A decade ago, Mrs. Rajavi, dressed in the glorious clothes of Presidency, left Baghdad and went to Paris to show to the
When Mrs. Rajavi was President A decade ago, Mrs. Rajavi, dressed in the glorious clothes of Presidency, left Baghdad and went to Paris to show to the foreigners that she is not simply heading a military group and that this group has other unknown dimensions as well! So, they changed the names of their offices (which were labeled as Mojahedin, Movement, Resistance and …) and labeled them with "Presidential offices." The Journal of Mojahedin was changed to Iran-Zamin and the political meetings turned to music concerts. She ordered that all the photos of Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi in military uniforms should be taken from public view. In fact, performing this tactic followed the strategy of Mr. Rajavi in Ashura Meeting. He had said in this meeting: "the failure of the Ashura Rebellion" was because of giving energy to the ideological element and forgetting external element; and we should use this historical experiment in order to take advantage of external element." So each and every member had to win the attraction of foreign elements by pretending to be modern and democratic. They held free music concerts for Iranians abroad and gave them place in expensive hotels for free to show to the foreign elements that masses also support the organization. But I, the author, remember a memory from that time and I want to mention it by two reasons. Before I tell you my memory let me tell you two reasons in which experience and history are mixed: 1- Comparison between two trips of Mrs. Rajavi from Baghdad to Paris; first going to France with Presidential gesture and the second escaping from Iraq and being arrested in Paris…! 2- The goal of the first trip was to get legitimacy from foreign element (that MKO is an alternative) but the second one took place when MKO was on the terrorist lists of EU and the US and Mrs. Qajar went to prison by foreign element. (to be or not to be) But they memory of the author refers to the first travel of Mrs. Qajar and her efforts to win the attraction of the famous Iranians so that she could boast about them. Mr. Mohaddesin was supposed to meet and attract an Iranian professor in Canada who's famous in telecommunication field. Professor gave his ideas… (the author can't bring the name of the professor due to some reasons)… Mr. Mohaddesin gave the report of his meeting to Maryam very cautiously. He quoted professor giving two points: "First, Professor said that our organization (MKO) is a religious one and that he is an impious, so he can't be beside us…" here Mrs. Rajavi interrupted him and said: "this is not important, accepting or not accepting god is not a barrier for us…". Then he asked Mohammed to continue. Mohaddesin moved himself on the chair and said:" second, he had some critical views toward Brother Masoud…". He was not finished when Maryam started insulting him, as if she has mistaken him with professor and said that the organization doesn't need these vultures who are fed by Mullahs…. It was amazing for me that being impious is bearable from Mrs. Qajar but criticizing Masoud is not right! That's why the organization started becoming a cult to put Rajavi instead of god and make forces bow in front of him…. Now that you have heard French interior minister saying that "Mojahedin is a dangerous Sect" is not surprising. This is the result of stages of Ideological revolution which has become practical… 2003-07-24

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