American media have recently published reports on the exchange of MKO members and Al-Qaeda ones. Putting aside the
Al-Qaeda and Mojahedin-e khalq American media have recently published reports on the exchange of MKO members and Al-Qaeda ones. Putting aside the record of exchanging terrorist and whether it's practical or no, the author believes that there are some common features between Al-Qaeda and Mujahedeen-e khalq Organizations. Some of these features are listed below, which let the reader evaluate the end of terrorist groups according to their ideology and function: Following cult-like thoughts Following Armed-method strategy Not having popular support Being hated in the public thought Political, cultural, and social backwardness The effect of foreign elements in supporting them temporary Totalitarian relations, based on sect-like constitution Total power-seeking The opinions of Mullah Omar and Bin Laden are the afghan-Arab version of Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi's opinions. In fact, Qaeda opinions were advanced forms of MKO's opinions. The people of the world could see the common aspects of these two organizations clearly, only if Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi had found an opportunity to run a government (like Mullah Omar and Bin Laden). The only persons who feel this similarity with their body and soul are the former members of MKO. If Taliban ordered the destruction of cinemas, books and music and prescribed long beard for men and …, the Rajavis also would command, in their assumed government, their members and everybody should obey and violating the rules would result in the death and imprisonment of the people. Mr. Rajavi would order cinemas to show only those films which praise Maryam Rajavi and he would force the people to watch these movies several times!... if Taliban broke the musical instruments, Mrs. Rajavi would order all musicians to play in the praise of ideological leader! And all poets would have to write poems in praise of him! If Taliban destroyed old statues, Rajavi's followers would fill all streets with the pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi and it would be obligatory to put the pictures of them on shops and …! The organization that tortures and executes people while in "opposition" place, will of course do worse when in "position"… but is there anything worse than death?! I finish my words with a sentence of late Amir Kabir (said when enemies wanted to kill him): the desire of leaving you makes the death easier." 2003-08-07

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