Mojahedin's propaganda machine (the one which is claimed to be their diplomacy machine) had not shown itself as clear as
Mojahedin's propaganda machine (the one which is claimed to be their diplomacy machine) had not shown itself as clear as now until it enjoyed the support of Saddam Hussein! In other words, until Mojahedin were backed by Saddam, they could always show off as victorious and deny their successive failures by censorship. Although Mojahedin were unsuccessful in their main goal, namely advancing a political strategy and diplomacy, they were successful in hiding these failures (at least from their own members); the reason of this lied in Mojahedin's full establishment in Iraq. Whether they followed a political policy or not, regardless of the result they gained, they were supported by Saddam since they were a terrorist group against Iran. This was Saddam's intelligence service which gave political and diplomatic instructions to Mojahedin and therefore it was considered a promising source for them! At the time being, main commander of Mojahedin is out of Iraq and Mojahedin members are deprived from inverted facts of their leader (who has now disappeared!) and, not enjoying indefinite helps of Mr. Saddam, they can't hide failures of their inefficient, lagged system. In recent months, several moves by Mojahedin to survive have failed and have shown negative effects. The most important of these moves were performed about Iraq. Mojahedin clearly tried to attribute to Iran any political, military, and terrorist attack against occupiers. Advancing these guidelines was so important for Mojahedin that Maryam Rajavi said to occupiers that "Iran's intervention in Iraq is hundred times more dangerous than it's having nuclear bomb." The cause of such stance is clear, since Mojahedin can exist only in Iraq and the group which was made by Saddam's support can't live outside Iraq. MKO's military force was born in Iraq and will die in there and this is the fact that Mojahedin are well aware of. They see tension and unrest in Iraq as the only way for survival. MKO's understanding of working on this idea was like a novelist who decides from the beginning, without considering necessary criteria for real dimensions of the events, that the hero of his novel should be victorious in the end. They boosted the fire of warmongers so that they caught fire themselves. The impact of this blow to miniature propagandistic system of Mojahedin was so deep that they are now unable to mend it!! Radio Farda: a senior US state Department official said that Washington welcomes Iran's constructing moves in calming down Iraq's unrest. AFP, quoting to an unnamed source, reported that the more Iran tries to calm southern parts of Iraq, the more Washington welcomes it. He, referred to Iran's role in southern Iraq, and said: "Iraq neighbors can be useful in establishing security and in paving the way for transfer of power to Iraqis. Constructing efforts of these countries will be welcomed." He stressed: "the US has been in touch with Islamic Republic through diplomatic channels, and probably Swiss embassy in Tehran." IRNA (Iranian Governmental news agency) reported: "Iranian delegation headed by Hussein Sadeghi has gone to Baghdad to talk to Iraqi officials and religious figures. Of course, there's no place for Mojahedin in Iran-US relations; Mojahedin is only a small issue in thousands of issues between two countries. But the fact that Mojahedin had made a shelter from warmongering strategy for itself is an important issue and reflections of this approach of the US will have a deep impact on Mojahedin. Another example of inefficiency of MKO's propagandistic system appeared recently in the case of Italy. After EU reiterated in its latest statement that Mojahedin is a terrorist organization, Italy started searching all bases and safe houses of Mojahedin. This meant that Italy has put an end to free activities of Mojahedin in this country; a move which will become a custom in Europe after France and Italy. The most amazing point is that after crack down on MKO by French police, they invested a lot in Italy and even sometime ago announced that they have gained indefinite support from some Italian Parliamentarians and prominent figures!!! If there are some reasons behind recent move by Italy, one of which is MKO's excessive activities in this country, something which stimulates sensitivity of European statesmen due to their pledge to fight terrorism. They believe terrorists should not be allowed to use their countries' soil for dirty goals. Regarding US's stance on Iraq and its decision to fight terrorism and also EU's emphasis on this fact, from now on, the rules governing the kind of behavior with MKO will be as follows: 1. The more MKO's propagandistic and lie-spreading system works, the more European statesmen will restrict them. 2. Colorful strategies of this group, which is a result of efforts to survive, are in full conflict with policies of the US and EU and therefore, these strategies are doomed to fail. 3. if the US can, in any case, send members of this group to another country, they (MKO members) will have to promise they won't have team activities and they will have to work and live like ordinary refugees and legal citizens. The fact is that the main way for Mojahedin and the only solution for them to live in European countries, in current situation, is to be silent and evade from any comment which attracts attention. If they like to act in these countries, they should forget a large part of their forces in Iraq and, according to realities, announce dissolution of their group and start a political approach. If MKO's inefficient diplomacy still insists on Iraq issue and posing as a group which can be used as before, like it was during Saddam's rulership, it's better for it to put "operation Forough-e Javidan 2" (Eternal Light Operation 2) in its agenda to attract attention of players in Iraq scene by a mass suicide.

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