Rajavi is not women's caretaker to allow himself to initiate feminist shows and, while considering no respect for them, take
Rajavi is not women's caretaker to allow himself to initiate feminist shows and, while considering no respect for them, take advantage of the name of woman and its honor. I believe that Rajavi's understanding and concepts of women's freedom are exactly against the freedom and values and principles recognized in Human rights international statement. In Rajavi's system, woman is a sheep, a slave, a blind obedient whose only art is to praise and obey. Free Iranian women believe that such system, in which Rajavi takes advantage of the name and position of women, has not the qualification to be among oppositions, due to these clear exploits. In Rajavi's system, woman is so empty and weak that as she leaves the system, she can only be a prostitute. I'll give examples of this claim in future. We, free Iranian women, say a big No to such ideology, without being frightened of Mr. Rajavi's insulting system…. We ask independent, free, and active women, not those dependent to ideological leader, to fight. Woman is the symbol of love, symbol of affection, the example of high understanding, and the bases of the purest social unit, namely family. This unit (family) has been dissolved by the rotten and medieval system of Mr. Rajavi. The dirty channels of a group of liars don't let the ideas, desires and requests of women be heard. The ones in these channels, whether man or woman, don't represent Iranian women at all. From my point of view, Rajavi's system is criminal and it should answer in public court about the crimes it has committed to women and their beloved ones. Rajavi has corrupted many of Mojahedin children and militants, who have been sacrificed in Iraq, Jordan, Europe or the US, or in power-seeking wars…. Rajavi's system restrained Iranian freedom-seeking youths from society and culture and treated with their children in a same way. It was presumed that when mother and father, or one of them, like to fight and it can be canalized toward leadership, then children should like to fight from the time of birth and their attitudes should be canalized even by force. Let's have a brief look at educational methods of Mr. Rajavi, then you judge, which civilized society behaves with children as such? 1. Those girls who went to German schools (that is, Rajavi's agents couldn't hide them legally from the Youths' Office of Germany), had to wake up at 4 in the morning in order to do their works. Then from 5:30 to 6 they left the base in groups. Due to illegal actions of the Rajavis, they lived in two different districts which were far from each other, so they had to decrease their sleeping time 3 times more than that of a normal student. Those whose kids go to school understand that when the student is under such a pressure then he/she can't have educational communication with teacher. These very students were under severe pressure of Rajavi's agents who called them lazy and stupid, and that's why they couldn't get good marks or even learn German at German high schools. Our people know that Iranian kids are superior, among other nations, in learning a foreign language and they even learn English, German, French, pronunciation and grammar, better than natives. MKO kids, who had to wake up at 4 in the morning with reveille, had to bear scolds, insults, depression, and censorship (which existed in their relationships). So, how could they be normal students? 2. Their breakfast depended on their going to school. But usually, they had snack in the kitchen. Their breakfast included tea, cold water and some bread and butter. In one of Rajavi's prisons in Iraq, called "Mihmansara" (lodge), this is also the breakfast of disgraced militants. 3. In MKO's children base (better to say "Prison"), unlike Ashraf base and Rajavi's headquarter in Germany, retreat was held (instead of reveille). In the evenings, all girls had to wear scarves and to attend retreat room. In this room, there was a big picture of Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi on the wall. The text of the song which was to be read was also written on a big piece of paper which was hanged next to the picture. There was also a cassette player to play the song and kids sang with it simultaneously. One agent of Rajavi, who was usually in charge of the base, was commander of the ceremonies. Kids stood in 4 or 5 rows. Commander said: "in the name of God and in the name of Masoud and Maryam the programs of Martyred Zhila Mosavi's Base are as follows: first, singing song. All, listen to me. Attention!... then he played the cassette and the kids sang…." The commander then praised them and said: god bless Mojahedin-e Khalq of Iran, god bless the martyrs of Rajavi's organization, god bless NLA (who members are tortured by the organization and when the leave it, they are called prostitute, criminal, mercenary, and…!) and kids repeated the words. And this was the end of the program, with commander saying: Iran of Rajavi, Rajavi of Iran! And kids repeated with loud voice. You see that the content of these programs are like sandwiches whose both ends have been closed by the Rajavis! 4. Sunday is a holiday in Germany and like all holidays in other places of the world are the day for rest and entertainment. But let's have a brief look at Sundays in Moosavi Base, in which 150 innocent teenager were imprisoned. At 7:30, they woke up. Everyone had to do organizational job. Militant Girls also took care of some pre-teen kids, and at the same time, had to do other things. They had to clean kitchen and the base facilities. They had to chop and pack the meat and vegetables and… which had been prepared for 150 people in the base. The head of the base only sat behind his desk and talked to the phones and issued orders. We, also, had to work side by side with others. Then, it was time for theoretical educations and watching tapes (of Uncle Masoud and Aunt Maryam). These works, better to say difficult works, continued on holiday until midnight and the next morning they had to wake up again at 4. 5. Until two years ago, when I was in Moosavi Base, nobody was allowed to have a pocket cassette player. There were only one or two cassette players with which song and Organization's music for lunch and dinner and call for prayers were played. Another one was used to listen to censored stories for kids. Basically, listening to foreign music was forbidden. We had to listen to Iranian music only under the supervision of a person in charge (Mas'ul). Only a few girls, who were becoming mad, got the permission from Falange leaders. 6. There was a six year old girl, Sara, who didn't wear scarf, despite threats and warnings. She was taken to Germany during Gulf War. This case refers to two years ago, when kids had started resistance under the pressure. For other girls, wearing scarf was an obligation. But others also, took off their scarves one by one, after heated debates and bearing insults and humiliations and punishments during rebellion and revolt. This happened exactly when I took off my scarf. The first day I went to the base without scarf, Rajavi's agents looked at me as if they had seen a faun. Tayebeh Rahmani Lahout, known as "Sister A'zam" (member of NCRI), who fights fro freedom, told girls: first, your mothers should permit you to take your scarves! 7. Always these Sister A'zam, Sister Maymanat and Sister Faezeh and other sisters, who are supposed to control future Sisters' Country and watch that no one disturbs "sisters" in a mixed swimming pool, to the kids who had to expel the passion of their parents from their hearts and the ones who had to be deprived from the most normal humanitarian affections, said: "your father is "uncle Masoud" and your mother "Aunt Marya. They're the only ones who love you so much." Whenever, children were obeying the orders and rules completely and perfectly and were supposed to be rewarded, their rewards were pictures of Masoud and Maryam! Some of these children were brainwashed in a way that searched in MKO journals to find pictures of "Uncle Masoud" and "Aunt Maryam" in order to hang upon the walls. When a stranger was supposed to come to the base, they cleared the walls of these pictures. 8. Children had to take part in long training and punishing session. For example, they were asked why they had talked with one of their classmates in a corner, or in the way. These sessions took hours into the night, for the kids who woke up at 4 in the morning and told me that they with to sleep for half an hour. They were always being humiliated, even when they wanted to sleep. 9. There, most films were related to Ashraf Base, or maneuvers of Uncle Masoud. Some of the children, who saw their relatives on the tanks or walking on the ground, screamed and said "my mom"!"my dad"! "my uncle" and ….then they had to undergo long sessions of Q and A (Questioning and Answering). When watching films, Sister A'zam, or Maymanat and Mansooreh Dadash Zadeh (and in boys' base, Maryam Hozhabr) stood like police officers and recorded children's reactions. 10. Girls over 13 had to wear military uniforms, at the heart of Europe, and juniors had to wear tunic trousers even inside the house. The sleeves of their clothes had to be long enough and if someone refused to wear stockings or her scarf, was immediately warned and questioned. Organizations like UNICEF have some rules for innocent oppressed children's rights and there are some people who insist on these rules. In universal statement of Human Rights and materials defended by the UN commission of Human Rights, world's children have their own rights and these rights protect them. If the youths Office and Police of Germany knew what "uncle Rajavi" and "aunt Maryam" are doing to the children (that is, trying to inject inhumane ideas) and punish them physically and …, they would warn them once or twice and finally would take them to the court; sometimes the government itself takes the responsibility of keeping the children. In Germany, where such things happen to these kids (humiliation, punishment, hard work and …) , children can go to the nearest police station and complain. According to witnesses, some of the kids have done so, and have got rid of the horrible net of Mojahedin. It's strange. When there are lots of such organizations and associations and … for children and teenagers and there are some people, like Ms. Noldon (who was in charge of affairs of Mohammed Mohassel and Alireza Gheitani), knew what was happening, MKO was never sued and nothing was done in order to get things out of the control of Masoud Rajavi. In world's accepted criteria and rules, no one can force teenagers to watch ideological films made by Mojahedin or force them to take part in ideological classes. No one can brainwash them and force them to stand in front of pictures everyday and say "Iran of Rajavi, Rajavi of Iran!" These rules don't let people to force teenagers wear military uniforms and practice military ceremonies. In backwarded nations, far from the eyes of the organizations which protect children and teenagers, such things may happen, but at the heart of Europe in Germany where these organization watch everything carefully, occurrence of such things is unbelievable. These organizations could have taken MKO to the court for oppressing children and teenagers. Ms. Nadereh Afshari, in her shocking talks, revealed the facts which make today's human beings ashamed. Rajavi did to kids the same things he did with adults. Will Interior ministry of Germany, Germany's youth's office, and organizations defending teenagers and kids' rights, Germany's press and other European countries remain still silent? Is Civilized Germany indifferent toward the kids whose parents have been killed and they themselves have been oppressed? What's wrong with these children if their parent wanted to be Mojahed? Will Iranian people, political forces, cultural figures and Iranians abroad, be silent toward such a case? Ms. Afshari, apart from your motives for joining Rajavi's group and staying there, as the one who has seen these catastrophes and were silent, are you ready to answer universal courts? I tried to work harder in order to help these innocent children, among whom my own children were living. Although I was the one who saw these cruelties and I suffered from this, I justified Rajavi by saying to myself that "he has submitted to this catastrophe by obligation." With the trial of this Ms. Nadereh and her testimony in court against the rotten cruel system of Rajavi there will be more revelations and helping innocent children will be facilitated. Those who honestly answer the history and the society are called "political prostitutes", "mercenaries of Iranian intelligence service", "the one who's feed by sheiks", "corrupted", and …. by Mojahedin. They call Nimrooz (which publishes the realities) "disgraceful newsletter". They have even used these words for Fereydoon Gilani, who was a patriotic poet and militant up to yesterday! I only want the court which tries me not to issue ungenerous sentences! Gilani was also involved in the case of children. I ask a court be held for the court which is held by Rajavi and Manoochehre Hezarkhani. Toilet and Bath for children, in Rajavi's Ideology There was another base in Köln called "Mohammedi", which was seemingly a place for members and militant who were transferred to Germany, since they entered Germany illegally. They stayed in the base until Javad Dabiran, MKO's spokesman in Germany, and another person called "Shamsi" came at night and took them to neighboring countries, like Netherlands. They had brought a dozen of 2-5 month old infants, whose mothers were in Iraq, to this base. Sister Zohreh, who was called stupid by most of the members, had brought two daughters of her. She worked in MKO's Germany headquarters. Zohreh behaved the kids so badly that I complained about that. There was nothing to cover the infants. I looked after the children, and at the same time had other things to do, such as buying milk , cooking, cleaning, taking infants to doctor and … I couldn't don all things by myself, so they deprived two girls, Azadeh Dadkhah and Hajar, from going to school and brought them to help me. They worked so hard; once one of them told me she wished to sleep even for 15 minutes. We washed the clothes of the children in bathtub and there were no place to dry them. We kept several kids, from 2 months to 2 years old, in place with no equipments. We always had to draw the curtains and do our works in secret. We also had to close the windows in order the neighbors not to find the existence of these children in the base. I witnesses several times that Zohreh punished the children severely for what she called "peeing their pants." We said that to Tayebe Rahmani Lahooti, NCRI member, but she didn't care. There were some mothers who had come with their infants, but because they had become pregnant without the permission of the leader, they were taken to Jordan from Iraq, then to Mohammed Base and then they were left alone in Netherlands. They themselves should say of their suffering…. The issue of taking children to toilet is one of the strange things which can happen only in Rajavi's cult. With extremism in religion, authorities of the base wanted to teach children how to clean themselves before leaving toilet. These children even didn't know how to sit on toilet. They only made their hands dirty and then without washing their hands went on to eat their meals. When children wanted to take a bath they put a blouse and a pantie into a bag and waited outside public bathrooms. They also took a big bucket to with themselves to wash their dirty clothes. Those who were in charge of the classes, I mean 13-14 year old girls, took the children to the bathroom one by one and washed them. Then put their clothes on without toweling them. Sometimes these children were taken to that bathroom only once a week. There were many children, and fewer bathrooms. In addition, authorities themselves used the bathroom. Innocent children had to bear any kind of pressure. Pressure of work, religious pressure, pressure of watching Maryam and Masoud videos, pressure of being cautious (even when greeting each other), pressure of lack of affection, …. What do you think would remain of these children? Even adults can't bear such a pressure. If you press a ball in such a way, it will blow. And children finally blew. Let me first tell you why the blow and rebellion happened, then I'll tell you when they rebelled and how it led to darker future. Some of us (who have now separated from the group, such as Fahimeh, Yeganeh, Forogh, Maryam, Mohammed Ali), who had passionate relation with children, were later investigated for this relation. When we were absent, they told lies about us to the children in order to cut their relation with us. Children had to only think about Uncle Masoud and Aunt Maryam, who were better than any parents. One of those girls, called "Zahra Zaribaf" who was 13 at that time, asked me if she could sleep beside me at nights? She needed mother and her affection. I accepted her request. She came and slept there like my own kid,while she turned her back to me. Then I went to a mission outside the base for a few hours and when I returned she even didn’t answer my greetings. Rajavi used the same methods he used for adults for under 14 kids… In 150 member Base of Moosavi, instructor only played the role of an employee who was committed to the leadership of Maryam and Masoud Rajavi, and nothing more… Education in Rajavi's system meant insult, scorn, humiliation, punishment, pressure, …, not affection and good relations. This was the only method by which Rajavi could grow children and send them cross Iranian borders as militants.

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