The freedom is born with man and no one can prevent this. During the lifetime, these are the people who deprive others
God created the humans and the humans created the cage The freedom is born with man and no one can prevent this. During the lifetime, these are the people who deprive others from freedom. The most clear example is jailing people and we should say that all those who have gone to jail, know the taste of freedom. Anybody who has walked in the evolutionary way of life has understood the value of freedom. In this way, there are many who are in love with Power and to get to it deprive others from freedom. This deprivation is not necessarily physical but the reason and mind of people are imprisoned sometimes. People are brainwashed so that they never protest to this situation but support it. They deceive people to take advantage of them. The Cult of Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi has been built on "depriving others from freedom" and also"the slogan of liberation" and it's exactly from this angel where they make people unconscious. In fact, this cult has a very pretty display which has been decorated with democratic slogans but inside it you can find nothing except darkness and totalitarian relations. The issues of "Ideological Revolution" are in fact an ideological coup against the mind, freedom and reason of those who are the captives of cult-like relations. The basis of this coup have been designed by Mr. Rajavi. By resorting to this during past years, he has made sick people from energetic people and the minimum outcome of this plan has been self-immolation. The definitions of freedom which were given by Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi had no result except captivity. Any resistance against these definitions led to humiliation and suppression. They should capture your mind or your body…! What kind of freedom is in this cult whose ideological leader gives definitions (about freedom) by obligatory divorces, separating children from their parents, writing reports against others, reporting dreams…? If there were not former members' testimony and the documents which were found in Rajavi's headquarter in Paris, the French police wouldn't have called MKO as a dangerous cult. The crime of the Rajavis in depriving people from their freedom and brainwashing them should be considered in courts of human rights, even once. The French government which is known for its civilization should help those whose mind and brain have been stolen by this cult. 2003-7-2

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