Those who were present at Iran's post-war political-social scene or are familiar with it, are well aware that Mojahedin never
War, Mojahedin's Main Blood Vessel Those who were present at Iran's post-war political-social scene or are familiar with it, are well aware that Mojahedin never tolerated the situation of stability and calm and that they created biggest conflicts from small social or political problems. By this, they followed a sole purpose: posing the group in the society. War, in its all dimensions, provided the best chance for Mojahedin to pose themselves more than ever, and this was a minor matter among political social major events after the revolution in Iran: Mojahed Journal, No.43, 80-04-17 "the comments of MKO Spokesman about the claims of Iraqi regime" MKO spokesman, condemning this kind of Iraqi regime's behavior about the case of Persian islands, said: "it's surprising that while American imperialism was focusing its forces in Persian gulf, how Ba'th regime is refreshing old wounds and uses them against Iran. And meanwhile imam Khomeini, despite potential bases of imperialism inside and outside the country, has once again emphasized on the criminal rule of imperialism as the main enemy." So, Mojahedin-e khalq can't ignore this fact that claims about lands such as joint Islands has been a factor in the hands of imperialists to make the third-world countries fight with each other and take them away from their main goal. Therefore, we want Ba'th regime to stop such conspiracy and not to satisfy imperialists and not to divide the masses anymore. Mojahedin address Ba'th regime as they emphasize on the speeches of Ayatollah Khomeini (as Imam) as if Ba'th regime is a part of political forces inside Iran to obey Imam's advices! Of course they know that Ba'th regime is a foreign enemy but to have an opinion different from that of Iranians which make them more famous, they took such ambiguous positions! This statement also adds: We believe that with believing in this revolutionary and Islamic direction: "the earth belonged to its liberators." A regime is revolutionary standardized only if it builds democratic political-social state for all people. It's completely clear that denying the claims of Iraqi aggressor regime with such revolutionary direction is a childish act, and referring such regime to agreements and regional documents available in UN was the best reasonable way; however, Mojahedin took a vague position again as if they are talking to a democratic and revolutionary force. But again, we can understand from the wounds of Mojahedin that they're completely familiar with the claims and behaviors of Saddam's regime in the following year they completely denied such familiarity! Once again, they created conflict between a major foreign affair and internal affairs and maneuvered on it. Please note: In fact we are suspicious about such dispersing claims, especially in a situation when Shah and his military and Savak forces are making conspiracy in the region with the support of the U.S., Israel and Egypt. And we emphasize that Iranian revolutionaries should be all faithful to Imam Khomeini's Anti-Imperialist traditions. So, we ask his Excellency to end internal divisions and conflicts by giving directions in such sensitive situation and to create anti-imperialist unity among all people against the big Satan. Thus, we hope that Kurds and Fars, Intellectual and cleric, Shiite and Sunni, Muslim and Non-Muslim and … shortly all people become the enemy of imperialism and neutralize the conspiracy of the enemies in the region. The first violators of directions were Mojahedin, at the time when Iraq's threats had passed the border claims and were changed to aggressive war!!! At the end, it's necessary to tell that Iran has no background of aggression in its anti-imperialist movements; and if Iraqi government claims of Iranian interference it should bring its documents to be judged. MKO's advice to Iraqi government to bring documents and asking Iran to review the documents is very ambiguous. Does it mean that they accept Iraqi claims or they deny it? There are no explanations?! It's wonderful that they say Iran is not aggressor but after six months accuses Iran of warmongering and a year after such stance it formally joins Iraq camps and call Iran as "the beginner of war". In April of 1980, Mojahedin issued a statement, pointing to some moves by Iraq to attract them and show MKO's sensitivity on the issue. This statement clarifies: 1. Mojahedin were well aware that Iraqis are trying to get them and use them. 2. Mojahedin were deeply aware of Iraqi regime's identity and its political tricks and its unpopularity. Mojahed Journal, No.43, 80-04-17 "comments of MKO Spokesman on Persian programs of Radio Iraq" MKO spokesman said about the Persian programs of radio Iraq: It's sometimes that radio Iraq uses the contents of our journals and praises the political-ideological stances of our brothers. Since this kind of behavior with the rise of divisions between Iraq and Iran has no outcomes except "blowing Mojahedin", we warn the officials of this radio: First, don't take MKO into political games and deals; political deals which were done with Shah and revolutionary forces were expelled from Iraq. Furthermore, Iraqi officials who have tested MKO members, who were taken by plane from Dubai to Baghdad, with torture, should know that they can't buy Mojahedin and can't play game with them. Second, if anyone's claiming of revolution and progress, whether Palestinian revolution or revolutionary and popular democracy inside Iraq, he could test himself right there. So, if Iraq is going to respect Iranian revolutionary faces and organizations, it's better to work it in Iraq itself. Emphasis on this fact that Mojahedin were familiar with Saddam's regime and the reasons of war, proves that they used the war to reach their goals and they played the role of fifth column. War and Political Advantage Group's internal Analysis 1 Although war is reactionary and unfair, with regard of the rush of people to the fronts we should go to the fronts and form resistance groups by preserving our political-organizational identity. Supporters should go to the fronts with known emblem and signs of organization and receive document instead of giving help and … Reviewing positions of Khalq Organization-defectors On November 1980, a letter to Bani Sadr: "Mr. Bani Sadr, president of Iran and the commander of forces: copy to the head of Parliament as we said in our letters to the officials and as we announced in our formal statements, Mojahedin-e kahlq forces have defended Iran from the very first day it was attacked. More important matter is that at the beginning of the war we tried to get the order of officials to take part in defensive acts. We should go under all these pressures only because we didn't accept to say "yes" to exclusive attitudes of some people. Mojahed Journal, 80-11-16 In the above letter there are two important matters; 1. From the beginning of the war, Mojahedin tried to take part in fight as a paramilitary force and before they take part as all people did, such presence was propagandistic work. 2. if Mojahedin were present in the war as it was mentioned in this letter, there was no need to officials' prescription unless they consider their political presence as primary matter and presence in war as secondary event. Mr. Norooz Ali Rezvani, one of experienced members of Mojahedin, says: When people and many political groups of Iran were defending the country, Mojahedin proposed strange conditions for national defense which were accepted by no governments. MKO said that it's ready to take part in national defense, only in condition that an independent front is given to them and the commandership of that front is in their hands without the supervision of state and army of Iran! Group's Internal Analysis 2 This war is unfair and reactionary and has been done between two states in pretext of getting to power and border conflicts.iran's efforts to export revolution to Iraq is the main reason for the war. This war was'nt to the benefit of people and will lead to the defeat of Iran and compromise with imperialism.this war was reactionary since no contry or advanced revolutionary force supported it. This analysis is related to the time when some people complained that some other people didn't take part in the war. In fact MKO got rid of the problems by saying that "it shoud join the war with its political groups and organization or it shoud be accused other of monopolity. We immediately saw the reaction to this position in the formal statements of the groups: Mojahedin statement in November 1980 Iran could have taken a suitable revolutionary and political position and could have announced that it is not going to export revolution in order not to give excuse to Iran. Mojahed 105,1981-01-13 …. Elements who started this mess with their inabilities and not being faithful to political laws; so-called heroes who couldn't solve little problems were thinking of getting control on the world. And these naïve propaganda and deceives crossed the power-seeking of Ba'th party, then the war started. Mojahedin, two months after war, accused Iran of giving excuse to Iraq under the title of "exporting revolution", and 4 months after the war they accuse Iran of not being faithful to political laws. Now the question is that "why did they sent letter to Bani sadr and said that some people don't let them fight" while they had such a belief; does the organization essentially accept taking part in such a war or no? More important is that they claim they're familiar with political laws which rule foreign and say that "so-called heroism" has been the main reason for war ! we should again ask that "why did they consider political laws as valid only for Iraqi fascist regime while everybody knows Mojahedin were radical force at that time. For example, their slogan was "captivity of fight". They accused Iran of compromising and dealing with imperialism. Anyway, Mojahedin took the most advantage of the war in order to weaken Iran's sovereignty. There are some facts which can't be denied. In the scenes of such uncontroversial facts, the war goes on and kills young people each day. If the internal policies were advanced, this war had never happened. Mojahed Journal, No. 109, 81-01-12 War and Military Advantage Since the organization had committed to armed struggle, the existence of war was a positive parameter for it and it followed the strategy of "when a reactionary and dictator state is dealing with a foreign war, you should take advantage of it and you should change it to internal war." But since Iraq had attacked Iran and had committed many crimes in southern parts of country and since many nationalist Iranians had participated in war, MKO chose a stance in accordance with people and condemned the attack and took part in the war in a limited range because it believed that Iran has interfered in Iraq's internal affairs and has tried to export reactionary revolution. What should we do? P.30 "former supporter of MKO" Group's Internal Analysis 2 During the war the U.S. gave weapons and information to Iraq, and organization knew that Iran has problems in getting the tools which were necessary in war (from money of weapons and war equipments…) The organization had predicted that war would go on until Khomeini's alive and that regime will be defeated in military way. A Look at the disaster "Bombing Doleto Prison": During clashes in Kurdistan, KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) had taken as hostage some armed men and wanted to receive advantage from Iran and to advance its goals which were in full accordance with the interests of Iraqi regime. The news of Iraqi army's inhumane act was broadcast by KDP's Radio on 81-05-09 as follows: "on Thursday 81-05-07 at 10:50 A.M. four Iraqi helicopters and two war planes attacked prisons and prisoners and bombed them heavily. Thirty people were killed an around 1000 were wounded in the incident. There are still some corpses under the ruins." This very radio announced the other day (81-05-10) that ten more bodies had been taken out from the rubbles. The apparent analysis of KDP from Iraq's attack and the outcomes were addressed as follows in a talk show in radio Kurdistan on 81-05-14: "there were rumors among people recently that Kurdistan affairs may be solved peacefully. But Iraqi air force attacked the prison of the party brutally and erased the possibility of creating peace in Kurdistan by giving excuse to Iran's warmongers." Mojahedin, in a statement on 81-05-12, said: "it's clear that Ba'th criminals will not get anything by such moves, but these movements instigate world's people against them once again. We pray for the families of the dead and condemn misuse of this crime to put pressure on Kurd people." Mojahedin never condemned the works of KDP; they described Iran's position as dividing and the party as "the people of Kurdistan". How Doleto prison was introduced to Iraq and how did they learn that prisoner are being kept in it? According to valid documents at that time, KDP (local ally of Mojahedin whose positions were supported by them) was full of mercenaries who lived with the money of Iraq and the leaders of party were aware of this! That Iraqis used copters in the attacks shows that they felt no risk of serious resistance in the Party's region. It was in fact "commando attack" rather than a wide military attack. Mojahedin and their local ally, KDP, considered themselves as very knowledgeable people and claimed that Iraq's brutal attack was a complex game to remove any possibility of bringing peace back! If we accept such realization of political complexities in them, a question raises. Why did they act as Iraq ordered and exactly eleven days after this attack they announced armed struggle and civil war in all over the country?! When the leader of Mojahedin chose the role of fifth column in Iran-Iraq war, he deceived his followers and said to them that this is the only way of getting to power and that with no doubt Iran will be defeated in this war. They believed that they will be soon announced as the substitution for Iran's Islamic government and they believed that "people won't question victorious forces". Very soon, war turned to a major blood vessel for Mojahedin, militarily and politically. In the next sections we will discuss war and MKO's role as fifth column in four different parts: 1. Psychological warfare 2. Political advantage 3. military cooperation with Saddam's army 4. intelligence cooperation with Iraq's Estekhbarat (Intelligence Service)

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