Violence is condemned and hated in all its forms, especially when it is done in the form of terror against defenseless innocent people.
Reviewing reasons of mass blind assassinations and existing Anarchy Violence is condemned and hated in all its forms, especially when it is done in the form of terror against defenseless innocent people. Blind assassinating and massacring the people, who have no roles and effects in political equations in different countries, shows desperation and demoralization of the groups which claim of struggling. What happened in Madrid's Railway stations, whether done by Basque Separatists "ETA" or Al-Qaeda, indicates the prevalence of Anarchism in the world community. As the explosions in Karbala and Baghdad on the day of Ashura, and earlier bombings in Kurdistan and Turkey, had the same message. What's the reason? When in September 11, 2001, sectarian and political blind dogma washed its hands with the blood of thousands of innocent people and created one of the most horrible scenes of terror and massacre, most of independent analysts said it was the result of unilateral view and dictatorship which exist over the policies of world's big powers and they warned about the continuation of such policies. Despite these well-intentioned warnings, the US chose the way of violent reaction by intensifying paternal behaviors and by pretending to be world's only police. By mobilizing forces to the Middle East and under the pretext of fighting terrorism, the US started a big war, first in Afghanistan and then in the US. At first, many hoped that the US is really determined to erase terrorism and establish global security, but time passes and double standards of the US behavior became apparent, then hopes turned into doubt and desperation. In Afghanistan, Taliban government was ousted and a regime, with ties to the US, was appointed. But the entity of Taliban and Al-Qaeda was left to exist and its leaders and key elements are, to a big surprise, freely moving around. In Iraq also, Ba'th regime was toppled and a puppet administrator started dealing with affairs, but many of Saddam relatives are free and some of them were even recruited. Now, the punishment of those who committed crime in Iraq for three decades is in ambiguity. One of double-standards in US behavior is related to their treatment with the terrorist organization of Mojahedin-e Khalq and the cult of Mr. Rajavi. Mojahedin have the record of more than three decades of terror, assassination and violence. They have even killed US citizens. They have fought with their own compatriates, and have worked as the private army of Saddam. They were involved in killing Kurds and Shiites in Iraq. This sectarian group, whether under the name of National Council of resistance or "MKO", has been listed as terrorist organization in the US and EU. But the way Americans treated this organization was not that the world community expected. American administrators, under the influence of stupid advisors, like Perle, followed a soft way of treating with Mojahedin since they thought it may be useful for them in future. They only accepted the responsibility of protecting Mojahedin, who are hated by the oppressed people of Iraq. Americans thought that they can use this totalitarian cult, as they did with Al-Qaeda and many other terrorist organizations and groups. So they did their best to protect this notorious organization. Although changing approach toward Mojahedin and activities like getting DNA samples from MKO members and interrogating them to prove their crimes indicates complete desperation of the Americans to use this outdated group, it can't have an influence on the general interpretation of world people's view about double standards in US behaviors. When the US allows itself to follow a imperious war, under the pretext of fighting terrorism, then terrorists allow themselves to kill innocent people under the pretext of foreigners' intervention in Iraq's war. When the weapons of US forces and US-backed Israelis kill everyone, then the hell of terrorists' explosions kills thousands of innocent kids and women. And finally, when in American culture, terrorism is divided to good and bad, fear from the prevalence of Anarchism and Totalitarianism governs the world community.

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