Mojahedin's political meeting in Washington was held last night. Unlike previous programs this meeting was not to show the
Mojahedin's political meeting in Washington was held last night. Unlike previous programs this meeting was not to show the number of participants or boosting the morale of MKO remnants in Europe, but it was to send a message to force which is thought to be supporting MKO. Choosing Washington and accepting all difficulties in this way were all planned in the same way. The essence of Mojahedin's message could be recognized in few key sentences of Maryam Rajavi, a message which was not surprising. The purpose of Mojahedin, by holding this meeting in Washington, could be guessed. Despite the slogans of Maryam Rajavi about referendum and despite the efforts of some people to put Rajavi and Reza Pahlavi together, and a singer as a constitutionalist reported of the unity of forces, none of these could hid the warmongering senses of Mojahedin. Maryam Rajavi emphasized again on a view dictated by the Zionists, which was first announced in London, that: "the threat of Iran in the region is hundred times greater than its nuclear bomb risk." But this time, Maryam Rajavi, as the representative of MKO's ideology, declared the military and violent-seeking view of herself for the first time. Mojahedin have understood that the only way to be saved from the current situation is to hang on the slogans of world's warmongering capitalist minority. That's why we see that Maryam Rajavi expresses the MKO's view as follows: "Establishing democracy in Iraq is dependent to the establishment of democracy in Iran." This view finds its meaning only in the framework of a scenario which prescribes war to democratize the region. Those who have militarization of the world and the region in their agenda to advance their capitalist goals under the name of democracy, can understand deeply what Maryam is saying! And that's why we can consider the presence of Richard Pearl in the gathering as very symbolic. MKO's policy makers have convinced them that the electoral campaigns' opportunity should not be lost. The meaning of MKO's stances, regarding the Presidential elections of the US, especially Maryam's Rajavi's emphasis on the majority of Iraq being Shiite and presence of holy places of Imams in Iraq, and trying to link them to Iran, is that: "If you want to be victorious in Iraq and want to calm down the Iraqi people you should attack Iran, then you would be successful in the elections!!" It's clear that the case of Iraq, Iran and the region too complex to be placed in the hollow, flawed mind of Mojahedin and their strategists. Attacking Iran, without considering the real formulas of the region and situations, has been and is the immediate desire of Zionist regime. MKO's efforts to become closer to such view are to save themselves, even if it ends with military occupation of Iran. But the main point is that Mojahedin and their related spectrum don't see the capability of political campaign in themselves but see their potentials in violence and military operations. They believe the only way for the group to survive is to start war and bloodshed. For a long time Mojahedin have been following this view and their open comments in Washington doesn't change anything. But those who have been deceived by the MKO's referendum slogans can now see the real identity of this slogan by the Mojahedin. Also, MKO linked spectrums who have spread different analysis on the situation of injustice, warmongering and the warmongers (like Pearl and Wolfowitz) can't claim that their hands have not been in the hands of Mojahedi.

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