The Star Ledger reported that Richard Perle, in a letter to Donald Rumsfeld, has quietly resigned from the Defense Policy
The Star Ledger reported that Richard Perle, in a letter to Donald Rumsfeld, has quietly resigned from the Defense Policy Board, an influential bipartisan Pentagon advisory group. Perle, one of main Neo-Cons and warmonger Hawks in the US, was one of the most outspoken advocates for invading Iraq and had recently criticized Secretary of State Colin Powell and other current and former senior U.S. officials as "soft-liners," and urged the Bush administration to consider pulling out of the United Nations if the agency doesn't legalize pre-emptive attacks on states that harbor terrorists. He even asked George tenet to resign. Major ideas of Perle have been reflected in his recent book. Publishing defying view of Perle, who's known as Prince of Darkness, coincided with his stupid act, that is, taking part and speaking in MKO's concert in Washington. The concert was held by a group classified as terrorist by the US State Department. Perle was criticized by many of US politicians and thinkers, since his act was not logical. For instance, Senator Bob Ney asked for the investigation of the case and "Justin Raimondo" said in one of his articles "Perle Must Resign!". Paying attention to the content of Perle's resignation will lead to getting important points. Perle, at the beginning of his letter points out to his 10th of February meeting with Rumsfeld and that he had posed his resignation issue with him and then refers to the speculations about his departure from the board and complains that people will associate his articles, books and television appearances with the views of those in administration or the Department of Defense and believes that this is a result of his membership in the DPB (Defense Policy Board). Perle says "this results partly from a misunderstanding about the role and nature of the Defense Policy Board", and then points to a very important issue, that is, policies he has advocated as a private citizen!!!??? After claiming that DPB is not really making decisions but simply a forum which enables Defense Secretary to listen to different views, Perle goes to the main point and stresses: "We are now approaching a long presidential election campaign, in the course of which issues on which I have strong views will be widely discussed and debated. I would not wish those views to be attributed to you or the President at any time, and especially not during a presidential campaign. This is particularly true now since I have just published a book that calls for far reaching reform of government departments responsible for combating terrorism. Many of the ideas in that book are controversial and I wish to be free to argue them without those views or my arguments getting caught up in the campaign. " Then he says the last word and says: "So it is with gratitude for the opportunity to serve the Department of Defense that I wish to resign from membership on the Defense Policy Board. " Bush who decided to attack Iraq and Afghanistan under the consultations and plans of advisors like Perle has put himself and his nation in a situation from which he can't escape. With presidential campaigns, Bush, who wanted to change the geography of Middle East region by his ambitions, is facing increasing criticism by the world so that it has challenged his next presidency. He has no way except giving up his imperialist and combative policies so that the challenges and criticisms may decrease. According to what was said, it seems that Rumsfeld, under the internal and international pressure and by the advice of Bush's propagandistic advisors, has asked Perle, who's also accused of supporting terrorist groups, to resign. Perle's quiet resign indicates that Bush's team is reviewing its policies. Getting distanced from these policies will disturb many, including Mojahedin-e Khalq. After the fall of Saddam, MKO was looking at Americans for help and among the Americans, the one who stupidly supported a terrorist group was Perle. At the time being, with the removal of such people from the circle of policy making in the US, the case of US support of notorious terrorists will be closed and this is what had been predicted a long time ago. All these conditions and the situation after the elections in Iran, which Tenet called the situation of stability of Iranian regime, put Mojahedin in the way of death. In such an atmosphere, those members of MKO who are now in Iraq will suffer more damages. There's no doubt that Americans will have no mercy over MKO members in Ashraf and will deal on them. So, the best thing to do is to get rid of the dictators of Mojahedin-e Khalq.

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