It is now common knowledge that the Mojahedin's transfer to Baghdad in 1986, and the help Rajavi gave to Saddam Hussein
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall All the King's horses and all the King's men Couldn't put Humpty together again (Children's nursery rhyme) It is now common knowledge that the Mojahedin's transfer to Baghdad in 1986, and the help Rajavi gave to Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran, was backed by some establishments in the west. The MKO's survival too, both during and after the first Gulf war, was due to the hope in some western circles that the cult could one day be used against the ruling regime of Iran, politically and militarily. It is no secret either that during and after the second Gulf war and right up to the present, American forces in Iraq have had orders to protect and preserve the MKO and to provide the necessary facilities so that the organization could survive the war intact. US Forces have not dismantled the MKO's infrastructure, nor have they fully disarmed them, nor have they stopped their propaganda activities and broadcasts or their military training, etc. Instead they provided the means for MKO leaders to be sent to Europe; they engaged the MKO in Intelligence gathering in Iraq; provided them with useful satellite intelligence; and used them as a mouthpiece for their own intelligence services. All this, in spite of the fact that the organization has for years been in the list of Terrorist entities of the US, UK, EU, and several other countries across the globe. And it is no secret that those who use this cult in international circles are still attempting to re-label and recycle the MKO for their own political advantage, although this change would amount to a total transformation of the organization and its previous motives. The basic requirements are as follows: 1- The MKO must denounce their so-called past armed struggle (i.e. terrorist activities) and pretend that they are now only interested in Political activities. 2- As many as possible from the hard core of the cult must be transferred from Iraq to western countries, where the cult can re-organize. 3- The MKO must distance itself from its participation in Saddam Hussein's crimes against humanity and his use of the MKO as an intelligence gathering and military machine in Iraq. 4- The MKO must intensively lobby human rights organizations (ICRC, UNHRC, AI, HRW etc...) in a bid to whitewash the organization of its acts of barbarism, including the imprisonment, torture and execution of hundreds of disaffected members and critics, as well the massacre of the Shiite and Kurdish people for Saddam Hussein. The MKO must present themselves as victims rather than as the torturers and murderers. 5- The MKO must hide their true identities in order to infiltrate and misuse major international institutions. They must gain influence in places like the office of Kofi Annan, the Carter Foundation, ... and also maximize use of the broadcasting and publicity facilities provided for them, such as FOX NEWS, which has already been at their disposal for some years. Whilst Iran-Interlink remains deeply concerned about the fate of the individual members - who are the first victims of this notorious cult - and while Iran-Interlink demands that the leaders of this cult be held to account alongside their benefactor, Saddam Hussein, in an internationally recognized trial, the following points must be emphasized: 1- Armed Struggle (i.e. Terrorist Activities) has been the basis of the ideology and strategy of this group from the time of its foundation over 30 years ago. This strategy has resulted in the murder of tens of thousands of people including Americans, Europeans, Iranians and Iraqis (whether Muslims, Christians, Jews, Bahais or Zoroastrians, etc.) 2- Rejection of Armed Struggle in the form that the group is presenting - that is, calling for a referendum in Iran - after two decades of working for Saddam Hussein and during his war against Iranians, is nothing more than buying time while preparing for their next terrorist act. 3- The MKO's leaders - Massoud and Maryam Rajavi - have not at any point in time ever denounced terrorism; they have not condemned the brutal act of September 11 nor have they condemned the crimes of Saddam Hussein against humanity. 4- Even during the so-called 'reform' period of the MKO (with Maryam Rajavi's transfer to Paris), the cult was engaged in plans to physically eliminate dissatisfied members and critics in Europe. They have unabashedly committed mass self burnings in the streets of western capitals, and have been proven to be involved in money laundering and various other large and petty crimes. 5- The evidence of their past activities in Iraq, Iran, Europe, Canada and US is so overwhelming and already so exposed, that it would not be possible to disassociate them from it - no matter how hard the media is controlled - we remind you of the film broadcast by Al Jazeera TV several days ago showing secret meetings between Rajavi, MKO officials and Iraqi Intelligence officials. 6- Before all else, Rajavi, like his master Saddam Hussein, has not permitted anybody to remain in any position which would allow them to become the new head of the cult and to save it. Considering that Rajavi himself is accused of crimes against humanity and will be brought to justice once he emerges from hiding, the only alternatives would be his wife Maryam whose hands are no less bloody than his, or his son, who is not ready to be utilized in the near future. We emphasize that: The continuation of overt and covert support of this cult organization and efforts to ignore and/or whitewash its terrorist history and strategy in a bid to reform and present the MKO as a political organization or party would be as laughable as trying to put together a broken egg. The MKO cult with its current structure is equivalent to 'Rajavi', and the Rajavis carry so much blood on their hands that washing them will not only not clean them, but instead will badly stain the forces who are engaged in re-using them in the future. Their time has passed. They can not and will not come back. The best way forward is to dismantle the organization in situ in Ashraf camp, free their victims - the ordinary members - and surrender the leaders to an international tribunal to be tried for crimes against humanity. 4 January 2004

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