If we forget that Left is the child of system and ideology of Capitalism, we have to accept their stupid slogans for fighting
If we forget that Left is the child of system and ideology of Capitalism, we have to accept their stupid slogans for fighting against terrorism, and then, f course, we have made a big mistake. With the collapse of Communist camps, the emptiness of their slogans became clear. One of the streams in Iran, which was making noise in Iran with sharp anti-imperialist slogans, was Mojahedin. It didn't accept anybody in this field. This group is the one that national communist calls "ashamed Communists." It was clear from the beginning that their anti-imperialist slogans come from nowhere. They, who always wanted to show off, now die for a support by a Zionist member of US congress. It's now becoming clear that they smoke of the fire they made is blinding them first. If Mojahedin has now put its members in the companies whose duty is to pave the way for imperialism in order to take advantage of the region, they will say that we deceived Americans. The following materials had been published in Mojahed Journal, No. 123, Page 29 (July 1981) *** Bloody July And a part of MKO's armed Struggle against Imperialism In the 18th anniversary of July Rebellion and 9th anniversary of the martyrdom of MKO's founders and central members, we want to have a brief report of far Julys, when the boundaries of revolution and anti-revolutioni, Islam and Reactionary were not still manipulated like now by the reactionary people ruling the country. At that time, the degree of originality and being revolutionary was determined by the face-to-face combat with imperialism and its puppets inside, that is Mohammed Reza Shah's dictator regime. So, it's good to have a look at the braveries of Khalq people so that we can get the situation of today's claimers of fighting against imperialism. July 1, 1972: Nixon's visit of Tehran July 1, 1972: - Revolutionary execution of US military personnel in Iran - Explosion of US intelligence office in Tehran Parts of MKO's military announcement No. 3: This morning at 7:30, Mojahedin attacked the car which carried Harold Price, US air force advisor in Iran, in Qaytarieh Street while his car was being under the protect of US security officers. this morning at 6:45, a powerful time bomb, which was planted by MKO, exploded in CIA's office in Tehran… … these moves were following several targets: first: it was a powerful response to the murderous crimes of regime against the brave children of Khalq… second: it wanted to destroy American aggressive and conspirator elements third: announcing support of World's Liberating movements in developing anti-imperialist battlefield, especially the revolution of Victorious Vietnam People. … from now on, we concentrate our attacks on the sensitive regions of the enemy and we will apply the same violence which we have learned from the enemy against it. Mojahedin-e Khalq Iran July 3, 1973: - Revolutionary execution of Gen. Hawkins, military advisor of the US in Iran. Parts of Military-Political statement of Mojahedin No.16 … this execution was only a little answer to the bloods shed during past two years by the Shah's dirty forces, and by the order of his American masters, in Tehran, Ahwaz, Sanandaj …. This execution of an answer to the blood shed in July on the streets and is also an answer to the presence of 10000 British and American advisors in Iran….. Mojahedin-e Khalq of Iran July 4, 1974 - anti-imperialist operation of Mojahedin, reminding the second anniversary of martyrs parts of military-political statement No.19: at the night of July 4, 1974, coinciding with the night 4 brave militants of the Khalq were killed (Mohammed Hanif Nejad, Saeed Mohsen, Ali Asghar Badi' Zadegan, Mahmood Asgari zadeh and Rasool Meshkin Fam), three guerilla teams of Mojahedin planted 3 bomb in imperialist-Zionist institutions and showed the will of Mojahedin in their way. Targets were as follows: the American-Israeli building of General, with two bombs British Corp. of Yorkshire with one strong bomb Israeli Corp. Techno Ice with two bombs The sound of continuous explosions by MKO… voiced their opposition to the international capitalist ruling. It also showed the dependence of Shah to the imperialist and Israeli sources and reminded of the blood of MKO militants which was shed in July of 1972… It's now the duty of MKO militants to wait, in the dark aisles, so that one of Zionist and Capitalist agents may accept them again.

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