1- Determining the destiny of groups, organizations and parties is mostly dependent on massive support they receive. There
1- Determining the destiny of groups, organizations and parties is mostly dependent on massive support they receive. There is no doubt that the more a group is popular the more it will exist and in fact its life is dependant to the lives of masses and if successive generations don't show sympathy toward that group or … it will exist as long as the masses live. This is the destiny of those who tie their destiny to the destiny of people and follow their desires. 2- Another part of such groups follow their own ideology. I mean they are proud of what they have in their platform and ideology, whether it's in accordance with the ideology of people or no? Whether it is in agreement with foreign element or no? Whether it's flexible in international situation or no? There's no doubt that this idea is accepted until it gives a unified description of people, foreign element and international situation. As soon as it breaks with the ideology of others, there will be contrastive results. 3- Some of the groups are extremely Machiavelli and though they chant slogans to reach their goals, change in different situations; so, their destiny is dependent to location and time. The first result which happens for such organizations is that they lose their popular support and after that foreign elements look at them as a tool and determine an expiration date for them. Another result of Machiavelli thoughts is the declination of forces, since anyone who has entered the movement decides to leave it as soon as he sees the opportunistic movements of them. Transformation in Mojahedin-e khalq organization, since Masoud Rajavi was its leader, was the symbol of the most advanced kind of Machiavelli. Mojahedin organization, which had a revolutionary background, turned to a military cult, by Masoud Rajavi during 2 decades, that believed in internal suppression and external agreement as the key of existence- the Machiavelli movement of Mr. Rajavi took the destiny of Mojahedin-e khalq organization into ambiguity and it's hard to analyze them since opportunists and Machiavellists are not predictable. There's no doubt that MKO's existence is dependent on the struggles between the US and Iran and since Americans are aware of Rajavi's desires and know that he sings any kind of agreement to keep himself, they count on Rajavi as tool by the following reasons: 1- Mr. Rajavi is not trustable. There are three reasons to prove that: a- suppression: jailing and torturing his friends who are now opposing him. b- After years of being protected by Saddam, after the fall of Saddam, in a cunning move, they announced cooperation with coalition and claimed that they had been independent in Iraq. c- Basically, mercenaries are not trustable. 2- They don't have necessary items to be an alternative for Iranian regime. The reasons are as such: a- They don't have popular support. b- Don't have necessary potential to topple the regime. The US will use Machiavelli MKO until it is usable and until tensions exist between Iran and the US, otherwise Americans, as usual, describe them as war criminals and try them with different charges such as killing thousands of Iranian civilians. Is the destiny of Machiavelli people predictable? It's only enough that they have no destiny except becoming disgraced in the history. 2003-05-28

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