Revewing MKO's movements in the past month shows that the members of this group have renewed their political
Revewing MKO's movements in the past month shows that the members of this group have renewed their political propagandistic activities. Recent moves are discussible from different point of views. First, it shows that Mojahedin are doing their best to over come the consequences of Saddam's fall. One of the important points we can get from recent moves, and other information confirms it too, is that Mojahedin and US authorities have not reached an agreement on staying in Iraq and the US is still insisting on their expulsion from Iraq and that Mojahedin have not get a good result in three-lateral talks (MKO-Zionists-NeoCons). According to the latest reports, keeping and protecting MKO members has been described as an illogical and costly way which will cause the US to be accused of supporting terrorist groups and that it divides terrorists to good and bad and… In addition, current situation deprives them from political and diplomatic support (despite efforts and will of some supporters of this group in the US) and this is what Richard Perle has recently openly admitted to it (that the US can not support any force that claims to be alternative for Iranian regime because this support can have many diplomatic problems). But a stream, connected directly to CIA and Israel, is paving the way for return of MKO to political scene and recent propagandistic moves of Mojahedin are its signs! In this plan, responsibility of solving Mojahedin issue in Iraq has been given to decision makers in Iraq and Iraqi government and the passage of time, with this assurance that there will be no military force of this group anymore. Planners of this project are going to have intelligence use of Mojahedin against Iran and they have even appointed some for special works and have talked to some others. Another part, is that Mojahedin continue to repeat the information given to them in press conferences under the name of "national Council of Resistance" and complete the scenario of pressure on Iran and policies of occupiers. But the most important point is that the planners are going to remove Rajavi from the new round of MKO activities. They are going to choose a leader for the group from the members of National Council of Resistance. The reason for removing him is his symbolism for violence and terrorism. Efforts of some media to have exclusive interviews with members of Mojahedin and NCRI, and new activities of some MKO members, who were in silent for a long time, is a way to pose Mojahedin again, but this time without Rajavi. One of the innovations in this plan is to pretend that NCRI is separate from MKO and that military is separate from political section. What is real and Mojahedin have repeatedly admitted to is that without Rajavi they are nothing, they lack innovation and what is happening these days is a reaction to the deep crisis of this group. The activities of this group, without Rajavi, will lead them to get out of the scene immediately. Planners of this scenario will soon find that MKO will only be a channel for attacking other groups. But the question is that who will head this group and who can keep this group with all its crises?

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