Many painful events have taken place Since the French police attacked 13 sites of Mojahedin-e khalq in France and arrested
Many painful events have taken place Since the French police attacked 13 sites of Mojahedin-e khalq in France and arrested 156 MKO members, including Maryam Qajar Azdanloo the wife of MKO's leader, who were sent to France from Iraq, up to now. Following the arrests, everybody and specially Iranians witnessed disgusting, hysteric, shocking and inhumane reactions from this religious cult. During only 1 week, Mr. Rajavi ordered of 10 self-immolations by MKO members which led to the death of 2 poor women who had been trapped in the net of Rajavi's horrible organization some years ago just to free Iran, like us ourselves, their case was finally closed in this cult in a dirty way in order to make France free Maryam. In protest to this inhumane act of the Rajavis' cult, different articles and announcements were published in Persian and foreign-language journals and magazines and the case was shown to people to judge. Two extraordinary and real subjects can be seen In the writings of those who had seen these horrifying scenes and had limited knowledge about the entity of this sect, and in the writings of those have more knowledge about the functions of this group, and also in the writings of those who'd been the victim of this group themselves directly or indirectly and had been tortured by the group in Ashraf and other bases or had witnessed the murder of their close friends: 1- Such a dirty act is an old terrorist way which has been done in order to influence the French government. 2- Self-immolations by these guys has been done by the orders of the Masoud Rajavi, as the ideological leader of the group and the owner of lives of other members. Now the question is "why do MKO resorts to such a way to protest to arrests in France, which is a very democratic country and there are many legal ways to protest?" The simple answer is that the cult of Mr. Rajavi has not the capacity of living in an open society and loses its ideological breathing power in the normal and calm situation and this destroys the organization. But to know the sect-like entity of MKO we should go a bit furthest, to a place which Masoud called it a "holy place" and where was called "holy Maryam and freedom!" I don't know why Holy Maryam has decided to leave its holy place and fly to the center of bourgeois and the ideology of sex? Maybe they want to export their ideological revolution to the outside world without expecting anything in return! Yes we should seek for the answer in a place where Masoud has cut its communication with outside world for 15 years, due to the support of Saddam Hussein. The answer lies behind the walls which are protected like the Berlin Wall. Within these walls nobody has the right to have a radio even one-band radio. If someone has listened to the radio unintentionally he or she should report it in written form and should ask the leader to forgive him/her. Communication with the outside world is restricted. The only broadcast program is about half-an-hour edited program which is been broadcast before the lunch. The program is not live. Even the programs of Simay-e azadi (the programs of MKO) are never broadcast live but they are edited and shown only for half an hour. There are no newspapers or journals. News is reported only in a bulletin and the reports in it are selected by MKO leaders. Members are not allowed to talk to each other and if they talk for more than a minute or two, or for more than once, it's considered as "pre-planned meetings" and such a thing in the organization means "the branch of Revolutionary Guards" in the National Liberation Army". In this castle no one has the time to think. Members wake up at 5 a.m. and work or learn ideological matters of Maryam to connect to Masoud, until they sleep at 11 p.m. At the end of any work or training class, members should write and report their own situation to the director of their groups. At the end of day and at 9 p.m. all members should take part in a meeting called "Current operation" and in this meeting members should write whatever they have thought of during the day. Then they should read it then between two persons and mark the obstacles of reaching the leader then try to remove them and prove that they have become closer to their leader. Members inside the organization should always try to strengthen his relations with their leader. Note, please, to this sentence: Any one who loves his/her mother, brother, father, kids, wife, husband… more than he loves me, he or she doesn't deserve me. (Brother Masoud) Any Mojahed should try to deserve the leader. Then, by what mechanism? By passing the items of revolution specially item A which is as follows: Divorcing wife, kids and family Members should always show their hatred toward their mate. Express their hatred toward the mother-child sentiments. All pure sentiments should be defined in relation with leadership, even if it's sexual. And many other items… of so-called ideological revolution which eventually turns the man to a ID-less creature who can set himself to fire and even explode himself. Opening all these organizational mechanisms needs a long time. The dimension of Rajavi's crimes should be expressed to the people. Abbas Sadeghi 2003-07-06

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