deeds at all. And they may perform the most anti-human actions of their own with the motto and concept of advocating people, supporting populace and like this. In fact these people having not the capacity of looking at themselves critically, they never tolerate exactitude in dimensions and outcomes of their doings and they do not open their eyes over them. Self-awareness is one of the gnomon of health which has a fundamental role. 5) Taking responsibility: Every man in every situation has responsibilities and undertaking that first must know them and then he must shoulder and take the obligations. For instance, a fighter for liberty needs to know well the concept and applicability of freedom and strangling and fight them in each place and time. We can not name ourselves the fighter for liberty, but in practice being obstacles to liberty of conscience and people's choice. Or hindering the least emancipation of people and claiming emancipating. A manger is in the charge of qualifying his administrative complex in the direction of sound targets, but a head or a leader whose woke is to suffocate voices and liberties, and to make his followers follow him blindly, this eminent and necessary advantage of soundness and management. Admittedly those who exist in this administration more or less suffer from this disturbance and its results. Some deny their responsibilities and lay them ideal organization and also some overlook their charges and restrict them to administration or organization where they work in. surely, when we discuss about taking responsibility as a health criterion, we do not mean these artificial charges (which may be right or wrong), but the meaning is meant that by which a person and society have a safer and more assurance condition. 6) To be useful: This gnomon apparently manifests itself in each motion of admiring community and in content of each constant and remaining movement. A man does not involve in the kinds of psychological disturbance and difficulties provided that he find a human life to apply this concept in his life and informing others with his knowledge, resolving society's problems with his possibilities, sympathizing with the pains of other by which decreasing them. Some people do not ponder in this direction even for a moment and a little bit in their lives and do not anything. They perpetually utilities community products, but they do not know how to be profit for society. All they strive are for plundering or abusing product of others labor or enslaving them. We can speculate for a few minutes that up to now what benefit and to what extend we have for society and to what extend of day and night time we have spend for this gnomon of health. 7) Reckoning: To adjust one's deeds, behaviors and correction, it necessarily needs reckoning. It is necessary for everybody or human health organized complex to allocate an opportunity for reckoning actions, thoughts, feelings and tendencies of his own and justly to identify the positive and negative points of them and to improve themselves. Whatsoever a person or an organization is sicker, reckoning is less or in not justly. The reckoning in which the liberality of man's privilege is not ensured. The reckoning is not self-consciously and it does not result in progress. It is necessary in reckoning to assess the least criteria of health that briefly were explained. Here again it is necessary to emphasis that each organization, group, office, association or each other man complex is made of men that if they are governed by sound managers, they can be blossomed and the people of that human gathering and other man can be qualified the more privileges of man and can attain inner tranquility and progress. For instance, if a manager, a leader or a boss can not have the ability of comprehending realities as they are (e.g. capability of realizing his subordinates, grasping privileges and people's ideas…), he can not lead that populace flourishingly and he gradually encounters internal tension and he will be overthrown. And if a leader can not contact people, he will be spun by his poets and imaginative slogans, and day in day out he will be altered more to an isolated complex. If manager does not accept criticism, he can not contact and whatsoever he makes more complex organizations, he will not be successful for this fault. If a leader has not self-awareness, he won't be able to observe his faults and mistakes and he will face environmental reactions against this defect. And day by day he will increase his problems and his subordinate's difficulties. In the following chapter we will tangibly discuss about some psychological disturbance of institutional management. "To be continued…"

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