May we convey to you our congratulations for the Iranian New Year which is always a happy occasion marking the start of
Dear Mr Kofi Annan May we convey to you our congratulations for the Iranian New Year which is always a happy occasion marking the start of Spring, and may we wish you every success. When Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq was removed, some terrorist organisations with regional and international activities lost their only godfather and benefactor. One of these organisations is the Mojahedin-e Khalq organisation, listed as a terrorist entity in the US since 1997 and the EU since a year ago. With the fall of the Iraqi dictator it is looking for an alternative to Baghdad from which to continue its activities. The top members of the organisation, who are currently awaiting trial in both Iraq and France, are desperately trying to clear their names by distancing themselves from their co-operation with the Intelligence Services and the Army of the Ba’ath Party in Iraq, and their participation in the massacre of civilians in Iraq and Iran. This is despite the presence of overwhelming evidence and documents showing their engagement in the massacre of both Iranian and Iraqi civilians, as well as a large number of witnesses who have been with this organisation and, after years of imprisonment and torture, have distanced themselves from this organisation which has turned to a military cult. These witnesses can verify this evidence and documents and are ready to testify in any international court of justice. What I, as the writer of this letter and a former long serving member of this organisation, want to emphasise concerns the opportunistic methods that the Mojahedin employs to misuse and misinform the democratic institutions of the west and to mislead them about its past history and thereby pretend to be victims of some sort in order to gather support from the human rights community and members of the European and American parliaments. I am writing this letter in a bid to obstruct the path of violence which this organisation has been (and is still) pursuing for decades: an organisation which uses the methods of brain washing even on its own people, and has shown that it will not stop at any kind of crime to achieve its goal which is total power at any price. The Mojahedin organisation is led by Mr Massoud Rajavi. During the past two decades he has changed the organisation into a military-religious cult by focusing on the two main axes of ideology and arms. Using well known methods of psychological manipulation he has emptied his people of free will so that they would not be an obstacle to his plans. The fact that they were in Iraq and the closed atmosphere of the camps, has helped him to totally suppress any resistance from the ordinary members. Frequently the Mojahedin has first imprisoned and tortured its internal critics for long periods of time and then if the critic still insists on his or her views, as part of a deal with the Intelligence Services of the Ba’ath regime of Iraq, they would be transferred to the medieval prisons and torture chambers of Iraq. Many of the ex-members of this organisation are in a position to testify as appropriate to these crimes. The moral and organisational relations between the Ba’ath regime of Iraq and the Mojahedin organisation which goes back over more than two decades, is not a secret to anybody. Mr Rajavi, after signing an agreement of co-operation with the former regime of Saddam Hussein, spread his operation and crimes over the civilian population of Iraq and Iran and in co-ordination with the military and intelligence systems of Iraq’s Mokhaberat and Estekhbarat, spread the crimes of his cult to the streets of Tehran and other cities and started attacking civilians with mortars and heavy weapons. Mr and Mrs Rajavi in return for the logistics received from the Iraqi regime, and to prove their total loyalty to Saddam Hussein, participated in the massacre of the Iraqi Kurds and Shiites in 1991 and killed many of them. The evidence and documents showing the joint Saddam-Rajavi crimes are available and can be presented in any court of justice and we are certain of the their credibility as many of them are in the form of legal documents as well as videotapes from the Intelligence Services of Saddam Hussein. The fall of the Iraqi regime and the exposure of these terrorists from behind the cover of Saddam, forced them to rapidly relocate themselves to different parts of the world. However, as their real nature has not and could not change, the responsibility for the distribution of these ‘walking bombs’ among the innocent people of those countries and the future crimes they commit lies in the hands of the decision makers who have fallen into the trap of the terrorists’ propaganda and deceptive tactics. The Interior Ministry of France acted on 17th of June 2003 and arrested Mrs Maryam Rajavi along with several of the top members of the Mojahedin who had recently run away from Iraq and arrived in Paris. Some of the organisation’s members, following direct organisational orders, committed suicidal acts by burning themselves, which resulted the actual deaths of some. With this action the Mojahedin showed its true and real terrorist capabilities, including the use of violence and suicide missions during which, of course, it is always the lower ranks of the organisation who suffer death and burning for the self interest of the leaders. The Mojahedin, by employing a brigade of European and American lawyers is aiming the for following: - Exclusion of the name from the list of terrorist entities in the US and EU. The Mojahedin believes that the inclusion of the name in these lists is its main obstacle and works as a weight tied to its feet and that it should work towards exclusion before anything else. The Mojahedin uses the differences between the Iranian regime and the outside world and tries draw comparisons between itself and the ruling regime of Iran in order to distance itself from the reality of its recent disastrous history and its terrible crimes in Iraq and Iran. We would like to warn all decision makers at international as well as governmental levels, not to use terrorists like Mr and Mrs Rajavi in order to put pressure on the Iranian government. They do not posses the minimum of legitimacy or popularity in Iran and giving ransom money and legitimisation to terrorists will not and can not stop the thousands of law suits on behalf of both Iraqi and Iranian individuals as well as collective Iranian and Iraqi law suits. - After the downfall of Saddam's regime, many top Mojahedin members were transferred to Europe together with huge amounts of documents and cash, gifted to them by the Ba’ath Party of Iraq. The Mojahedin is trying to lobby some well-known faces in the European parliament as well as some MP's in the UK, in a bid to either deny or legitimise its terrorist history and its long term co-operation and co-existence with the dictatorial regime of Iraq. This whitewash of the organisation from Saddam's crimes is a vital piece in its effort to legitimise itself for future use. The Mojahedin uses the two following methods to achieve its goals: 1- It always presents unrealistic and false statistics from what they call ‘support of the parliamentarians’. This serves for internal use as well as deceiving some in the media who do not know the organisation well. 2- To legitimise itself and point to the necessity for everybody to support the Mojahedin, it pretends that it represents the only democratic alternative to the regime of Iran. According to British, French and German diplomats in Iran, it does not enjoy even the bare minimum of legitimacy among the people of Iran and certainly it could not be considered as democratic. By gathering news stories from the newspapers published inside Iran, and presenting them as ‘Intelligence from Inside Iran’, the Mojahedin tries to pretend that it has some supporters inside Iran. On the other hand, by trying to exploit whatever differences there are between Iran and international organisations and human rights bodies, the Mojahedin tries to show that it could be used as an instrument against the ruling regime of Iran. But ultimately, we think that this cannot be justified considering the reactionary, medieval, anti-nationalistic, anti-human and terrorist nature of this cult. After the decision of the Iraqi Governing Council to expel the Mojahedin from Iraq, the members have been desperately trying to overrule this decision and stay in Iraq. (They cannot come to terms with or believe the downfall of Saddam and still think of themselves as the beneficiaries of the Land of Iraq and dream of living on the Iraqi people’s money for some more time.) On the other hand the organisation has been trying to secure a deal so that if they are all expelled from Iraq, they would be transferred to a single European country as a whole organisation and in doing so it can swap Iraq for a European capital and continue its terrorist activities from there. This is despite the reality that many of the cult’s forces in Iraq are desperately in need of medical and psychological attention to recover from the consequences of years of involvement with this cult, to understand the realities of the outside world and to adjust themselves accordingly. To achieve this it is vital that all the members individually and without the presence of the cult leaders and commanders have the opportunity and the freedom to think and to make their personal decisions about the cult. And the European and US governments must show their willingness not to use it as an instrument by not letting them re-group in another place and this time make a new Ashraf military base in one of Europe’s capitals. May we remind you that the culpability of the leaders is separate from the body of the organisation. By helping to bring Mr and Mrs Rajavi to an international court for the allegations of crimes against Iranian and Iraqi people and also co-operation with Saddam's dictatorial regime, you would perform a historical act, bringing hope to the people of Iran and Iraq about the role of the UN in ensuring that justice is served. Yours sincerely, Maryam Khoshnevis On behalf of some of the human rights campaigners in Europe (signatures reserved) April 4, 2004 CC: UN offices in Vienna and Geneva Foreign ministers of all European countries International Committee of the Red Cross Amnesty International Interior Ministers of all European countries European Parliament Selected Parliamentarians in the UK Selected Parliamentarians in the US International Media

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