PUK's Al-Ettehad Daily revealed that Ali Hassan Al-Majid, known as Chemical Ali, who's now under arrest by coalition forces
PUK's Al-Ettehad Daily revealed that Ali Hassan Al-Majid, known as Chemical Ali, who's now under arrest by coalition forces, has confessed some of the methods used in executing young Iraqis. He has revealed the method by which thousands of Iraqis were killed. Chemical Ali has confessed that they first forced the victim to drink petrol then they explode him by shooting at him. He has disclosed that this method was used in north and south of Iraq. He believes that such a method created the situation of public fear by which they could bolster their control on the region. Chemical Ali has admitted that "once Saddam watched the film of one of such executions and he enjoyed a lot." He adds: "such attention by Saddam always encouraged us in order to find new and extraordinary ways to erase our opponents!" During the days of slavery, kings made people fight with each other in order to enjoy themselves! They let the wild animals eat the slaves in order to enjoy the scene! But the repetition of such crimes in the first years of third millennium is really regrettable; when some people follow the way of past criminals by self-immolation and murdering! Achilles hill of such crimes refer to the totalitarianism and selfishness of those who have are inebriate by power or the desire of reaching power has made them inebriated. Crimes of Hassan Al-Majid and being encouraged by Saddam reminded me of "Engineering Operation" in Mojahedin-e Khalq organization where Mr. Rajavi promoted the criminals since his mind had become numb by the desire of reaching power and since he thought these criminals have proved their loyalty to the "ideological Leader". In the literature of Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi, Engineering Operation is the pseudonym for "brutal acts and torturing". The only ones who can perform this operation are those who have passed the Brainwashing process successfully. In the cult of Mr. Rajavi, every one is infiltrator unless it's proved vice versa. To prove this, one should devote his brain to the leader and free his energy in the direction of his orders! In this way, you should kill or be killed and if you survive you should become able to perform engineering operation. That's why Mr. Rajavi resorts to criminals like Mohsen Rezaee (double of Chemical Ali) to put pressure on dissident members and released reports about his hysteric behavior in the cult to mulct the members and to encourage Rezaee and show him as a model for others. On the other hand, if Chemical Ali set the dissidents of government to fire, Rajavi has taught his members in a way to set themselves to fire. The guidance line of self-immolation which had been dictated from Iraq was in fact translation of the same act of Al-Majid. It won't take a long time, when Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi will also confess that they had theorized the "engineering Operation doctrine" and that had injected it into the MKO throughout the ideological coup. 2003-09-08

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