There are many who ask "why Mojahedin are still alive and how do they act freely in Europe and the US, while they have no
Mujahideen-e Khalq Organization {1} Irandidban's Research Desk Introduction: There are many who ask "why Mojahedin are still alive and how do they act freely in Europe and the US, while they have no popular support and everybody's aware of their betrayal positions toward the country?" "While many western journalists have found the real nature of Mojahedin and have found them as liars and imposters, how is it possible that western statesmen can't find it? Are journalists clever than they?" Political autopsy of Mojahedin's foreign principles is a step in answering these questions? We should not forget that realistic and impartial approach will result in right and real results. Before we start publishing a series of articles with the title of "Political Autopsy of Mojahedin", it's necessary to mention some notes: 1- This research has been done in two general parts. First part will be presented under the name of "Foreign Policy of Mojahedin after Leaving the Country" and the second part is being under survey and will be presented with the title of "Foreign Policy of Mojahedin after the War". 2- Regarding this kind of division, the positions of Mojahedin has been covered up to 1981, so that's why the names of politicians, statesmen and former officials of the countries may appear old in these writings. 3- The purpose is to review the opinion and behavior of Mojahedin. The current situation of Mojahedin reveals whether they'd been successful or not. 4- We hope that experts and viewers send us their comments and views. "Foreign Policy of Mojahedin after Leaving the Country" Chapter one: the Bases of MKO's Foreign Policy Turning to West Most of the liberating movements and organizations in the 20th century had and have Marxist-Leninist ideology. Even those who have passed the way of socialism and have learned that the promises of socialism and communism are all a lie have gone to the non-capitalist growth which is not that much different from socialism itself. The common phase of these two (namely non-capitalist growth and socialism) which makes us put them together is their enmity with imperialism, especially the capital imperialism of the US. If liberating movements, which were formed in countering US's imperialism, were not inclined to socialism, they chose more moderate ways in which one could see the signs of enmity with the US and capital imperialism. But Mojahedin-e khalq organization ,which stressed that enmity with the US is a value and even assassinated some US officers in Iran, in a 180 degrees turn, very soon shook hand with the senators of the US and omitted the slogan of "Down with the US". It even claimed that the assassination of US personnel in Iran had been done by left party of the organization! Without considering the ideological positions of the Islamic Republic in fighting against the western imperialism, MKO always accused Iran of compromising with the West or accused Iranian officials of lying in their claims of fighting with the US. For instance, the Mc Farlin case, which Americans themselves announced it as a scandal for foreign policy of the US, was announced as a sign of the invalidity of Iranian officials in relationship with westerners. They claimed that Iran has bought millions of dollars of weapons from the West. They wanted to say that if we had to compromise with the West, the story is the same for Iran. They wanted to justify their own joining to the West by untrue claims about Iran's joining to the West. Anyway, it seems that Mojahedin have chosen the way of joining the "Power", without considering the corruption of that "Power". In this way they should give advantage to the West and become a puppet of theirs since American politicians know very well that they should take advantage of the organization instead of organization taking advantage of them. Living in Division One of the main principles in the organization's foreign policy was entering the existing divisions in the international scene and therefore the divisions between Iran and others. It means that MKO is in fact an additional creature which has no place for itself. The organization and its National Council of Resistance, as a state in exile, has no land, no populations and… unlike most opposition groups in other countries, it had not been able to control a part of the country. That's why it tries to find a place for itself in the divisions between Iran and others and tries to widen the divisions in order to breathe and act more freely. The war between Iran and Iraq was an important division and we see that the organization has fully taken advantage of it. Although at first they avoided contacting Iraq since they feared they may become disgraced, finally they preferred the benefits and took advantage of this division. Instead, Saddam used them as an intelligence source and even used them directly in military operations against Iran. Divisions between Iran and West and divisions in Iran's relations with Western countries are two main factors which have given MKO freedom of political act in the US and Europe. The organization has repeatedly widened these divisions by different means, such as giving secret information about Islamic Republic. It has sometimes prevented Iran from healing its wounds with other countries. The case of creating division or using divisions among Iran and others could also be seen in relation with non-European countries too. There are many examples in relation with Pakistan, Turkey, Jordan, and …. But the most obvious one is the case of Iran's relation with Saudi Arabia and the massacre of pilgrims in Mecca in 1987. There are many reports of cooperation between the organization and former Iraqi regime in this bloody case and specially the intelligence cooperation of the organization with Saudi Arabia which were published in 1987 and newspapers published the reports. One of Iranian officials said at that time: "evidence show that some Persian language people… have helped the Saudi regime." The issue of human rights is also a wide gap in the relations of Iran and other countries. The organization has used this issue to find a place for itself in the international communities. The resolutions which have been issued for violating human rights in Iran have mainly used organization's information. Anyway, in the next parts and in reviewing MKO's relation with other countries we will discuss this matter more deeply. It's good here to refer to some divisions in international scene that MKO has taken advantage of. Basically, France is itself a division between the West and Imperialism and that's why Rajavi has chosen France as a base for his group. The protests of France to the UK and the US after the world war the second, leaving Nato and establishing a socialist government in France are the main reasons for this division. The organization even uses internal divisions in France (between socialists and dissidents) so that it sends representatives for both sides and preserves the way for future. To meet socialists, MKO sends important personages and to meet dissidents it sends unimportant people. For instance, they meet with "Pandro", because they want to have someone in the future government if dissidents of socialists are going to get to power. That's why the organization contacts with both sides. The policy of the organization is to widen the division in order to have chance to maneuver freely. In England, when a party is not powerful by itself the organization starts working on such parties and while it meets with ruling party they talk with the opposition groups and promise them of the cooperation in the future. Following the way of PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) Mojahedin organization has mostly followed the way of PLO; it means that the organization has changed its previous attitude toward PLO and looks at it from a new angle. Previous approach toward PLO was its revolutionary and modernity and using its name to justify the group. But as the time passed, the organization learned that the world of politics is the world of dealing. The relations of the organization with PLO changed to dealing relations. They used the tactics of PLO, such as participating in international conferences, getting the signs of official and unofficial personages of different countries, taking part in the places where the representatives of other countries were present, talking and meeting with them… About this, Rajavi says: "…. National Council of resistance will continue its international efforts until the Islamic republic is toppled. To show value of these political supports and the efforts done by Council and Mojahedin and Students Union, I only tell you that the value of the work becomes known when we look at the Nicaraguan revolutionaries, Palestinian revolutionaries and other liberating movements…who have been active and at the same time criticize weaknesses in their organizations…" this was the way which was chosen by PLO after 40 years of occupation of Palestine and adopting this way meant being unsuccessful in an armed Jihad with Arab Nationalistic supports, the thing which now Mojahedin emphasize on. Mojahedin was following these tactics for 3 years. Of course it was successful somehow in its way so that once one of the representatives of SAAF told him "don't forget the support you are receiving from some US congressmen and other European personages. If they supported us, we would have better situation now." The other side of this method is to meet with leaders and relying on their promise, the same thing which was mentioned above and this is what Mojahedin have learned from SAAF. For example, the Organization has learned that if Cuba is not supporting them, they also should not call it a revolutionary country, even if in the minds of the supporters of Cuba it is a modern and revolutionary one. Or they should ruin the relations of Iran and Saudi Arabia by intelligence trade and … and these are the similarities of these two organizations (Mojahedin and SAAF). Goal Justifies the Means One of the ideas used by Mojahedin in their foreign policy is the principle of "justifying means by the goal (purpose), it means that the organization does whatever it can in order to condemn the Islamic Republic and finally topple it, even though the means used in this way is immoral, insane and against the revolutionary principals. There are some evidences which prove this theory: 1- As in the section of Iran-Saudi relations we will talk, Mojahedin forged the names of Iranian pilgrims and gave it to the Saudi officials as the names of terrorists and saboteur…so that they paved the way for the bloody event of Mecca in 1987. They wanted to stop relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia. 2- Another important item which should be mentioned is that the organization bribed leaders of the parties to win their support and to condemn Iran in the international communities. Expensive carpets or handcrafts were given to the persons then asked them to sign petitions against Iran or used them in their meetings. In other words, bribing was an ordinary way for Mojahedin. 3- Living in Iraq, a country that had fought with Iran for 8 years, and acting against the Islamic Republic is another proof for our claim. After being expelled from France, Rajavi chose the regime of Saddam only because it walked in the same way, namely destroying the regime of Islamic Republic. 4- Performing unrealistic actions and street plays in the cities of the US and Europe in order to instigate people and get sign and support from them; they did this, for example, and showed the horrible scenes of torture and hanging of men and women in the streets to move the people and get their signs against the Islamic Republic. These supports were, of course, vital for the organization but they were not helpful since the way of policy making and the foreign policy of most European countries such as England are basically out of the control of a party or the members of the parties in that country. The presence of the Parliament, Prime Minister and cabinet in such countries are mostly formal. Policy making is being done by an anonymous group of experts so that it will be later passed by the members to get legal aspect. 5- In addition to the unrealistic actions, Mojahedin sends some people to the international meetings, such as UN, to canalize the view of the representatives of different countries. These people introduce themselves as political prisoners and refugees … and show their body to the others claiming that they have been tortured in Iran. They hold press conferences in UN and other countries and hurt the public opinion. They describe the situation of Iran and prisons in an unrealistic way so that those who are not familiar with the tricks of this organization are deceived and are ready to do whatever the organization asks against Iran. For example they sign papers which are designed to condemn Iran and… Rajavi is proud of such things and says: "among these reports there are the names of 719 political parties, 1956 worker unions, 1026 University Unions, 8816 political and parliamentarian and national and religious personages, 720 ministers, 26 vice presidents of the parliament, 3636 senators and hundreds of political parties from 23 different European countries, 17 American countries, 17 Asian and African countries…" 6- They try to show that Iran is dependent to Israel and the US. For instance when Mc Farlin case took place, Mojahedin tried to use the words of Hashemi Rafsanjani in order to show that Iran is dependent to the US and that it has direct relationship with Israel in order to get weapons. They even published photos of a plane in Mehr Abad airport and claimed that it is Israeli plane. They published several documents to prove that Iran and Israel have direct relations and that there is coordination between Iran, the US and Israel. 7- Another case is forging unreal and invalid lists of thousands of dissidents who have been killed by the regime in Iran. They send these unreal lists to the Human Rights institutions, and try to make them condemns Iran; sometimes they succeed in their efforts. 8- Among other unreal methods used by the organization was to get the support for organization's act and then they published a long list of names and claimed that these people have supported us. These efforts were not without reasons. The organization knew that it should beg for help from foreign countries since it needed financial aids and political support. Furthermore, the organization lost its popular support by staying in France and Iraq. And by assassinating the officials of the Islamic Republic became known in the world. Even Richard Morphy, the deputy of Schoultz during the presidency of Ragan, called this group a murderous one and …. It's natural that the organization had to meet with different officials of European countries to introduce itself as an alternative and to find a place to live. For instance, at the end of 1981, when the organization had left the country, the organization could get 60000 signs in Germany, 55000 signs in England, 24000 signs in Sweden, 2500 signs in Austria and 100000 signs in the US and Canada by only having 35 teams and publishing 200000 statements. Then they sent these signs to the UN, Red Cross, News agencies and the embassies of different countries. In the appendix part there's a list about the support of Rajavi's idea of stopping bombing the cities. This list shows for what kind of people is the organization looking for and in what political situation it is doing that. This list is related to the late 1986. To be continued…

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