It's a year now since MKO's leader is in US forces' prison, but it's amazing that neither prisoner nor jailor accept the shame; they don't want to say that one is prisoner and the other jailor! This question is not propounded by people, opposition forces or even professional members of MKO, who are afraid of the name of MKO's leader and his Neshasts (meetings) which always meant horror and humiliation, but from a few people who are still not adequately familiar with functions and political behaviors of prisoner and jailor. In this brief passage, I try to answer it. After Abdullah Ojalan was arrested in February 1999 and was sent to prison in Turkey, in an article called "Why Ojalan lost the game", I explained 4 mistakes by Ojalan the first of which was to become strict and Stalinist against his own forces. Anyway, in that article, I emphasized that Ojalan had made mistakes and that was why he lost the game and I said that other groups close to PKK will have the same fate if they repeat the mistakes. Mojahedin, which was fighting against Iranian government with its Islamic-Marxist ideas, made the same mistakes of PKK after their leader was arrested. There's a difference, secular government of Turkey was military ally of the US and Israel in the region and there was no need to radical opposition, but Islamic Republic is still considered part of "axis of evil" by the US and Israel, and there should be a radical opposition group which seeks to topple the regime. But this radical opposition should be fully under the control of the US and Israel, not under the full service of rebel dictators like Saddam. MKO's leader, Masoud Rajavi, was arrested two times in his life. Once in the summer of 1972 in Iran and another time in the spring of 2003 by the US forces. According to available documents, each time, especially the second time, he went willingly to prison, with purpose of cooperation. A month after he was arrested in Iran, Mojahedin guerilla group received a big blow by SAVAK and 150 members of group were imprisoned, and some leaders and founders were sentenced to death. In Shah's prison, Masoud Rajavi who had become the leader of MKO, in the absence of real leaders and after the blows to organization, was freed by people in 1979. But 25 years from the day he was released, he went to prison again, in a condition by which he can not claim that he's a hero. In fact, after conquering Iraq, the US considers him and his organization a prey. This prey worked for Baghdad's dictator until yesterday and today has the ability to be prisoner and at the same time to have intelligence cooperation with the US. Americans never thought that their prisoner is ready to do everything, like what he did in 1972, and to stay prisoner because of the fear from attacks by enemy. At a proper time, this group can be sold to Iran in dollars, if there's a government in Iran like the one in Turkey. Mojahedin has been in the Terrorist List of US since 1997, it was also a close ally of Saddam and there are lots of words on its anti-Americanism. Mojahedin, with doubled face, was an anti-American group from the beginning and at the same time, had cooperation with the US against Iran and Iraq, to reach power in Tehran. This was only what appeared in surface and Mojahedin was the only group which celebrated 9/11 events. They ignored spies and infiltrators of CIA and due to the work of these infiltrators, Americans could force Mojahedin surrender and stopped MKO's military force which was going to Iran. After conquering Iraq, the US will not free two war preys, Saddam and Masoud Rajavi because these two people are extremely anti-American and their expiration date has passed. Masoud Rajavi had onced told his forces that "one of the disadvantages of Iraq is that it's flat and has no mountains and it makes Iraq vulnerable in front of US tanks. But when we go to Iran we will changes mountains to trenches against the US! In the eyes of Americans such a person, who's ambitious to get to power, is more dangerous than Saddam and he will never be released from prison. The US knows double face of Mojahedin and is also aware of the crimes they have committed against Americans. The US has experience; experience of thoughts and anti-US persons. From Guevara to Abdullah Ojalan, from Bin Laden to Saddam Hussein to …. So, the US the experience of people such as Masoud Rajavi and if it frees Saddam, then it will free Rajavi too! Except the US, remnants of MKO are not going to free their leader. Amateur and professional put the blames for their failures on Masoud and say that this arrest is a part of his punishment and the leaders of organization also, are not trying to free him! It's true that second leader of MKO, Maryam Azdanlou, called Masoud "the savior of Organization" and repeatedly said that "Organization could not continue without Masoud during 1975, 1981, 1988, 1991, …. Although these are true, but she said it when she was protected by Masoud, and when she was supposed to become president elect of Iran, and in fact se was the second person of Mojahedin-e Khalq. She said controlling frightened members is only possible by the knowledge of Masoud. Maryam was the one who saved the organization after the years of crisis in the organization, the one who has now broken her pledge with ideological leader and has not accepted to pay the high price of her partner! Maryam Azdanlou, the one now under control in France, divorced from her former husband, Mehdi Abrishamchi, in 1984, and married to Masoud. Until then, Mojahedin, despite its dangerous entity, was still considered as a political/military and revolutionary organization which was fighting exporting revolution by Islamic Republic. Since 1984, Mojahedin turned to become a religious cult and extremist group. After that, Maryam was promoted to the ideological leader and five years later she was demoted to the degree of Organization's leader. Mojahedin passed two phases of Ideological revolution in 1985 and 1989 and took part in suppression of Iraqis internal uprising in 1990 and 1991; and by this opportunity they asked for a way toward Tehran, but Saddam wanted to have the organization intact, regarding his experience of MKO's last war in the summer of 1988 and its failure in fighting the Islamic Republic forces. That's why he sufficed to a written citation to Masoud, after the suppression of Iraqis in 1991, and didn't do anything in opening a way for them toward Tehran. At that time, Masoud insisted on meeting Saddam in Tigris Palace to ask him, in exchange of saving Saddam's government, for equipments needed for entering Iran soil. But Saddam didn't let him in his palace since he had survived the dangers of Iran and the US at that time and he didn't want to open another front. For two years, Masoud remained waiting for this meeting until he found the solution. He sent Maryam Azdanlou to Tigris Palacein 1993 to meet Saddam. After the first meeting of Maryam with Saddam, funds and weapons of Mojahedin increased more than before and a so-called new and powerful organization was made by Maryam. Masoud accepted that Maryam is suitable for presidency of Iran to compensate what Maryam had done for the organization! Maryam Azdanlou remembers that she has lost her personal family, the position of future president of Iran, and that she is now prosecuted by court and she may have to go to prison, all due to the leadership of Mojahedin (Masoud Rajavi). Why should she spend remaining money and power for freeing a man who will repeat his previous mistakes? In addition, freeing him from American prison is a difficult work. Shortly, why should she give total power, she has gained, to a person who used her for his own goals? Struggle is about power, whether big or small. Why should she spend half of her properties for a person who thought, like a child, that if Maryam reaches France she would do her best to save him? If Maryam Azdanlou was going to save him, there should have been signs! But these signs have not been seen yet. For example, one of the reasons for blows to the organization and its leader was they used their members as tools and ignored public thought and asked for power from higher levels. When the US appeared in their power equation and defeated them they should have resorted to fourth force, which are public thought and their members. But Maryam, as the current leader of organization, intentionally asks solution from higher levels and ignores public thought and its members. This means keeping Masoud in Jail. Maryam is not that much political, due to being in religious cult, but she has enough money and experts to justify her that she can't save the group from EU and US lists of terrorist organizations unless she returns back, she reforms her organization and saves forces from Iraq, and gets public opinions. Maryam is intentionally trying to deprive Masoud from the chance of freedom. Regarding the decision of US state Department on April 29 to put MKO on terror list again, she has been successful in preventing Masoud from being free. The struggle of MKO with Iran was on power and now the struggle of this man and woman is on power in which one is to be victimized, because this is the rule of Power Chess. Masoud was master of this kind of chess but this time apprentice defeated her master!

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