Reports indicate that since the last time, when the families of MKO members could see their relatives in Iraq, up to their last
Reports indicate that since the last time, when the families of MKO members could see their relatives in Iraq, up to their last meeting (about 2 months) 143 members have stopped working with Mojahedin organization and even have announced their separation. They're now being kept in a separate place. But, has this been the result of the meeting of them with their families after several years? What kind of effects do these meetings have on declination of forces in MKO? And why do Mojahedin, frighteningly, talk about this event as "bombardment of MKO by Families"? The reality is that separation from the organization has become an ordinary matter and unlike branch,which appears in some gradually and openly, it's hidden and can effect everyone in anyplace. "Separation Law" is a reality that the leader of MKO has fully understood it and fears from it. He has taken different measures to overcome it, but he has got negative answers! This, is the dialectical process which rules over MKO's relations. In each move of the stream, the anti-move forms. Separation is not a matter which can be dictated from outside with force, threatening or conspiracy or to appear by tiredness and betray. But it's a substantial matter which is hidden in the stream and has only been delayed by some solutions like Ideological Revolutions and Control of power (physically and mentally). Separation is a desire which exists in all MKO members potentially (except some who see their existence tied with group's existence) and it's only situation, time and personal abilities that delays it or move it forward. Perhaps, there have been many who didn't find a chance to show it. The opportunity was lost and they were added to the list of group's victims. But there's no doubt that if they were given enough time, angry separation was waiting for them! When we talk of separation as a law and Mojahedin claim that they're standing firmly and that they have stopped any branch in the organization, understanding the case becomes easy! Is this really psychological war that some insist to say: "if Mojahedin forces find chance to decide, they will leave the organization" ? And what's the reason Mojahedin denies it with respect of tools and devices for control they use? Still, we should look for the reality and truth in that very nature which we claim creates the phenomenon of separation. All efforts of Mojahedin to denounce separation law are because accepting that will be an entrance to the roots and natural contradictions; and we should not expect they accept it easily. Even if they have one follower, they will deny again. We witnessed the concrete example of such an event during the destruction of Soviet Union; when a bit of problems and criticisms were accepted by the leaders of the party, it led to their full destruction! Mojahedin try to stop such a matter happen. They run away from basic questions by insulting, accusing others and not answering many questions…! But according to the separation law, that forgetting basic problems can stop declination of forces is a false dream. There will be no way. Separation of members from the group happens due to the permanent contradiction inside the group. It's better to say that it's due to the contradiction in the speed of the Organization's move, contradictions between slogans and functions on one hand and positions on the other hand. Contradictions can be explained in two general fields: 1. contradictions between slogans and functions (which makes contradiction of desire and behavior in the members. 2. contradiction between realities and beliefs (which leaves many events without interpretation or answers) Contradiction between slogans and functions is the most important factor in the creation of contradiction in the minds of people. A contradiction, being bombed continuously on the mind of individuals, becomes a destructive war which leads to the contradiction of motives with behaviors. Every one, with respect to the time and rank he has joined the group, carries a list of such contradictions with him. That why this doesn't become active and doesn't result in separation is dependent to various factors and needs a different discussion. The man who joined struggle at the time of Shah and was in Savak Prisons, and knew himself as a prisoner of Imperialism's puppet in the region, now dances for imperialism to win its attraction! The one who has experience the choking situation of Shah's time, experienced freedom from prisons and ability of acting freely was restrained from them due to the extremist stances of the group and consequently he lost the possibility of wise political work! Shouldn't this person be contradictory? What has been left from that idealism, for which they fought? Those who joined the group after the revolution, were making themselves ready for a hard fight with imperialism and were thinking of Viet Kong and defeating Imperialism in the Middle East, had the desire of fighting against Israel and the organization had made an honor from its cooperation with SAAF and experience in Palestinians' camps; now, what should it rely on? Should it rely on the strategy of group (which is been based on motivating the U.S. to be sensitive about Israel's interests) in order to find a way for survival? How is it possible not to be contradictory for those who thought the organization is a way of better living and were not indifferent about Iranian masses' rights, and now see themselves against the masses and see their hands stained fully to the blood of the children of this nation? Those who believed in democracy and freedom and joined the group to reach what they had in their minds, now face the violation of freedom and democracy by their group. After some events called "ideological revolution", all the aspects and desires which could bolster the feet of a revolutionary man were confiscated to the benefit of the leadership, and craziest forms of cultural and mental fatigue duties replaced them. Should this person accept them and be still happy?! Absolutely not. Internal experience in Mojahedin has proved its negative, and the separation, which happens daily, confirms it. Presence in Iraq, at the time when the country was involved in an expansionist war with Iran, has left a deep shame in all forces who are in Iraq. The shame which they try to forget day and night; and if emptiness, injected by the organization, is stopped then separation will be done. Contradiction between Reality, beliefs and Faiths This contradiction in political and social scenes was showing itself and regarding MKO's unreasonable and ambiguous analysis and stances leads to the point where many questions and interpretations remain unanswered and this has a killing pain!! In political aspect, how much percent of MKO's slogans have relation with reality? This claim that they had popular base was only a lie by which they want to suggest it to the outer world and also want to confirm it internally while they know that it's not true! The failure of Mojahedin is the best prove; but Mojahedin, like sick people, want to describe themselves at top. Apart from propagandistic aspects of such claims, they make contradictions among people! MKO's stances in political scenes have left hundreds of such contradictory cases. But in social fields, Mojahedin, by ignoring many facts about human beings, have kept the members in a cage called "organization" and by denying the most crucial emotional and humane needs the asked the members to obey the leader like machines, and this has been the most important factor in making division and contradiction among the members. Since denouncement of emotions and social dependence are real matters, group tries to influence the members so that they forget emotions and feelings. They tell the members clearly that they should not think about matters outside the organization since they may be entangled in contradiction. That's why wee see that the meeting of the families with their relatives in MKO camps, which should be naturally welcomed, is responded to in such a strange way. The meetings can not lead to separation, but each factor that can take out MKO members from the cage of organization even for a second, can ease the process of separation. According to what was said: Separation law, as a continuous process and internal destruction, is the determined fate of Mojahedin and there's no way to run!!

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