When Maryam Rajavi, in London and among supporters of MKO, said that "Iran's intervention in Iraq's affairs is more dangerous than having nuclear bomb by this country", she was in fact drawing the background of a strategy, which has been hidden under the political cover of "request to impose referendum on Iran." This strategy was based on "using Iraq's case to instigate the US against Iran." Both dimensions of this issue (militarily or politically) had an important message: Mojahedin have openly and formally announced that they have reached a deadlock in political, social and military solutions and that they only hope in US decisions on Iraq. So, all propagandistic efforts of Mojahedin have focused on attributing to Iran all tensions and unrest in Iraq! From equipping Al-Qaeda by Iran!!! to massacre of Iranians on Ashura Day and IGC's policy making, from request for establishment an Islamic republic in Iraq to calling pilgrims "agents of Iran" and hundreds of other accusations were made around the clock by Mojahedin to advance their strategies. This was taken to the point where Maryam Rajavi reported of Iran's direct effects over the entire world to prove the truth of MKO's strategy, and said that social-cultural signs of women's resistance against west culture are a result of Iranian thought and influence. Sarv-e Naz Chitsaz, chief of NCRI's women Commission, in an interview with Swiss-based "Le Tam" newspaper, said that the main issue for them is to show to publich thought the influence of fundamentalism on women. Even Middle East's special issue is not Arab and Muslim countries, she said. It's clear that she wants to say that the roots of fundamentalism are in Iran and that Iran wants to swallow Iraq and that the world should stop it!!! More clear is that MKO's strategy is based on this idea that "the only way for Mojahedin to survive is to be used in Iraq's critical situation." Mojahedin are well aware that even if they can come out successfully from Iraq's situation, they will have no time for militarism and that they will have to give account for two decades of barren militarism and violence (although they are not giving account now, they even can't answer the wave of questions and criticisms which has started recently). Apart from the aspects of MKO's presence in Iraq, what their propaganda machine is emphasizing on day and night has so weakened basis that can't save them. Most experts believe that Iraq's neighbors, specially Iran, want peaceful situation in Iraq. MKO's main addressee in this strategy was the US government (and according to several evidences, Mojahedin made and distributed news and information with the coordination of some warmongers). This addressee (US) announced formally that MKO's propagandas are futile and even at the most critical situation of Iraq, it said: Adam Ereli, deputy US State Department Spokesman, said: "there are no hard evidence to back claims on Iran's intervention in Iraq. He said: "we have seed different reports about Iran's intervention in Iraq but these reports lack strong supporting evidence. Before he expressed his stance, NY Times, quoting US intelligence officials, had revealed that some Pentagon officials like to relate Iran to Iraq's events. MKO's propagandas were part of what they wanted. Ereli, who's normally reflecting the formal views of US government, said: "none of Iraq neighbors, including Iran, don't benefit from instability in Iraq. So, in order to work for expansion of stability in Iraq, we have common benefits." From now on, and with such point of view, MKO's strategy will move towards instability and their excessive insistence on false reports and news and unreal analysis will lead to unconfident look on them. Although Americans know this group very well, continuation of this strategy by Mojahedin, will convince them that the ones who don't want stability in Iraq are Mojahedin-e Khalq.

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